3 hours, 16 wipes. Ow, my face.

Well, we extended our ICC lockout this week so we could work on the Lich King.

3 hours. 16 wipes. Gloriously, none of them appear to be my fault. :D

Sadly, the fact remains the Shambling Horrors and their enrages suck, Soul Shriek sucks and, oh yeah, standing on the outer edge of the platform AS IT CRUMBLES AWAY sucks.

So I’m going to complain a bit.

Soul Shriek silences people for five seconds.

It is supposed to be cast in a frontal cone, meaning the tanks will be silenced.

Tanks should not be silenced so that they may taunt.

When you have one holy paladin who is LARGELY responsible for healing BOTH tanks (thank you, Beacon), who can rarely spare a moment to refresh her Judgements of the Pure, you need other people in the raid to dispell that silence.

Dispells on the raid tonight, including the Necrotic Plague dispells:

Holy priest (in charge of NP dispells): 111

Myself: 21

Shadow Priest: 9

Rogue (for the enrage on the Shambling Horrors?): 5

Ret Paladin: 1

Nothing from the discipline priest. Just the one from the ret pally. Failure. I honestly cannot stop spamming the instant that comes up on a reliable basis, because, hi, that’s like, 30k damage from the ability, right when they’re silenced. I NEED to be healing that damage.

Seriously. Look at this.

[00:09:16.809] Raging Spirit Soul Shriek  MT 19774  (A: 2207, R: 2976)
[00:09:16.809] MT afflicted by Soul Shriek  from Raging Spirit
[00:09:18.244] Madranah Beacon of Light MT +11420 (O: 3589)
[00:09:19.444] Madranah Beacon of Light MT +0 (O: 22235)
[00:09:20.099] Madrana casts Cleanse on MT

That’s nearly four seconds into the silence. But it was STILL ON THE main tank, so after I healed up the nearly 20k damage he took (through Beacon, while healing the OT as well), I cleansed it.



The disc priest had been asked to help out with it at about attempt #6. The ret pally at about attempt #10.

0 in 10 attempts by the disc priest. 1 in 6 by the ret pally.

And it’s not like they even only get Soul Shriek ONCE. They get it several times a fight!

Plus, we were on Vent again tonight. Totally annoying and absurd. At one point, a mage says:

“Salv on [his name].”

And I’m thinking to myself, “You tool. If you think I have even HALF A SECOND to spare to toss you Hand of Salvation, when I’m keeping up BOTH TANKS here, you are freaking crazy.”

The ret pally apparently cast it on him, but if he had been like “I SAID SALV ON [NAME]”, I would have been like “Sorry, would you like me to let the tanks die while I cast a spell on you that is wholly unneeded if you would, I don’t know, Invis? Or WATCH YOUR THREAT in the first damn place?!”

Seriously. I don’t need to hear these people. Their voices, their ambient background noise, their idiotic requests that they don’t make through the proper channels (raid chat, for instance).

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t ever raid with Vent again, but I think my preference is to not at this point. I’d do it for Apotheosis, because I know and love those people and because it’s like spending three hours with friends when I raided with them. But I don’t need to listen to 20-some mouth-breathers who stroke their epeens while using perjorative terms for various social minorities in Vent and raid and guild chat.

Ugh. I feel like I should shower after that raid night.

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  1. See, that I can totally understand wanting to dodge vent over. That and I get the entire thing of females wishing to dodge vent as I used to be one of those creepy bastards (aka, a teenager).

    As I haven’t actually used the raid extension thingy, how long does it extend it for? Another week? Or can you cut it early? Basically: Are you guys going to be giving him another shot this week?

  2. What’s funny is that I never had those Vent issues in my old guild on my old server. I don’t know if it’s because I was the GM/Raid Leader/healing lead or if it was just because the people were basically respectful, but I was never intimidated when it came to talking on Vent.

    And then I went to my Bronzebeard guild and, literally, this was the reaction when I said something for the first time on vent:


    (around the 2m30s mark)

    Granted, they were quoting this video, but it was still disturbing.

    For the raid extension, what it means is that it extends it until the next reset, which is Tuesday. We can’t just abruptly cut it short, nor can we change it once we’ve been re-saved to the instance. So yes, tonight, it’s back to Arthas, probably Sunday and Monday as well.

    I think that the downside is that we don’t get to reclear — no Emblems of Frost, no loot for those who might need it (we have a resto shammy who has the shield off of KT. No joke.) and I do not believe we have the ability to do the weekly quest. Last week, we had the Frost Giant and killed him. Then, upon zoning in, there was a quest down at the starting area to… kill the Frost Giant. But I really think the only thing left up in the entire instance is Arthas, so… there goes another 5 badges.

    I don’t mind horribly, but I really hope we get him down so we can reset the instance on Tuesday.

  3. Wow…I thought you were going to point toward the 3:25 mark. Because I think the 2:30 mark gave us way too much credit.

  4. I know it’s an old post, but your Rogue Dispels could have been Cloak of Shadows if they had a debuff on themselves.

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