Dead Double Dragons

Sunday, we walked into Bastion of Twilight, spent a good 30 minutes on trash from Halfus’ room down to Valiona and Theralion and then spend about two hours working on these two.

Honestly? Not that hard of an encounter. A lot of little things to coordinate, though — stacking, collapsing, cleansing, then moving around as a group at ranged… Not casting was causing some issues, though. I wonder if it’s a bug that you’re popping Engulfing Magic based on hots and dots that are up and ticking?

Anyways, success was ours and we called the raid at 11:30 after downing them.

This week, we’ll probably go do BH if we have it, then Magmaw, Omnotron and work on Maloriak for a bit, possibly Atramedes/Chimaeron and then spend Sunday in Bastion. Not sure, but we’ll see how the week goes.

Note to self: Do the stupid intro quests for Twilight Highlands on the paladin so you can take the port, dumbass.

In other news, we are down to 8 healers, at most, due to the fact that two healers who were going to be potentially raiding with us decided to remove their names from the raiding roster. That’s fine, we’re doing okay with 6-8 on any given raid night, but I would feel more comfortable with a 9th healer around. So we’re opening up recruitment for one healer, preferably a restoration shaman. EXCELLENT resto druids or holy paladins will be considered, but we’re really looking for another shaman, since we only have one. No priests as we already have three. :)

Bear in mind that we do a lot of swapping around and everyone (even me, on occasion) will sit now and again, so you have to be okay with being on standby.

Apotheosis recruitment stuff can be found at our guild website:

Tonight: finishing healer evaluations, if World of Logs stops throwing my 503 too busy errors and recording Episode Six of Blessing of Frost.

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  1. Congratulations!
    we had our 25man firstkill on these last night too, also approx. after 2 hours hehe….I gotta say, I hated the encounter, hated hated hated it and had way too many sindragosa flashbacks for my taste. it’s a very annoying fight for holypriests imo, trying to put up the aoe zones and timing big groupheals gets interrupted or screwed up by all sorts of things. control and mobility is everything here and we had quite some messy attempts for a while.
    the stacking for blackout got substantially easier once we left the healers out of it. meteors are something we definitely need to get better on too; had the raid “kill me” several times because they ran away from me, instead of stacking. did you leave the healers in melee camp in p2?

    it’s quite a fight to be already the 2nd in the instance imo; not hard in essence but I was still surprised they’d already have a multi-phase boss like this for second. looking forward a lot to BWD now, where we’ll be tomorrow. :)
    good luck with your recruitment!

  2. We initially had some difficulty with the Engulfing Magic exploding too much for certain players, because Blizz made it effect dots/hots. We decided it was bad for us to all stack at that phase waiting for meteor and end up getting blasted by the EM, so we spread out and only the person with the arrow (meteor target) moves into melee. It may be different on 25, but the meteor target and melee can absorb the dmg and everyone else keeps on truck’n. It especially works that the person with EM is not near anyone, and the purple voids only hit one person instead of whole group. This way simplified that phase for us.

    Also, this may be unintended, but the Blackout gets grounded by Grounding Totem. Not all that tough of a mechanic to handle if everyone is watching timers, but i’d imagine it’s harder with 25 spread people trying to collapse quickly. An occassional, “it’s grounded nvm” may help. :D

  3. Engulfing Magic is definitely affected by HoTs/DoTs, as I was exploding out the wazoo whenever I got it. All the Healing Rain, Riptide and Earthliving ticks … yummy! It’s really not difficult to heal through, though, if people are fast about moving when they get it. Sure, the group will get clipped a couple times, but nothing overly major that’s going to wipe the raid.

  4. Congrats on the kills, Kern! You guys are doing fantastic!

    Might I recommend Chimaeron as your next target? We went after him in our ten man (only one trash mob, if I remember right) and this fight was just so much fun as a healer. It took us a little under two hours but we downed him the first night so overall difficulty isn’t too high. It’s all based on reaction time for your healers. Look into that fight and I highly, highly recommend. He was a blast to heal and I’m looking forward to it again tonight. :)

  5. Grats on the kills! Great job!

    We only got them down on 10 man as of last Sunday, after a long night of dedicated wiping. What an annoyance that fight becomes when people start to lose focus. We got them down on our last attempt of the evening – with zero deaths even.

    By the way, we’ve also been working a LOT on Chimaeron and a bit on Maloriak. Also on 10 man, because most of our guild’s raiders aren’t ready yet. Chimaeron is.. just insane on the healing. Seriously. Headache’s all around. Although it has become lots easier since Double Attack doesn’t last through a Feud phase. No kill yet, though.
    Maloriak is hell for your offtank if you’re not careful (those adds hit hard!). Otherwise, a reasonably simple encounter.

    Good luck on progressing further! Keep us posted! :D

    PS: We’ve probably wiped as much on the trash drake before Chimaeron as on our combined attempts on Magmaw and Omnitron Defense System. And the Elevator Boss is a whole separate challenge our raiders have yet to overcome without a single death. Yes, landing in Nefarian’s room due to Slow Fall/Levitate also counts as an elevator death.

  6. Just a heads up, your images aren’t showing up in Google Reader. I poked around a little, and it looks like you have something in WordPress checking the Referer header before serving images, probably to prevent people from leaching, that’s giving clients a 500 Internal Server Error when the Referer header exists but is anything but Maybe you could allow as well? :-)

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