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Guild Master GuideFree Sneak Peeks
  • Six Modules: Starting Up, How to Recruit, Officers, Community Management, Expansion Planning and How to Quit (Gracefully)

  • Three Tiers: Ranging from the essentials in the Rare Tier (271 pages) to everything you could need in the Legendary Tier (358 pages).

  • Free Sneak Peeks: Read 12 sneak peeks for free! Each sneak peek is taken directly from the guide and there are two sneak peeks per module.

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Guild Master GuideFree Sneak Peeks
  • Five Sections: Learn to Play, Avoiding Mistakes, Being a Team Player, Technical Difficulties, Applying to a New Guild/Raid Team

  • Three Tiers: 69 pages of essentials with the Rare Tier, up to 84 pages for the Legendary Tier.

  • Free Sneak Peeks: Read 7 sneak peeks dealing with the topics of Skill, Gear and more, for free!

  • Guild Package: Just one price for copies for your whole raid team!

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