Kurn's Guides Welcome!

Feedback is the number-one thing you need from your guild members in order to make better decisions in the future. The best way to gather feedback is simple: ask your guild members for it! Even better is to ask them specific questions.

That said, how many guildies do you have? How many questions do you want to ask them? Even if you have just ten guildies and ten questions, that's 100 responses that you need to organize, analyze and summarize. And are your guild members going to be 100% honest with you when they feel as though you are part of the problem?

Ladies and gentlemen, your solution is guild surveys. Imagine your 30 guild members taking a 30-question survey, probing for their honest opinions! The trouble is that this is a stupidly large amount of information. Take it from someone who's done this before: a guild survey is a huge undertaking.

So let me do it for you.

Guild Survey Bundle: $37

   - customized survey for your guild
   - you send out the URL to your guild members
   - I receive all the raw data (your guildies have complete anonymity!)
   - I organize, analyze and summarize the data, thanks to my sociology training
   - you receive a shiny report with graphs, charts and a written summary
   - you take the report and move forward, armed with great feedback!

Simple Guild Survey: $17

   - customized survey for your guild
   - you send out the URL to your guild members
   - you receive access to all the raw data to do with as you like

Building Your Survey: $7

This is the do-it-yourself option! You receive a PDF copy of How to Build a Feedback Survey. This appeared as the Legendary Bonus for Module 5 of my Guild Master's Guide and walks you through how to build your own awesome survey, rooted firmly in sociological data collection methods!

How does it work?

If you purchase either the Simple Guild Survey or the Guild Survey Bundle, here's what will happen:

1) I contact you within 48 hours of your purchase to ask you what you want in your survey. Sections in the survey include, but are not limited to: Officer Feedback, Raiding Progression (or BGs/PVP/etc) and Overall Impressions. Remember, it's a customized survey, so you tell me what you want to ask about!

2) Within 72 hours of your response, I provide you with a URL for the survey, which you should then pass along to your guild members. You will have access to all the raw responses if you selected the Simple Guild Survey or I'll receive them all if you selected the Guild Survey Bundle.

3) Both types of surveys will run for 7 days.

4) After 7 days, if you chose the Guild Survey Bundle, I will then take the data and organize, analyze and summarize it for you. You will receive a report within 7 days of the close of the survey (Word format) and I remain available to help you understand the report if you have any questions.

This is a perfect time to ask your guild for their feedback as we close out Warlords and charge forward into Legion, so what are you waiting for?