Rounding up the last little while.

First thing… I tried Algalon for the first time tonight, ever. It was 25m. It’s a seriously fun fight. We only got through one Big Bang at most, though. The guild I’m apping to hasn’t killed him on 25m yet and only killed him on 10m for the first time tonight (after the 25m attempts were done). Still, I didn’t fuck up hardcore, so I’m pleased. Still, look at this damage.

[00:00:25.621] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 4639 (A: 7176)
[00:00:25.621] Madranah Flash of Light Tank1 +*0* (O: 6637)
[00:00:25.621] RestoDruid Lifebloom Tank1 +525
[00:00:25.854] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 24051
[00:00:25.854] Tank1 Necrosis Algalon the Observer 74
[00:00:25.868] Tank1 Retribution Aura Algalon the Observer 209
[00:00:26.028] Tank1 Frost Fever Algalon the Observer 353 (R: 88)
[00:00:26.164] Tank1 Retribution Aura Algalon the Observer 233
[00:00:26.343] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 7441 (A: 4659)
[00:00:26.343] HolyPally1 Flash of Light Tank1 +443
[00:00:26.714] Tank1 Plague Strike Algalon the Observer 1131
[00:00:26.726] RestoDruid Lifebloom Tank1 +1066
[00:00:26.897] Algalon the Observer hits Tank1 21430 (O: 2249)

And just like that, dead like dinner. My holy light was in the middle of casting and I just needed another half second to make sure it would land… Anyways. I didn’t make a fool of myself, which is nice.

As to the previous guild’s drama…

So a few weeks ago, the raid leader of my previous guild was late for a raid. This is very much unlike him. He wasn’t answering his cell or anything (according to some of his friends). 8:35 or so, he logs on… and gquits. He logs on to all of his toons and gquits them all.

We eventually call the raid for that night, Thursday, September 3rd.

Over the next few days, we have lots of chats with the members, we pull in the old GM/RL into meetings… Saturday night, we have a plan. One of the members will lead Ulduar and the former GM will come back to raiding and lead ToC. Regular ToC is easy and we’re all accustomed to it, it’s just the heroic version that we don’t have experience with, barring the… I think it was 16 wipes on Northrend Beasts we had had on Wednesday, the 2nd. So it’s not like the former GM is really going to have too much to catch up on — we’re still learning, etc.

Sunday morning, the CURRENT GM quits. Well, he wants to gquit, but he doesn’t realize you have to promote someone to GM before you can quit.  But he wants to quit and everything. Saturday night, during our FOUR AND A HALF HOUR LONG OFFICER MEETING, the only hint he gave about this was that he didn’t want to hold people’s hands. Which is fine. LOTS of GMs don’t do that. But less than 12 hours after the meeting, he’s resigning. Great. So we don’t know who should be GM.

There’s apparently a lot of people upset with ME, because the former RL who emo gquit is BLAMING ME for his leaving. “Oh, I can’t deal with Madrana, she’s a bitch” etc. Look. I don’t mind being called a bitch. But if you have a problem with me, I do expect you to act like an adult and tell me, to my face, what the issue is so that we can resolve it. 23-24yo boys are such morons.

Not that I would have volunteered to be GM, but that was apparently out of the question. Never you mind that I am THE BEST HEALING OFFICER that 85% of my healers ever had. I’ve had six healers from my old guild come make alts on my new server just to let me know they’d miss me and I did a great job.

So fuck the emo raid leader and anyone who feels I was responsible for his emo quitting. He never spoke to me about his issues with me even once AND he called me out in public TWICE and among the officers once — the public times without reason. It’s like, way to show a united front, you dumbass.


So we needed a new GM. One of the major problems from my last guild is that we had a serious lack of leadership among everyone, including the officers. Finally, we managed to convince the former GM/RL, who was already taking back RLing TOC/HTOC, to take back GM at least temporarily.

Meanwhile, attendence was in the shitter. We barely had enough tanks, ALWAYS had enough healers (more than enough!) and NEVER had enough DPS.

We cleared TOC on the 8th and then wiped 10 more times on heroic Beasts on the 9th.

Meanwhile, I’d been talking with my RL friend, the awesome resto druid on Proudmoore, about all of this. And she’s like “You should app with us. We need holy paladins!”

A lot of things gave me pause.

a) I didn’t want to give up on my guild. I was an officer, probably one of the only competent ones left in the guild, and I loved my healers.

b) The raid times and frequency. I’d be going up from 16 hours a week to 20 hours a week (and my last guild was up to 16 from 12), which meant 5 raids a week. At, get this, 11pm-3am my time. That’s 8pm-12am Pacific time, but hi, I’m East Coast.

c) The lack of Vent. Hoo boy. I’d heard about this, over the years, from my RL friend, but I just didn’t get how it worked.

Anyways, I finally realized that I’ve been talking with my friend about healing and raiding together for something like two years. This is the first chance in two years that we even COULD raid together. For the first while, I was GM of Apotheosis. Then when that fell apart in early Wrath, her guild didn’t need any holy paladins. So I went to Bronzebeard.

I further realized… did I really want to level with the people on Bronzebeard when Cataclysm comes out? Did I REALLY want to be in that environment, in that guild, on that server, to level to 85? I decided at some point that I probably would see my last guild through the 4.0 patch and then go on to greener pastures. But then I realized I had the opportunity to app to my RL friend’s guild *now*, after two years of talking about how awesome that would be.

So I applied. And transferred. And, for the first time in easily a year, all my toons are on the same server again!

Plus, my brother’s been levelling a hunter (he’s 71 now and very discouraged by the sheer amount of experience needed to ding) and so I’ve been levelling… my druid. I’m dual specced bear/tree.

Some notes on THAT:

– Lifebloom is hax. And STUPID expensive!

– Glyphed Swiftmend is even more hax.

– Swipe is OP.

– Survival of the Fittest is the best talent in the fucking world.

Let’s see… what else…

Oh yeah! Kurn got the Violet Proto-Drake! I’m so excited! Fuck Brewfest. And Kurn is probably the only character who will EVER get those holiday achievements.

And, of course, now, the story of the DKP for the last guild.

Last Wednesday, during a raid, the physical DPS officer, a hunter, comes online and is like “MAD! How’re you?!” and then asks me if I have access to the DKP site.

I’m like… I asked the GM to delete my access and, you know, I’m on HEROIC TWINS right now.

Turns out the GM has gone away for work (?) and so the DKP system is all kinds of messed up.

I tell him to tell the person who was doing DKP (tank officer) to email me all the screenshots and I’ll enter the data.

I did NOT realize how many days they’d raided and had ZERO information for either loot or attendence.

09/21/09 – attendence and loot are missing
09/22/09 – some loot may be missing (Ony)
09/23/09 – some loot is missing from Koralon and Beasts (VOA/TOC)
09/24/09 – all loot is missing from Ulduar
09/28/09 – attendence and loot are missing (Ulduar)
09/29/09 – missing trophy off Anub’arak and up to two pieces of loot off him

09/30/09 and 10/01/09 were fine.

But DEAR GOD, how do you expect anyone to get DKP up to date and sorted when you don’t even record the data?!

I did my best, updated DKP to the very best of my ability, thanks to a couple of helpful people, and updated the ranks of people on the DKP site, etc. I suggested EVERYONE get 12.5 bonus DKP (because 12.5 DKP = 1 item) as anyone who’d attended all of the raids was being screwed out of at least 11 points.

I then sent my login and detailed instructions along to the tank officer and I’m done.

But it took three days to compile the info I did get, and to enter it into the site.

For a bunch of people I don’t even care about, except some of the healers and I guess I felt sorry for the officers.

Fucking ridiculous, though, that no one would even think about DKP. I had ONE DKP fuckup in Apotheosis. One. It took me precisely 14 hours to fix everything, including identifying the problem, reconstructing loot and then fixing it. And I got to sleep in there, somewhere, too.

These “officers” of my last guild just plain didn’t care enough.

I keep saying to myself that if I ever restart Apotheosis, I will be doing things differently in so many ways.

First off, officers who do shit.

We’d have 6-7 officers:

GM, Tank lead, Heal lead, Magical DPS lead, Physical DPS lead, Recruitment, DKP, Raid Lead. And some of those people would wear 2 hats, and some of those hats would be worn by two people.

We’d do a close to zero-sum DKP system. No more bidding bullshit.

We’d have a zero tolerance on lack of consumables policy.

We’d have repercussions for being late, leaving early, not having shit enchanted/gemmed for the next raid.

We’d have a REGULAR main assist, so people would get used to following the MA’s target.

We’d use Vent, but no chatter!

All kinds of ideas.

But I don’t ever want to be a GM again. Ever.

Anyways. I think that all sums up my frustrations and annoyances and stuff over the last few weeks. Maybe we’ll get heroic Twins or Algalon this week. That would be pretty spiffy. :)