A night off? HAH.

So, given that, you know, everything in ICC was dead, we headed to Trial of the Grand Crusader 25 tonight. We had yet to down Anub’arak on heroic 25m and so we decided to go in there tonight. With 2 new healer apps and two of the other healers had never been to TOC/TOGC with us before.

Tonight involved a LOT of typing to healers. Yikes.

Northrend Beasts – ugly. At least two people died to TRAMPLE. Seriously. New people, two apps (not the healers) so I don’t know if they were expecting a speed buff or something.

Lord Jaraxxus – peachy keen, healers did great, no one got silenced by the kiss, no one blew up the raid because incinerate flesh hadn’t been healed. And, ta-DAH! Solace of the Defeated! Kind of insane that I got it, really. I guess most other healing classes have latched on to spellpower ones out of ICC or from the badge vendor. Geez. I still have my Pandora’s Plea, though. I wiped to Mimiron for WAY too long to just throw that crap away, not to mention the something like 9 or 10 or 15 weeks or HOWEVER long it was that it took me to get the drop.

Faction Champs – OUCH, they still burst people down FAST. But we won.

Twin Val’kyrs – got them down in 3 phases. Dark Vortex and both shields. No Light Vortex stupidity for us, YAY!

And so we faced Anub’arak with 50 attempts left.

13 attempts later, we called the raid and we are going back to our long kiting method.

Still, I got to try out a new holy pally app, a new holy priest app and got to get our regular holy priest to go disc and try that out for a bit. I think he secretly likes being disc but he likes his numbers a lot as holy. But he’s always eager to go disc. I really do like that particular healer a lot. He’s very solid.

In other news, I got a comment today from Chase Christian asking if I wore a 4pc T10 gear set to my LK kill.

The answer is no, I wore 2pc T10 (helm and shoulders), Holiday’s Grace, the 245 healer/caster cloak off Onyxia (for real), Rot-Resistant Breastplate, Crypt Keeper’s Bracers, Unclean Surgical Gloves, Lich Killer’s Lanyard, Legplates of Failing Light, Earthsoul Boots, Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom, Marrowgar’s Frigid Eye, Pandora’s Plea, Talisman of Resurgence, Misery’s End, Bulwark of Smouldering Steel and the Libram of Renewal.

I have my tier chest, gloves and now legs so that I can have a bit of wiggle room when it comes to upgrading my gear to 277 level. Right now, I use my T10 chest and gloves as part of my spellpower set, which I only really use for Dreamwalker healing at this point. But I do have the 264s of all those pieces and am ready to upgrade them at any time. ;)

Tomorrow, though, IS a day off. I’m really looking forward to it, too. Whew.

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  1. Grats on your Solace. I just started playing my priest (shadow, 21) and have had to heal the past few randoms I’ve been in. Nothing sucks more than being specced for Spirit Tap but not getting a killing blow when you’re at 10% mana. I would kill for an Mp5 trinket.

    I’m impressed (not because I don’t think you and your guild are skilled, but because, well, it’s impressive) that you can get to H-Anub with 50 attempts left. Is that encouraging, or is it more discouraging that you can read that you may have to wipe 50 more times on it this week?

    Hope you enjoy your day off. I have to go back to work. :(

  2. X – Thanks for the grats. :) It’s definitely more DISCOURAGING that you can wipe on it 50 times than anything else. But it’s also a bit encouraging because, hey, I can ONLY wipe 50 more times!

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