Kurn's Q&A 20

Apologies, my brother suckered me into rolling a low-level (Horde!) toon. But I insisted the server be The Venture Co. because xmolder is over there and it’s RPPVP so the joke’s on my brother. ;) So this post is later than I intended, but it should be followed up quickly with my Strat Live post.

Anyways, time for Kurn’s Q&A! Going through my website stats from last week, the vast majority of people showed up here looking for help with heroic Putricide. I hope my guide helped!

So, barring Putricide (and freaking Toravon) searches, here are ten search terms that amused me or intrigued me.

1) dont want avr broken

You and several thousand others, I’m afraid. It’s still going to break and that means that you and I will both have to keep our eyes out for Unbound Plague without it. We’ll have to run to our Sindragosa spots and either memorize what symbol goes where or refer to a cheat sheet. You know, one that’s been written out on paper. With a pen or pencil. Or something. Shocking, I know.

2) holy paladin wearing mail

Uh, yes. Do it. There’s nothing wrong with it. Resto shaman mail is better itemized than holy paladin plate is, most of the time. Cloth and leather are even okay… as long as there’s no spirit on it.

3) can u reset the keepers in ulduar

To my knowledge, no. Then again, it’s been a long time since I was last in Ulduar. That said, though, I’m pretty sure that once you talk to a Keeper in Ulduar (after rescuing them), you can’t tell them to take a hike. I think they might be, you know, mortally offended.

4) fol spec holy pally for hardmodes?

You know, I’m kind of torn. There’s no question that my personal preference is for Holy Light. I am, and always have been, a Holy Light paladin. It’s hard for me to judge whether or not my response to this question is coloured by my obvious bias towards HL. I will say this: You need a HL paladin, period. There is just so much insane damage that you need someone spamming those huge heals. Now, should there be another paladin in there… you know, maybe. There could be room for it. I guess a lot depends on your raid makeup. Would I rather bring ANY kind of paladin if we have to rely on ghetto kings (Drums of Forgotten Kings)? YES. Would I rather bring a FoL style holy paladin in over a second HL style paladin? Probably not. But, as I said, I’m biased.

5) i am a fail tank

Just by googling that, you are not, because it implies you’re willing to learn. Key points: Don’t be crittable; hold aggro; have a real tanking spec. Thank you!

6) is divinity or healing light better for ret pally

I’d make sure to get Guardian’s Favor and then drop any points you have left into Divinity.

7) mage role toravon ice watcher

DPS Toravon. Kill Frozen Orbs. Rinse, repeat. Don’t forget to put up Frost Ward to help mitigate damage and, in the case of Arcane mages, proc Incanter’s Absorption.

8) shieldwall against soulreaper

In general, a tank should not need to hit Shield Wall when Soul Reaper comes along, because, ideally, the OT has taunted the Lich King off of the MT once Soul Reaper is going to hit the MT. If you ever find yourself still tanking the Lich King AND Soul Reaper is going to go off, hit Shield Wall and Last Stand, both. :P

9) what to do with extra emblems of triumph

There are a lot of things you can do with extra Emblems of Triumph.

a) Trade them in for Emblems of Heroism and buy epic gems for 20 (red, blue, yellow) or 10 (orange, green pirple) emblems each.
b) Trade them in for Emblems of Heroism and buy Frozen Orbs, which you can then trade for things like Frost Lotuses or various Eternals.
c) Trade them in for various Emblems of whatever to get things like Crusader Orbs, Runed Orbs and the like.

10) how the fuck do you get into halls of reflection when you die

Heh. Fly towards Icecrown Citadel. See the battering ram? Go over to the wall on the right. Fly up. See the Argent Crusade banner? Follow the rampart to the entryway on the left and you’ll see a summoning stone and three doors. Halls of Reflection is the middle one, the left one is Forge of Souls and the right one is Pit of Saron.

Ignis, Trial of the Champion and failure of all kinds.

Ladies and gentlemen, the weekly quest this week on Proudmoore is for Ignis the Furnace Master. You know, one of the three bosses available after Flame Leviathan in Ulduar. Pretty easy mechanics, not a terribly difficult fight.

My buddy Majik (a DK frost tank) and my brother (on his hunter… who is now Officially Better Geared Than Kurn!) wanted to go do the weekly. Well, why not? It’s not like it’s Marrowgar.

So, on my druid, I started up a group, inviting them, then converting to raid. “LFM,” I bellowed in Trade, “Ignis the Furnace Master Must Die!” I was, of course, overwhelmed with whispers.

I got two shammy healers (the only healers who whispered, of course) and asked them if they could 2-heal it. “Yeah, sure,” they said. So I said that Majik and myself would be tanking.

One of the healers, who had whispered me previously to say they could heal and tank, whispers me to invite a friend of theirs. So I invite their friend, a warrior.

Who here sees where this is going?

Well, we fill the group, head up to Ulduar, I warn people not to talk to anyone and that I would talk to Brann Bronzebeard instead of the Lore Keeper of Norgannon, to ensure we don’t accidentally do 4-tower Flame Leviathan. :P

Surprisingly, the trash to FL goes quickly, as does the FL fight. People (including. but not limited to (!), me) interrupted Flame Jets in the siege engines and we got Shutout without issue. My brother “engineered” FL’s corpse and off we went to Ignis.

The giants caused a bit of havoc, but it wasn’t too bad.

The rest of the trash wasn’t too bad either — except I kept losing aggro.

I noticed, from my Grid, that the only person in range of me was a warrior. There were two warriors in the group, including the one the shammy had me invite. So I assume, as I generally do, that he’s out-threating me, because I KNOW I can’t keep aggro off a well-geared DPS warrior. So I keep taunting off of him.

But he always ends up with the damn mob!

So I mark Majik’s trash targets with the Skull and, when I see the warrior on my mob again, I say in raid “Skull”.

Warrior stays on my target, which keeps switching to the warrior, in an attempt to bash his face in.

And then, I finally, finally notice that the warrior is wearing a shield.

“… is the warrior PROT?!” I ask over Vent, to just Majik and my brother.

“I don’t know,” Maj says, “wait, yes, there’s a shield.”

Sigh. “Switch to DPS please, [warrior name]”

And yet, there he is. On the very next bloody mob I’m trying to tank. Again. I mean, seriously. I’M A FREAKING BEAR. You can’t tell that I’m a tank? Rawr?

Finally, we get the trash cleared out.

“[warrior], do you have a DPS spec?”



The shammy says in raid: “that’s why I said I could heal and tank!”

“I thought you meant you had another toon of yours who could tank,” I respond. Majik asks me in Vent if I want him to go DPS, but knowing that his DPS spec is a PVP one, I figure I’ll just go resto.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I very much LIKE having three healers in a 10-man. It’s even helpful on Ignis if a healer gets put in the Slag Pot. But my problem is that I did not do a ton of research on the group, figuring that 2 healers, 2 tanks (one of which being a DK, who not only does more damage than your average prot warrior, but has a ton of cooldowns) and six DPS is going to render the Ignis fight easy.

Take away a DPS, though, and you have a slight problem for the strategy we were going to use.

You see, I’ve done Stokin’ the Furnace. It requires burning the boss hard while the OT holds all the adds. So even with just five DPS, I figured hey, we can do it this way anyways. Everyone should be in at least T9, right? Which is better than most of the junk out of Ulduar. It’s obviously easier to tell everyone to just burn the boss than to expect anyone apart from my brother and the actual well-geared DPS warrior to switch targets to the adds.

Of course, we don’t have a “tank healer”. Which is a bunch of crap, IMHO, since I think that, if circumstances dictate, any class can “tank heal”, but I will admit that were I in there on my paladin, it would have made the fight a ton easier.

We also don’t have a healer with any defensive cooldowns. No Guardian Spirit, no Pain Suppression, no Hand of Sacrifice or Divine Sacrifice.

Still, I don’t think we have a problem.

Until we’re about at the 3 minute mark and I suddenly realize that we are NOT going to be done in four minutes. We’re sitting at about 60%.

“HERO” I type, all in caps, in a raid warning.

Heroism goes up and I start making sure Rejuvenation is on everyone in the raid, in addition to rolling Lifebloom on Maj. I keep Swiftmending either myself or him because the stacks of Strength of the Creator were just getting out of hand. I don’t remember what they were at, because I was busy healing the crap out of Maj, but he was taking TONS of damage and rotating ALL of his cooldowns, sacrificing his ghoul, everything.

Shockingly, 5m13s after we pulled, Ignis died, everyone alive.

Great healing by the shammies, really. And very good off-tanking by the OT, to be honest. I probably couldn’t have stayed up as long as he did with the same number of adds. Although, if I was going to tank, we wouldn’t have had the same number of adds, because we would have had six DPS and killed the sucker earlier. :P

So part of that is my failure for not researching the group well enough. Part of it is the warrior and the shammy’s failures for not realizing I said Maj and I were going to tank. It all just led to extra stress, which no one needs when doing a stupid weekly.

But all that pales in comparison to the priest that healed most of my Heroic Trial of the Champion yesterday. I was tanking.

We get Eadric the Pure, we down him, but the rogue dies. The hunter pointed out to the priest that they still had the Argent Lance equipped.

The following is a paraphrased reconstruction of the conversation that ensued.

Priest: so?

Hunter: So… maybe if you had your healing weapon on, the rogue wouldn’t have died.

Priest: lol no its fine, I can heal with the lance

Hunter: I think you might heal better with your real healing weapon.

Priest: we killed him didn’t we?

Hunter: That’s not the point, the point is that you might have been able to keep the rogue up with your healing weapon equipped.

Me: I’m with [hunter].

Priest: i was chatting with someone when he died

Somewhere in all of this, someone (not me) started the Black Knight event. The rest of this is, honest to God, what happened, as I’m copying from my screenshots.

The Black Knight says: I’ve come to finish my task.

Priest: i looked away and talked until he died

Hunter: so that makes it alright?

Priest: he died and i said “oh someone died hang on”

<Deadly Boss Mods> The Black Knight engaged. Good luck and have fun! :)

The Black Knight yells: This farce ends here!

King Varian Wrynn yells: Don’t just stand there; kill him!

Priest: fuck you [racial slur for a person of African descent].

Priest leaves the party.

Okay. The priest didn’t say exactly what I wrote. They ACTUALLY used the n-word. I refuse to use that term, even while quoting someone on my blog.

So, I was tanking, I slammed on the “yes, I would, in fact, like to find a replacement for the healer who just left my group” and popped every single cooldown I had — Survival Instincts, Barkskin, Frenzied Regeneration, Lifeblood, Glyph of the Indomitable.

A pally joins the group and all I can think is “please, dear God, let him see I’m in trouble and heal the crap out of me”. But he was still zoning in. I died. I ran back. Everyone else died, they all ran back.

Everyone was discussing the racist priest and I was like “Uh, didn’t the priest and the warrior in the group know each other? Same server. :P” And then the warrior left the group. We got a mage, the pally apologized for zone lag, it was all good, we all had another shot at the Black Knight and we even got I’ve Had Worse.

FYI, the racist priest is Emisana from Khaz’goroth and the warrior was Obsession (?) from the same server. I highly recommend anyone on Bloodlust just ignore the priest right away. Terrible healer, worse person. :P

Okay, my ranting is done for now.


So on Sunday the 22nd, my guild finally got this:


Yep. Defeated Algalon for the first time. AND it comes with a snazzy title!



Algalon is not exactly a difficult fight, honest. It’s just making sure the black holes are closed properly, you don’t stand near collapsing stars, you don’t stand near cosmic smash and that you avoid big bang. Oh, yeah, and the tanks are taking obscene amounts of damage, too. He hits hard and *fast*. To the point where me and the other holy pally use 4pc T8 for the Sacred Shield thing — it’ll proc the damage reduction by Sacred Shield every 4 seconds instead of every 6.

That said, my fellow holy paladin died. Twice. Subsequently, this is how I finished the fight:


That’s right. 816 mana. Divine Plea on cooldown. Divine Illumination on cooldown. Divine Favor on cooldown. Wings on cooldown. Mana potion on cooldown. And I couldn’t run to melee Algalon because if I stopped casting for too long, the tank would die, period. I’d rather get yelled out for being completely oom than be yelled at for whacking on the boss to regain mana and not spam healing the tanks. Basically, it’s a damn good thing we got him down when we did, or else it would have been a wipe. (Incidentally, that total mana pool is a less than my usual buffed mana pool, since I’m in 4/5 T8 instead of 4/5 T9. Normally, it reads 38,989 mana. Which is gross, but I love it.)

So after we downed Algalon, it was back to Trial of the Grand Crusader.

Twins were already down, so we were going to attempt Anub’arak.

We really haven’t had a lot of practice on the encounter, for two reasons:

1) Attendence has been crappy. And I really can’t blame people. TOC is a shitty raid instance.

2) Our MT, who is the add tank on heroic Anub, is trying to do the “I’ll tank all four adds by myself and will not be hit and will block every attack for more damage than they can deal to me” strat.

As I understand it, and I am not awesome at math, Nerubian Burrowers (there are four of them each wave) hit for a base of 6.8k damage. If your tank is wearing a block value set and is 102.4% unhittable (yes, that’s unhittable, not uncrittable), the tank takes 0 damage despite the fact the adds are buffing themselves with haste or something and you can AOE down the adds on top of Anub, doing double damage, basically.

Guess who doesn’t have 102.4% unhittable status? That’s right. Our MT.

So he’ll dodge, parry and block a LOT… and then he’ll be unlucky.

Now, see, here, he blocks a couple of time and COMPLETELY blocks all of the damage:

[01:23:29.348] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Miss
[01:23:29.348] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Block (3614)
[01:23:29.348] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Parry
[01:23:29.348] Nerubian Burrower hits MT 10347
[01:23:29.348] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Dodge
[01:23:29.356] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Dodge
[01:23:29.509] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Block (4505)

Of course, that’s 7 hits by 4 adds in the same second. Eek.

And then he gets unlucky. In the same second.

[01:23:29.746] Nerubian Burrower hits MT 12616
[01:23:29.762] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Dodge
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Miss
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT 10486
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Dodge
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT 2050 (B: 3410)
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT 3651 (B: 3410)
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Miss
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT Dodge
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT 2100 (B: 3410)
[01:23:29.951] Nerubian Burrower hits MT 9392

That’s like, 40k damage. And he doesn’t have much more than 40k health in his block gear.

Surprisingly, this is not what killed us, primarily because us healers are leet.

What killed us on our best attempt was Hand of Protection.

The goal is to basically use as little of the ice as possible on heroic Anub, because the frost orb things do NOT respawn. You get six for the entire encounter. So, when Anub pursues people during the burrows, this is what happens.

Burrow 1, first person chased runs towards a patch of ice we drop at the entrance. It’s far, they stand there and run Anub into the ice.

Burrow 1, second person chased stays with the majority of the raid over by where Anub starts out (which is where we fight him). A paladin (can you see where this is going? haha!) casts Hand of Protection on this second target when Anub is almost on top of them. They wait until the buff is down to about 2 seconds left and then strafe on to the patch of ice they’re standing next to.

Burrow 1, third person chased kites for ~7 seconds.

Burrow 2 works in exactly the same way. And if you have a third burrow, you’re fucked.

So my RL friend, the resto druid and healing lead, assigns us our BOP cooldowns (seriously, I can’t say HOP with a straight face. I’ve tried.).

Since both the other holy paladin and I have 2/2 Guardian’s Favor, this is how it was organized:

I have people on the odd burrows (1/3, if needed) and the other holy paladin has people on the even burrows (2/4, if needed). So the second person on the first and third burrows gets BOPped by me and the second person on the second and fourth burrows gets BOPped by the other paladin.

It was, I believe, our third time getting to the burrow. I’d been BOPping people as assigned.

Burrow 1: I BOP a warlock.

Burrow 2: I’m the person who needs to be BOPped.

The MT/RL says, in raid chat:

“BOP at the last second, Mad.”

And I’m like “boy, I hope the other holy pally read that…”

And then I die to the impales from Anub’arak’s spikes.

The MT/RL says: “or just die.”

So the other pally is like “but I bopped the warlock” and I’m like “no, I did”. My BOP still had 30+ seconds on its cooldown.

It was only after I logged off that I remembered that Hand of Protection CAUSES FORBEARANCE and that there is NO WAY both of our BOPs could have been on cooldown! And since mine *WAS*, he was LYING to me! And made me out to look like a complete, total idiot in the raid!

I was SO angry that I uploaded the logs and checked them… and then I got even angrier. Because I was wrong. And oooooh, I hate being wrong!

[01:43:18.796] Madranah casts Hand of Protection on  Warlock
[01:43:18.903] Other Holy Paladin casts Hand of Protection on Warlock
[01:43:19.016] Warlock gains Hand of Protection from Madranah
[01:43:19.016] Warlock’s Hand of Protection fades
[01:43:19.016] Warlock gains Hand of Protection from Other Holy Paladin
[01:43:29.058] Warlock’s Hand of Protection fades

What the hell is that? That is some really fucking dumb luck right there. That we synched to the point where they BOTH landed on the warlock at EXACTLY the same time is just unfathomable to me. But the logs prove that he didn’t lie. He cast it.

Of course, he shouldn’t have cast it on the warlock. But at least he’s not a lying bastard.

Anyways, that’s basically all the news that’s fit to print.


Two posts in a single day. Good Lord, I know. What’s the world coming to?

It was a productive day. Went out and got my hunter the T9.10 shoulders with 30 Emblems to go with the T9.10 pants I got off Koralon a while back. Serpent Sting critting is hot.

Then went through Ulduar 10 with a pug and did FL, RZ, IG, XT, KO and AU, all for the first time on the hunter. So very, very, very weird to DPS those fights and that trash instead of healing them. Too bad we broke up before Hodir due to mass AFKs/DCs/etc.

Let’s see, what else… Did VOA 25 – no hunter loot. Did Ony 25 – no hunter loot, but I did win the head! So I got the Sparkling Onyxia Tooth Pendant to replace Pendant of the Outcast Hero. Pretty groovy, eh?

I’m at 264 hit rating and have replaced… I think it was 4 or 5 +16 hit gems. I’m cheap at the moment, so I only replaced them with +16 agi, but eventually, I’ll upgrade the T9 at least with +20 agility.

I managed to pull 5k DPS at some point today, albeit on trash. The Explosive Shot nerf has smacked me upside the head, so I’m only pulling about 4-4.5k DPS instead of like, 4.8-5.6k DPS (depending on available buffs, etc). I guess that makes sense, because hi, I’m in shit gear. ;)

Still, Explosive Shot dots are still critting, under ideal circumstances, over 5.5k. I tried Marks after the ES nerf and felt the pain of it and the fact that I don’t have remotely close to the amount of Armor Penetration I’d need to make a Marks spec work nicely. So even post-nerf, Survival’s working well for me. Or at least better than Marks. I find that I’m really accustomed to Survival, too. It felt weird to not be refreshing SS because I was using Chimera to refresh it.

Anyways, enough rambling. Productive day today. Maybe a ToC 10 on the pally tomorrow before the raid. (Incidentally, Tuesday raids have been dropped and all other raid days are now until 2am instead of 3am! Ecstasy! Maybe now I won’t be a freaking zombie!)

… wow?

Holy crap, holy paladin tier bonuses that DON’T SUCK?!

  • 2 piece bonus – While your Divine Illumination talent is active, your healing spells are increased by 35%.

Oh my God. That is… fucking amazing. I’ve always viewed set bonuses that include talents as being something to encourage the class/spec to actually use that ability. I OFTEN forget to use Divine Illumination. Like, frequently. In reality, I should be using it on cooldown. Now this 2-piece T10 bonus is going to not only force me to remember to use Divine Illumination more often, BUT will greatly offset the fact that healing is halved when Divine Plea is up. This is a brilliant move. To date, we’ve had to use Avenging Wrath (which interferes with bubbling) to help mitigate that loss, or pop +spellpower trinkets and basically pray that we don’t have to cancel DP.

Especially considering the bonus WAS reducing Divine Favor’s CD by 60 seconds, this is a major improvement. I approve.

In fact, I consider this bonus to be just as strong as the 4-piece T9 bonus, albeit in a different way. T9’s 4-piece will encourage people to use Flash of Light and Sacred Shield more to get that FoL hot ticking away at double its regular strength. I mean, I can’t wait to get my 4-piece bonus, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be working hard to get the T10 2-piece ASAP, so I have a choice in fights. Do I aim for more healing via SS/FoL or do I aim for less panic about the tank dying? It’ll depend on the fight.

  • 4 piece bonus – Your Holy Shock spell causes the next Holy Light you cast within 10 sec to have 0.3 sec reduced cast time.

More encouragement to use Holy Shock? Another oh-shit use for it? Hm. My Holy Lights, raid buffed, are already coming in at about 1.2 seconds. I have 673 haste and then usually swift retribution aura and wrath of air and, of course, judgements of the pure. This bonus is probably not as amazing as the 2pc, but nothing to sneeze at, either. It’s not like you don’t WANT your tier, and this bonus will serve as halfway decent incentive to upgrade from T9’s 2-piece bonus, which is utter crap, unless you’re the only paladin in a 10-man raiding guild.

I’m really happy with the bonuses, for once. Can’t wait to see what the models will look like, although I’m going to predict something purple. I could really go for yellow, but I’m guessing pink/purple instead. After all, I got my wish for good set bonuses. Can’t have everything! ;)

In other news, about to go do Ulduar 10 with my hunter!!! I can’t remember the last time I was *excited* to do Ulduar…

Rounding up the last little while.

First thing… I tried Algalon for the first time tonight, ever. It was 25m. It’s a seriously fun fight. We only got through one Big Bang at most, though. The guild I’m apping to hasn’t killed him on 25m yet and only killed him on 10m for the first time tonight (after the 25m attempts were done). Still, I didn’t fuck up hardcore, so I’m pleased. Still, look at this damage.

[00:00:25.621] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 4639 (A: 7176)
[00:00:25.621] Madranah Flash of Light Tank1 +*0* (O: 6637)
[00:00:25.621] RestoDruid Lifebloom Tank1 +525
[00:00:25.854] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 24051
[00:00:25.854] Tank1 Necrosis Algalon the Observer 74
[00:00:25.868] Tank1 Retribution Aura Algalon the Observer 209
[00:00:26.028] Tank1 Frost Fever Algalon the Observer 353 (R: 88)
[00:00:26.164] Tank1 Retribution Aura Algalon the Observer 233
[00:00:26.343] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 7441 (A: 4659)
[00:00:26.343] HolyPally1 Flash of Light Tank1 +443
[00:00:26.714] Tank1 Plague Strike Algalon the Observer 1131
[00:00:26.726] RestoDruid Lifebloom Tank1 +1066
[00:00:26.897] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 21430 (O: 2249)

And just like that, dead like dinner. My holy light was in the middle of casting and I just needed another half second to make sure it would land… Anyways. I didn’t make a fool of myself, which is nice.

As to the previous guild’s drama…

Continue reading “Rounding up the last little while.”


Through a VERY odd series of events, I’m having to update DKP from my last guild on Bronzebeard.

Now, since I wasn’t actually at the raids and such, I’m having to go back through their World of Logs parses, along with various screenshots the tank officer sent me.

So I’m looking at a log from Ulduar, where they were doing Thorim, Hodir and Freya.

And, while browsing the log, I see that there was 630,000 damage taken from Biting Cold.

I scratched my head. Yep, just the one attempt…

1) Unnamed Resto Druid Who Doesn’t Know How To Play At All Which Makes Me Wonder Why She Was Even In The Raid: 108,454 damage from Biting Cold.

2) New Holy Paladin Who is Clearly a Moron: 65,148 damage.

3) New Shadow Priest Who, One Must Wonder, Seems To Never Have Done Ulduar Before: 62,135 damage.

4) Long-Time Holy Priest Who Manages To Look Good After That Bunch Of Morons: 39,534 damage.

5) Decent Resto Druid Who Apparently Needs To L2Move His Ass: 39,930 damage.


I just did Hodir this last Wednesday with the guild I’m apping to.

254,051 damage from Biting Cold.

1) Moron Hunter Who Was Dying To AOE All Night: 54,054 damage.

2) Dumb Enhancement Shaman: 48,052 damage.

3) Moron Of A  Mage App: 45,027 damage.

4) Pretty Decent Mage App: 26,270 damage.

5) “Senior” Holy Paladin: 11,226 damage.

Where was I?

13) Me: 2,944 damage.

Where was the resto druid in the raid?

18) My RL Friend: 584 damage.

The level of play is just a LOT higher on Proudmoore in general, I think. I feel badly for people on Bronzebeard.


Good to know that with 36,389 mana (raid buffed), I FINALLY have enough mana to not need saronite vapours on Vezax, normal mode.

And, for the first time ever, a raid group I was part of one-shotted Yogg. With 21 people. 5 healers. Regular mode, of course. But Phase 3 was upon on faster than I thought possible. Portal DPS must be sick.

Updatey things.

You may have noticed by the fishing-related achievements in the sidebar that I am levelling fishing. Sadly, it’s true. I am. On a second toon. Sigh. Up to just over 300 fishing. At least I’m fishing up my own buff food, now, which gives me the possibility of fishing up the Sea Turtle. Plus, I’m making Fish Feasts, which are selling quite well.

Apart from that, we wiped 24 times to get a new achievement last Wednesday:


We did it with Elder Stonebark up, so we had to deal with Ground Tremors. Bad. Bad, bad. Ground Tremor damage was huge, and it’s physical damage, so… Ow. I’m kind of pleased with how healing went on that, though.

We had 3 holy priests, 1 holy paladin, 1 disc priest, 1 resto shaman and 1 resto druid in the raid, so I had this going on:

– Resto Druid topping off group 1 (with tanks) and 5

– Holy Priest 1 – POHing Group 2 (5 of 7 healers)

– Holy Priest 2 – POHing Group 3

– Holy Priest 3 – POHing Group 4

All holy priests to COH groups 1/5 after their POH.

Resto druid watching for Nature’s Fury (although he didn’t do a great job).

Me and the disc priest spamming the tank(s) and the resto shammy doing what he could to top people off.

Overall, it worked okay. But I have a lot of refinements for Freya + Elders, mostly to do with positioning.

Anyways, still conscious, thereby confirming that my sleep habits are completely screwed up. I’m thinking I’ll get back to my healer evaluations.

Done so far: disc priest app, two holy paladins.

To do: disc priest (regular), holy priest (irregular), both holy priests (regular), holy priest (app), both resto shammies (regular), all three resto druids (all somewhat irregular).

At least the regular disc priest and one of the shammies are fine and I have nothing bad to say to either of them. Gonna be fun times with everyone else, though! HOORAY. ;)

Should probably get started on at least the easy ones…


The first person up for the legendary mace asked to sit because of connection issues.

Fragment #2 is mine.

Yay? haha.

ETA: Make that Fragments #2 and #3.