Free Sneak Peeks

Want to take a look at what you're thinking about buying? Here are two free Sneak Peeks from each of the six modules in PDF format.

Module 1: Starting Up
This module covers the creation, naming, location and faction of a new guild, plus help on dealing with tricky subjects such as policies and guild structure. Also discussed are guild event schedules and timetables.
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Module 2: How to Recruit
This extensive module focuses on everything to do with the recruitment process. While examples used are for Player vs. Environment raiding guilds, all examples can be adapted by you to suit your guild's focus. While tailored towards guild masters, recruitment officers will also get a lot out of this module.
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Module 3: Officers
Regardless of the type of guild you run, you probably can't do it all by yourself. (In fact, I'd recommend you don't!) From promoting officers to kicking former officers out of the guild, this module covers everything you need to know about working with a group of other people.
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Module 4: Community Management
Guilds are living, breathing online communities. If you ignore the community aspect of your guild, you're asking for higher turnover, less engaged players and the very real possibility of being the guild master of an empty guild. Learn how to set the right tone, properly discipline players and engage your members for a better, more vibrant guild community with this comprehensive guide that draws on Kurn's experiences from her time in World of Warcraft as well as other online communities and even her statistics background!
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Module 5: Expansion Planning
Not only do games continually reinvent themselves with various patches, but they do so with expansions as well. Learn everything you need to know about solidifying your guild before the next expansion comes out. This module even includes a schedule for the upcoming fifth World of Warcraft expansion that will be updated for free if the assumed timeline changes substantially.
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Module 6: How to Quit (Gracefully)
"All good things must come to an end," said Geoffrey Chaucer. As unthinkable as it may be right now, your reign as guild master is no exception. This module covers how to quit without adversely affecting your guild, plus all the things you should do to best prepare your new team for the challenges they'll face. Finally, it also talks about how you can let go of what has likely become a passion of yours.
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The full guide (all six modules!) is also available for purchase.