Runecloth Bags, Gold & You

Friends, I am currently level 42 in WoW Classic.

That… is not great. I know it’s not great. I should be nearing 60, like my brother (52) and some of our friends (both 55).

It’s not that I haven’t been playing, rather it’s that I haven’t been levelling.

Why is that?

Well, you see, dear reader, as I write this, I am standing by a vendor in Everlook. Yes, at level 42. I’ve been coming here frequently since I was level 30. Shockingly, it only took about 12 deaths (all in Felwood and the furbolg tunnel) to get here. Anyway, I got the flight point in Felwood and in Everlook and so now it takes me 12 minutes to get from Ironforge out to Everlook and stand at this vendor.

Why am I doing this?

Well, the vendor is Qia, the Trade Goods vendor. She sells four limited-supply recipes. What’s a limited-supply recipe? Glad you asked.

A limited-supply recipe means (generally) that the vendor only has one of them in stock at a time. Here’s an example.

So you see the (1) on the icon for the pattern for the Frostsaber Boots? That indicates a limited supply. At any given time, this vendor can have 0, 1, 2, 3 or all 4 patterns in limited supply available for sale.

Pattern: Frostsaver Boots
Formula: Enchant Chest – Major Health
Pattern: Runecloth Gloves
Pattern: Runecloth Bag

I have spent literal hours camping this vendor for the pattern for the Runecloth Bag. It costs 1g20s and I have sold it for a wide variety of prices, from 3g to 25g or thereabouts. I have sold about 30 of these patterns, some of which I bought off the AH cheaply and resold and most of which I camped.

On my server, Westfall, the price has only gone up. We’re talking from 10-14g to upwards of 20g apiece. But why is this so popular?

It’s simple. Bags, big bags, are very rare in the game. The recipe for the Mooncloth Bag (16 slot) exists in the game but is a rare world drop, plus requires mooncloth (4-day cooldown) to make. So the next biggest bag, which is far easier to craft, is the Runecloth Bag. On my server, these bags sell for between 2-4g apiece. So even a tailor purchasing the pattern at 25g is worthwhile, because you will definitely be able to make 8-12 bags and sell them to make your money back. Everyone wants bags.

Also, because it’s a recipe that isn’t always available, a lot of people don’t know where it’s sold. Or, if they do, they don’t stand at the vendor long enough to see it show up.

Now, it’s important to note that when dealing with a limited-supply vendor, you cannot just keep the window open and expect to see changes. You need to close out the vendor window and reopen it to see a potential change in their inventory. I’d recommend doing this about once every 1-2 minutes for best results.

If, by some chance, you see a limited pattern in the vendor’s inventory but right-clicking on it doesn’t work, this means someone else beat you to the purchase.

Using this method, I have made at least 380g with a net profit of 310g. I’m currently selling them, on average, for about 20g. I had my mount money when I hit 40. I’ve been able to train all my skills and I used the money to level up my leatherworking, which has been at 300 since I hit 41.

So there you go, I hope that’s been helpful!

Also, once I actually get to run the dungeons, I’ll be putting out some Classic Dungeon Guides for BRD, Strat Live, Strat UD, Scholomance, LBRS, UBRS and, since it’s coming out sooner than expected, Dire Maul. Check out my YouTube channel where I already have a few videos about BRD and subscribe in order to keep up to date on my videos:

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Currently, the most useful video on there will be how to get the key to Blackrock Depths.