Being a Kick-Ass Raider

Guild Package - $37 USD

(This is the information page for the guild version of Kurn's Guide to Being a Kick-Ass Raider! Please be sure to read everything carefully before you order. If you're just looking to buy a single copy of my Raider's guide, please visit this page.)

Due to popular demand, I'm introducing a guild version of my raider's guide! For a one-time payment of just $47, you can purchase access to an unlimited number of copies of the epic version raider's guide for you and your own raiders! This bundle is cheaper than buying five separate copies. How big is your raid team? Get every single member a copy with this option, whether you have 10 or 25 people on your team.

Price: $47 USD

Still have questions? They're likely answered below.

How does it work?

It's simple -- you purchase this guild version for the introductory price of $47 USD and I get notified. I'll send you a copy of the guide and also write to you to ask a few questions:
- Guild name
- Guild server & faction

After you've responded, all you have to do is have any person on your raid team who wants a copy email me (kurn [at] kurn [dot] info) with the following information:

- Their email address (for digital delivery)
- Their raiding character's name, guild, server and faction, to ensure they're part of your team.

(If their character is in a different guild than yours, you may be asked to confirm they are a member of your raiding team, possibly including a World of Logs or Warcraft Logs parse as proof.)

What if my guild circumstances change?

Not a problem, just contact me to let me know your new details and I'll be happy to continue the service for your new team.

Is this service really unlimited?

More or less, yes. It's designed for single raid teams who raid together regularly. If you're the guild master of a large guild and want to provide this guide to your entire membership, hit me up at kurn [at] kurn [dot] info and we'll talk, because asking me to fulfill 50 or more requests will definitely get me to start wondering what's going on.

What's included in this version of the guide?

You're paying for the guild version of the Epic Raider's Guide. It's a single PDF that consists of:

- the core content
- special bonus content: dealing with technical issues & challenges

Here are some free sneak peeks. (Please note that some of the content is from an earlier draft of the finished guide.)

Sneak Peek 1: Skill
Sneak Peek 2: Gear & Professions
Sneak Peek 3: Avoiding Mistakes
Sneak Peek 4: Awareness of Abilities
Sneak Peek 5: Being a Team Player
Sneak Peek 6: Whining and Complaining vs. Disagreeing
Sneak Peek 7: The Right Fit

The standalone version sells for $9.99, so if you expect at least five people to make use of the guide, this is a great way to save. The more raid team members you want to give it to, the better! Buy now, plan for Warlords of Draenor!

Okay, so how do I buy this package?

Just click on the button below!

Price: $47 USD