Hey there, folks! I'm Kurn and I'd like to welcome you to Kurn's Guides!

Kurn's Guide to Being a Kick-Ass Raider is now out! Learn how to become an indispensable part of your raid team with this brand-new 84-page guide! Now also available is a guild version of the raider's guide, so that you can pay once to outfit all of your raiders with a copy of my guide!

Guild Masters should start seriously thinking about Warlords of Draenor. Expansion planning should start now. Take a look at Module 5: Expansion Planning from my Kick-Ass GM guide for help.

The Rare Version of Module 1 of my Kick-Ass GM guide is available for free for the foreseeable future. You'll need to sign up for my free, low-volume newsletter in order to get a hold of it. Do check it out!

Until further notice, the Guild Chat forums are closed due to spam issues and a general lack of time on my part. In the future, I hope to bring the forums back.

Guild leaders should take a look at my columns over at The Sentry Totem, just click here to read my stuff.

Kurn :)