Brief Update

1) Paladin is on Skywall, guilded. All mods seem to be working (YAY DXE, YAY DBM, YAY GRID & CLIQUE & DOMINOES!) with very little effort (sigh, CLCBPT, you fail. SexyMap, you too.) and I’ve already made money with my bank alt. ;)

2) I was guilded for maybe 30 minutes when my new GM found the blog. Hi! ;)

She apparently is more like me than I thought since we both have the ability to stalk online. ;D

I felt just a wee bit embarassed about the mush I’ve previously posted, but it’s all good. And it was a harmless reminder that anyone can actually find and read this.

(I’d hope if any of my former guildies find this, they’ll see how much trouble I took to not name names. You won’t find me naming names in my new guild, either.)

3) Reckoning hates me. I queued up for the daily heroic (I think it reset, since I got 2 frosts on my last server and then 2 frosts on the new one) and it gave me… Heroic Halls of Reflection. Thanks, RNG. Love you too.  I arrived after what had been a wipe where both the tank and healer had left. The tank who arrived with me promptly left. Five minutes later, we have a tank. It was not super smooth (DPS need to stop pulling aggro and standing in front of cleaving mobs) but we got through relatively unscathed. I haven’t healed it as a pally in a long time — I miss my chain heals, dammit. ;)

Anyways. I need to grab some food before the raid, which is in, you know, 40m. Which is new. And early. Working on LDW HM apparently, and I’m hoping all my DXE settings really DID carry over so I don’t look like a moron eating ghosts.

Stupid Vengeful Shades. WHY must they be so vengeful?

Oh! And thanks to everyone who listened to me bitch about my last guild and how I was unhappy and for wishing me well on my new server. <3 It’s meant a lot. :)

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  1. Whee, Grats! When transferring, I didn’t do anything “special” with my mods. I simply used the saved profiles within the mod itself and copied over (most mods let you save character profiles). There were a only few fails where I had to truly redo it. The one that was giving me heartburn was power auras. Ugh, I should have copied my strings.

    /wave to New GM who is reading. Kurn is nice and knows her stuff.

  2. Nice! The transfer was very quick then. I had heard some horror stories of people not being able to log in for almost a week while waiting for the transfer to complete. Maybe you’re lucky? Is it karma? :P

    Anyway, I think it’s great you got received so well (besides HoR) and I sincerely hope your raid with them was fun *and* productive ;)

  3. Like I Tweeted to you last night, I’m glad that the transfer went smoothly and that you seem to be having fun so far. You and I aren’t seeing the same content, but I’m sure that we can agree that finding the right Guild to fit your playstyle, whatever that might be, makes the game infinitely more fun.

    And I’m not on Skywall; I call Arathor home. But it’s still Reckoning, so maybe one day we’ll run into each other in a five-man. I’ve been told that I’m good on both my toons, so if we do ever meet, hopefully I won’t inspire any “Fail tank/Hunter” posts or Tweets. ;)

  4. Zelmaru – I really have to make better use of the profiles. Luckily, I had profiles saved for Dominoes and Clique and for Grid, I just went into the .lua and copied charactername/servername from my last server and pasted it into the .lua as newname/newserver. Not too bad.

    Windsoar – thank you! Definitely gonna take some getting used to, but it feels like a good match. :)

    Kaboomski – every time I transfer a toon, I worry about these toons who are lost in the ether on occasion. :P Happily, no issues, took less than an hour. Raid was definitely fun if not as productive as I’m used to, but it’s all good.

    Will – I completely agree. Leaving a guild that’s 11/12HM for one that’s 7/12HM is a change of pace, but it’s worth it for the people and atmosphere, I think. I had originally wanted no less than 9/12HM, but made an exception for this guild. And I think it’ll be worth it.

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