Comment Policy

This blog started out in April of 2008 as a place for me to drop my occasional thoughts. In the fall of 2009, I started doing more with it and by the spring of 2010, there were all kinds of people reading and commenting here.

Please note that you must have a previously-approved comment in order to post freely here. I go through all my pending/spam comments carefully and will not approve comments that I feel are generally aggressive, rude or antagonistic.

If, once approved for general commenting, you abuse this privilege of posting freely on my blog, it will be revoked.

Comments including, but not limited to, the following will be purged ASAP:

– trolling, trying to get a rise out of someone (me or another commenter)

– advertising (beyond a simple plug for a guild, blog, addon or website), scamming, phishing

– racism, sexism, homophobia, intolerance of religious differences, extreme profanity/vulgarity (veiled or blatant incidents of any of these)

– continuing a thread on a separate entry if comments have been closed for a particular entry

I know that the world consists of many different people, all of whom have different opinions. You’re welcome to share your viewpoints here, even if you disagree with me, but the instant your view and the way you express it at all infringes on my view/the views of others, that’s usually the line where I’ll remove your comment.

This is Kurn’s Corner. These are primarily Kurn’s opinions. I’m happy to enter into discussion with anyone about darn near anything related to the World of Warcraft, but on my blog, it’s done on my terms — politely and with respect.