Amusing screenshots.

After parsing my Ruby Sanctum 10 run the other night, I about fell over laughing at the rankings. The hunter is my brother. I’m the resto shaman who starts with a K. Our buddy Maj is the frost DK.

Hilariously amusing to be one of the first parses up. My brother was ranked world 10th in DPS on Baltharus and Zarithrian!

Today, the continuation, where we actually go out and kill Halion. With a little luck. :)

2 Replies to “Amusing screenshots.”

  1. Wow, cool :-)

    I just checked, 2 of my guild mates were ranked in their first Ruby Sanctum 10 man run last Thursday. They’re ranked #123 and #191 on Zarithrian. Pretty cool!

  2. Kaboomski – I think it’s hilarious. Just wait ’till new logs get uploaded and such. I just looked again and my brother has dropped from 10 to not being ranked at all, haha.

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