Kurn's Guild Spotlight!

While writing my guide on how to be a kick-ass guild master, I spent a lot of time writing about recruitment. I mean, a lot of time. My “How to Recruit” module of the guide is over 15,000 words long as of right now. So while writing those 15,000 words, I was consistently reminded of how much I hated recruitment and how crappy it is. And it is. It really is. It’s tireless, thankless, boring, repetitive work that needs to be done constantly and consistently.

So I thought about spotlighting a guild on a daily basis and talking about what their recruitment needs are.

Naturally, I started with my own Apotheosis. I don’t even have an active account anymore, but that guild will always be my home.

Here’s the video I made, talking a bit about what my guild spotlight is and, obviously, shining the spotlight on Apotheosis.

I plan to do this each weekday, so if your guild is in need of recruits, please post here in the comments or send me an email at kurn (at) apotheosis-now (dot) com. :) Be sure to leave me the guild name, faction, server, purpose (PVP, PVE, etc) and website. That last is super-important. :)

Hopefully, this will go a little way in helping out guild masters and recruitment officers, because it is a terrible job. Remember to thank your GM or recruitment officer (or both!) today. ;)

(PS: Don’t forget to download your Sneak Peeks 1 and 2 of my guide. Sneak Peek 3 will be coming out this Thursday!)

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