Day 11 – Bad Habits and Flaws

This post is part of Saga’s 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge!

Bad habits and flaws? Tish, pshaw and nonsense! ;)

Okay, seriously, I have a bunch both IRL and in-game, so I’ll share three of each.

In real life:

– I am stubborn as hell. I come by it naturally, being a Taurus. ;) It’s something I’m working on.

– I procrastinate. A lot. I find that I can waste time to the point where I should have a PhD in doing so.

– I have a habit of starting strong and fading before finishing a project. I somewhat lack the “follow through” instinct. Also something I’m working on. :)


– I have a bad habit of not using my cooldowns as much as I should. I am BAD about popping Divine Favor and Guardian of Ancient Kings unless I think about when I should pop them beforehand and then remember to do so in that moment. Aura Mastery too, to an extent, but less often.

– I have a bad tendency of standing in the bad. It’s not entirely my fault, it’s due to the fact that I have, as some of my guildies claim, an imaginary video card. :P It makes moving difficult on occasion, due to my low FPS. On heroic Sindragosa, it took me forever to learn how to adapt to Blistering Cold and I eventually mastered it. The only trouble was that once every… 25-30 pulls or so, I would lag out terribly after getting gripped and would have to bubble or die. I should have this fixed by the first week of May when I get my first new desktop computer since 1999. (No joke. I have spent the entirety of my WoW career on laptops.)

– I tend to forget to do healing assignments occasionally. Whoops. I’m still rusty at the whole “raid leading” juggling and should do my healing assignments before I start in on anything else, to be honest.

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(Unrelatedly, Episode 16 of Blessing of Frost is now out!)

6 Replies to “Day 11 – Bad Habits and Flaws”

  1. Your bad in-game habits gave me two stacks of [Holy relief]: you are not alone :D
    For that, and for the numerous posts I found incredibly useful/interesting/even touching* since I discovered your blog (and never commented yet), thanks a lot.

    * yeah, I don’t want to sound creepy, but I like how you talk of your guild, even of your characters. From my point of view, you’re a pretty good person ^^

  2. It sounds like you’ve got some great healers over there. I’d recommend to have one of them take over detailed healing assignments. Offload!

  3. Very nice post, Kurn. I could have saved a lot of typing when I wrote my own by just linking this post and saying “This”. Except I’m pretty good at not standing in the bad. :)

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