The War Within – I caved

Like, okay, I was 100% going to buy the expansion. I have bought all the expansions. I did not foresee myself springing for the top-tier pre-order deal, though…


The interesting thing is that I have some PTO planned for the week of launch (unintentionally coinciding, I swear), and so I saw the three days early access and I was like “well, shit” and coughed up the cash. This also included a 70 boost and access to the beta.

So, current state of All The Things for me:

  • Kurn, Madrana, shammy, dragon are all 70, plus now my warrior (who was 41) is 70 as well
  • Priest and mage are 60 and 61, while warlock is 64
  • Dark Iron Dwarf paladin is 70 in MOP Remix
    • I have achieved my original goal, but I don’t think I’m done with remix yet
  • I have created an 80 hunter skinner/lw on beta

As such, I’ve also played around with professions in beta, although just about an hour’s worth so far. The NPC crafting orders are a weeeeee bit fucked. I did report all these things, btw, but:

  • Lua errors when selecting NPC crafting orders (with 0 addons/etc)
  • A request for a rank 4 item … when the item only goes up to rank 3, so it’s literally unable to be completed
  • Issues with taking orders when I didn’t have the ability to add the reagent in that I could take the order and then had to cancel it

Hilariously, I already hate one of the NPCs. He gives me the shittiest mats (if he gives any mats at all!) and then expects a rank 3 (max rank) item! Like get fucked, my bud. hahaha.

Anyway, things I want to play around with on beta include other professions plus delves. I haven’t even left the old world yet, so some exploring would be nice. I’m not planning to do too much testing because when you then do it over and over again on live, it’s SO BORING. Like I am ALREADY not looking forward to dealing with the quest to open the warband thing. (I gave some feedback on the very low drop rates for the items, but it’s ultimately a short-ish quest chain and it’ll be fine even if they don’t buff the drops.)

So it bodes well for the expansion for me so far. I’m hoping to do up a proper spreadsheet this weekend and I’ll share it with you folks, so you can see just how stupidly organized I try to be when I take things seriously!

What are you all up to?