Day 08 – 10 Things We Don’t Know About You

This post is part of Saga’s 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge!

Truth be told, I’m a private person. I know, kind of silly, when you think about it, right? A blogger who posts fairly often who then claims to be a private person? Well, it’s true. I’ll talk about WoW until the cows come home — and I often do! — but I don’t talk about myself very much. At least, not about myself in a non-WoW context.

So, here’s my attempt to be a little more forthcoming.

1) My Keirsey Temperament Type is ESFJ – Guardian Provider.

2) I’m very good at remembering lyrics to songs, enough so that it drives me NUTS when others can’t. The problem? I can’t carry a tune.

3) I can, however, muster my way through some piano and clarinet playing, although I don’t get a chance to play much piano and my poor clarinet is in terrible shape and needs repairing.

4) I’ve been an online content provider, a web designer, a web coder, a marketing co-ordinator, a community moderator and a technical support/customer support specialist (at a local ISP) over the last 15 years. Also, a student. I’m just a couple of classes away from my BA in Sociology.

5) I love to write and I take part in National Novel Writing Month every year. In fact, two of my current guildies (and raiders!) are people I’ve known for years through NaNoWriMo. Having said that, I’ve only ever written 50k in November once and that was in 2003 — way before I discovered World of Warcraft. Curse you, WoW! <shakes fist>

6) I have blue eyes, like my brother, my father and my late paternal grandmother. Unfortunately, unlike my brother, my father and my late paternal grandmother, my blue eyes lean more towards various shades of grey/blue, rather than the piercing blue they all share. I am, occasionally, very jealous that my brother got the awesome!blue eyes in the family. (Shut up, Fog. Gloating doesn’t become you! :P)

7) Je suis plus ou moins bilingue. Mon français n’est pas tellement fantastique, mais je me débrouille assez bien dans des situations où je dois le parler. (Anche, parlo un po’ d’italiano. Ho preso tre anni all’università.)

8) Blessing of Frost started out as a recruitment avenue for Apotheosis, but it’s really evolved into its own little bit of fun. The hardest part about producing an episode of Blessing of Frost is not yelling at Majik as much as I’d like and, in fact, having to be nice to him. (We like each other quite a bit, but we prefer to show each other that affection by swearing at each other at length.) Still, I do quite enjoy it and it reminds me of working at my college radio station. Good times!

9) I’m fiercely loyal. Pretty much to a fault. One time, we were in Mount Hyjal, and one of the guildies was telling me, in a panicked whisper, she couldn’t find her vial from Lady Vashj. So I opened a ticket and started chatting with a GM through Kaz’rogal trash, saying “no, look, SHE WAS THERE. Do you want to see the logs?!” and stuff.

Here’s an image.

Can you guess what happened next? If you guessed “Kurn didn’t realize the boss was incoming and facepulled the boss and got ruined because she was debating fiercely with the GM”, you’re right!

One of these days, they’re going to close my account just because they’re tired of all the tickets I submit. :P

Yeah, my loyalty has its unfortunate downsides, but I care about my friends and my guildies. I don’t think I could ever be another way.

10) I have a pretty good sense of humour and can take some teasing, but when it comes to Canada, my sense of humour usually goes riiiiight out the window. I am passionate about my love for my country, which probably comes from living pretty much my whole life in Quebec and living through two separate referendums, and that’s basically where my sense of humour stops. I am proud to be a Canadian. I am proud to be a Quebecoise whose maternal side of the family has been here since the 1630s. I am proud to be a Montrealer. Those of you who have never had to live in fear of your country splitting up — you’re so very fortunate. At the same time, however, I wonder if those who haven’t had to live through that (and live through the constant threat, still!) don’t take for granted the peace and security they have. So take a moment. Appreciate your local, provincial/state and national governments if they’re democratic, if they’re reflective of your ideas and ideals. And if they’re NOT democratic, if they’re NOT reflective of what you believe, then work towards making sure your voice is heard in your government.

Uh. Right. Yes. I’m not really political. It’s just a Quebec thing. :) And dealing with the “Quebec thing” is what’s made me recognize how passionate I am about Canada, which is why the sense of humour that is normally pretty evident, just vanishes into thin air, if people start ragging on Canada. (And don’t get me started about people ragging on Quebec! I love my province too, you know!)

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4 Replies to “Day 08 – 10 Things We Don’t Know About You”

  1. I always felt that if Quebec succeeded from Canada that Montreal would then split from Quebec. It’s a great town. I spend ten days there ten years ago and really fell in love with the city. Great atmosphere, beautiful architecture. I wish I could have spent more time there because I really feel like I got only the barest glimpse of what the city actually is about.

  2. I have always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, but with Thanksgiving and my kids’ school stuff, not to mention work and raiding, it never seems to happen.

    Had to laugh when I read this post. We would probably get along pretty well.

  3. Fannon – You’d be surprised! While most of the west part of the island of Montreal voted “no”, and strongly so, there was a LOT of support for it in the eastern end of the island and the surrounding municipalities that make up the Montreal Urban Community. There were some very close ridings, too:

    At the time, many of the municipalities that made up the island (we’ve since merged many of those, then demerged some) had had their OWN referendums to say “yeah, if Quebec separates, we’re still part of Canada!” But if Quebec had separated, what, you’d have this little pocket of Canada on the west-half of the island of Montreal and the borders around Hull would be redrawn? It would have been like St. Pierre and Miquelon being these little parts of France right next to Canada, only this little tiny bit of Canada would have been inside Quebec. Very odd. I can’t imagine crossing an international boundary to go downtown, for instance!

    Ahem. Anyways. :) Glad you love the city! We are definitely an awesome place. Here’s a video by Tourisme Montreal that’s a bit cheesy but kind of fun:

    Anachan – ah, I have the advantage of being Canadian so my Thanksgiving’s in October. ;)

    What in particular made you laugh and think we’d get along well? Now I’m all curious!

  4. From a French regular reader who turned to the tanking side not so long ago, that was pretty nice to read a few French words here !

    Merci de ce beau blog, et excellente continuation !

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