We spent three hours and fifteen minutes in raid on Sunday night.

We walked in there, dispatched Ragnaros’s trash and looked at him, yet again.

I was feeling good. I was feeling like this could be a kill night if only we could get through Transition 2 and get into Phase 3.

We five-healed it again. God, I hate sitting healers. DPS, no problem. ;) But sitting my healers sucks! Still, I stuck with the 5-healer configuration and had three (THREE) healers on standby after Dar and Jasyla both got back from their vacations.

It was a frustrating three hours. The best we got was 37% with half the raid dead.

At 11:56pm, I was like “okay, guys. One last attempt.”

Just before the pull, one of our hunters went offline. It took forever for her to get back on, but I reasoned that it would take longer to summon someone and give them an assignment and all that.

Just before she came back, people started getting cranky. The clock had rolled over to midnight and people were tired and saying they had work in the morning and such.

The hunter came back online shortly thereafter.

I don’t know what I said, but it was something like “one more try, guys. C’mon.”

As we pulled, I typed in the raid warning: “INFAMOUS LAST ATTEMPT!” which is sort of our battle cry on our last pulls of the night.

Phase 1 – perfect.

Transition 1 – perfect.

Phase 2 – lost one person on one of the collapses, got him up. Lost another person before one of the collapses, got her up.

Transition 2 – perfect.

And then we hit phase 3, legitimately. We saw meteors! OMG!

When the last one of us died, Ragnaros was at a mere 14%. Since the fight is like the Lich King encounter and we essentially win at 10%, that is more like 4% remaining. 4% of 201,000,000. That’s 8,040,000 health or so. That’s it.

It was a weird night. It’s like, “YES! I knew we could execute this!” but also “Whyyyyyyyy did we fail to do this on all the other 16 attempts?!” There’s also the question of “Will we be able to recapture this momentum the next time we see him?” and also, “Does it count as momentum if it only happened once all night?”

I still enjoy the fight and the mechanics of the fight.

But I’m getting tired of seeing that dude purge us with fire.

Rag’s gotta die, it’s just that simple.

Maybe it’ll be time for one of my infamous inspirational speeches (that really just inspires people to go afk. ;)) next time we see him.

Or maybe, just maybe, we won’t need any kind of speech to pump us up.


We got this.

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  1. Sounds like an imminent kill this week! I’m sure you’ll ace it in no time. You better, because I’m about to catch up to your guild’s ass ^^.

    Not that we’re competing or anything.

  2. So close! You guys will have it this week!

    On our first kill I didn’t know it stopped at 10% (poor research, Serrath!). We were down to just a few people and I was cornered with three meteors rolling at my face. Just a couple of seconds before the meteors would have crushed me they all disappeared (and there was much rejoicing). So much fun.

    Good luck, Apotheosis! I know you’ll rock it this week!

  3. I think now is the time for psychological tricks – how to motivate people to a specific goal (the goal here is focus and execution.) I, for one, will be offering cookies, or gold, we’ll see.

  4. So close! go go Kurn! I think my guild’s best attempt (1 night of attempts) was 69% We totally underestimated the speed at which those Sons of Flame move.

  5. No worries! Soon only the last phase will be the problem. And then you’ll get to experience the joy of someone kiting meteors over the tanks! Happily, dead people get credit for the kill too.

  6. Sara makes a good point, and the ultimatum of being swapped out if you hit lava waves too much really, really made a difference.

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