Kurn's Guides are guides designed specifically for World of Warcraft players, dedicated to improving your gaming experience by helping you out. Below, you'll find a thorough Guild Master's guide, written to help you to become a better GM. There's also a Raider's guide, designed to help you get off the bench and into those awesome boss fights. Take a look below and you'll surely find something that can help you right now.

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Kurn's Guides

Guild Master Guide
  • Six Modules: Starting Up, How to Recruit, Officers, Community Management, Expansion Planning and How to Quit (Gracefully)

  • Three Tiers: Ranging from the essentials in the Rare Tier (271 pages) to everything you could need in the Legendary Tier (358 pages).

  • Free Sneak Peeks: Read 13 sneak peeks for free! Each sneak peek is taken directly from the guide and there are two sneak peeks per module.

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Raider's Guide

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Guild Surveys
  • Gain Valuable Feedback: Find out what your guildies are thinking and use that information to get you off to a fast start in Legion!

  • Three Options: Build your own survey with Kurn's tips and tricks. Or have Kurn build it and hand over the raw data. Or maybe you'd prefer to have Kurn build and analyze the info for you?

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