Module 5: Expansion Planning

World of Warcraft is on the verge of announcing its fifth expansion and if history has taught me anything, it's that expansions have the ability to wreak havoc on guilds. Module 5: Expansion Planning will help you to prepare your guild for the new expansion to make it as resilient as possible to the problems that tend to plague guilds at the start of a new expansion.

Among the things you'll learn:
- how to assess your guild's situation pre-expansion
- how to poll your guildies on their preferences
- how to deal with problematic main changes
- how to integrate new players/new toons
- how to anticipate attrition so you're not caught flat-footed!
- and much more!

There are two free Sneak Peeks available for this module:
Sneak Peek 1, Sneak Peek 2

When you purchase the Epic version of the full guide, Module 2 will also contain the Epic Bonus: Changing Focus. This bonus section examines how to completely change what your guild is all about. The end of an expansion and the start of a new one is the ideal time to do this. This section will help you prepare your guild members for a shift in focus.

When you purchase the Legendary version of the full guide, Module 2 will contain both the Epic Bonus and the Legendary Bonus: End-of-Expansion Feedback Survey. This bonus section makes great use of my sociology degree as I help you to construct a survey for your guild members to get their feedback on how they felt about the guild and the guild's leadership over the expansion. Take advantage of the three years of statistics classes I took and use the techniques in this section to get a good idea of what your guild members are thinking.

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