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This isn’t like most affiliate programs where you get like, 0.07% of the sale price, though. That seems silly, right? I mean, if an affiliate directs someone to my site and that leads to a sale, well, that sale wouldn’t have happened without the affiliate, right? So it seems fair to me that all affiliates receive 50% of the proceeds of the sale. I do have some higher-priced items (the Legendary version of my full guide currently goes for $69.99 USD) and the Kick-Ass Raider guide is shorter (and thus, priced differently) than the GM Guide. So there are a few different price points and there’s more content coming.

It’s free for you to sign up! Just head over to this site:


Once there, you’ll need to create a FREE Affiliate account with SendOwl. It’s easy and if it means you get cash, how is it not worth it?

In case there’s any hesitation, here are the instructions:

This is where you create your account.
This is where you create your account after clicking the link I posted just above.
Join 2
This is where you fill in your name, email address, country, etc.
This is where you accept the terms of the program.
This is where you accept the terms of the program.
Here's the description of the program and where any of your earnings may listed.
Here’s the description of the program and where any of your earnings may listed.
Join 5
This is where you get the links for both the site in general as well as each individual product. You plug those links on your site somewhere and anyone who clicks through will go to my site, but you’ll then get credit.

So the terms of the affiliate program are simple:

– 50% of the proceeds go to you
– payments happen at the start of each month
– cookies (which tell SendOwl that you referred the user) last 3 months
– they expire after the first sale
– all products I offer are included and all products give you 50% of the proceeds

Now, you can use text links with your special affiliate links, if you like, or you can make some of your own graphics… or you can use my (admittedly poor) graphics here. (Please do save them to your computer and upload them to your own server. Thanks!)

468×60 Banners:


300×250 Square:


300×600 Vertical Banner:


125×125 Button:


120×60 Animated Button:

So feel free to use any of those (or create your own and share them with me!) or just use text links. That’s okay, too. :)

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