Deep Diving for Deep Corruption

On the Heroic Yor’sahj the Unsleeping encounter, you will certainly find yourself not wanting to kill the purple slime, or the Shadowed Globule, as it is properly named. (I’ll still be calling it “purple slime”, because I’m a rebel. Or something.) Allowing Yor’sahj to absorb the purple slime will cause him to affect the whole raid with one stack of Deep Corruption. This means that if you heal after that debuff has been placed on the raid, they will gain stacks of Deep Corruption. If they hit five stacks of Deep Corruption, they will do a lot of raid-wide shadow damage to the raid. On the 25-man Heroic version, that person will promptly deal around 95,000 shadow damage to each person in the raid.

Naturally, unless you’re trying to wipe, this is inadvisable.

The good news is that about 25 seconds into any phase where purple has been absorbed, the debuff resets itself, so you technically can heal someone more than just a couple of times over the entire course of the phase. One of the best ways to deal with this is to assign healers to specific people in the raid.

You may have already known all of this, but I appreciate you bearing with me, because now I’m going to talk about how to get a World of Logs parse to show you who That Guy (or That Girl) is who is stubbornly cross-healing or healing themselves or someone else when they shouldn’t be, which will stack Deep Corruption during a purple phase and will therefore explode. Every raid group has people who cross-heal or heal someone when they probably shouldn’t, so it’s important that you be able to ascertain who screwed up to nip that problem in the bud, or at least identify the actual problem, rather than insist everything will be fine if everyone just does what they’re told to do.

Plus, your healers (or DPS with self-healing abilities, or people who click the Lightwell when Deep Corruption is up) will be like “holy crap, how did they know it was me?!” when you whisper them and go “Stop cross-healing” or whatever. ;) It’s actually really quite simple, so let’s get started.

First things first, you need to be using World of Logs for these step-by-step instructions to work. It’s likely that you can figure it out with Recount or Skada, but I’m a logs geek, so that’s what I’ll deal with here.

Second, you’ll need to figure out if Deep Corruption ever blew up your raid. If you’re using something like Fatality in the raid, this will tell you why people died and who caused that damage, but I did say we were going to deal with World of Logs, so let’s start there.

Find an attempt in World of Logs where you’re fairly certain Deep Corruption went off. You can determine this by seeing if Deep Corruption caused any damage to your raid on the Dashboard page of a specific attempt.

Then go to the Friendly Fire screen for that attempt. Hover over the top-most person and if it says Deep Corruption, bingo.

In this case, there was a hunter who blew up the raid. But this is almost certainly NOT the fault of the individual who blew up the raid. How do you determine who did the healing to that hunter? Was it specifically the person who was on that group or was there cross-healing happening? Or something else?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… The Log Browser.

First thing to do is click “remove” on that Show all events query because otherwise you’re going to have every single thing that happened to your raid sitting in there.

Then, click on Add Query. You’ll see this pop up.

First thing to do is type in Deep Corruption in the Spell box, then hit Save. You’ll now see this on the main log browser page:

Next, hit Add Query again. This time, tick the “Heal” box in the upper half and then, in the Target box, type in the name of the person who dealt all that damage. While it wasn’t Kurnmogh, I’ll use my own name there to show you where to place it.

Hit Save. Your log browser screen should now look like this:

Now hit Run!

The lower half of your log browser window is now jam-packed with information. Here’s what you need to do.

1) Find when Yor’sahj casts Deep Corruption and it afflicts everyone in the raid. This may happen multiple times.
2) Find when Deep Corruption fades from someone and that person appears to hit people with Deep Corruption.
3) Look at the heals that person received between being afflicted by Deep Corruption and when it fades from them and they hit everyone in the raid with shadow damage.

Here’s what my log looked like:

I know, that looks like a LOT of healing. But it’s not.

The hunter receives 5 heals that add to his stacks before he blows up:

1) Priest’s Holy Word: Serenity
2) Priest’s Prayer of Healing
3) Priest’s Prayer of Healing
4) Druid’s Wild Growth
5) Priest’s Greater Heal


For the record, Echo of Light (holy priest mastery) doesn’t add stacks, nor does Prayer of Mending, nor does the Glyph of Prayer of Healing, nor do the ticks of Wild Growth — just that initial hit of it.

While this post is mostly intended for 10-man tanks, it’s an amazing guide to what does and does NOT stack Deep Corruption on the Heroic Yor’sahj encounter: A Sunnier Bear: Heroic Yor’sahj Tanking Guide, so that’ll help. Also of note, apparently the heal from the Eye of Blazing Power Firelands trinket (and its heroic version) called Blaze of Life, is apparently currently causing stacks.

Anyhow, hope that helps diagnose some of your Heroic Yor’sahj wipes!

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  1. Note: there are two Deep Corruption debuffs. The first is the debuff given to everyone when Yor’sahj gets purple. The second is the stacking debuff, which starts at 0. You get 4 heals (which cause stacks) on each target.

    This can be a little confusing if your raid frames don’t differentiate the two debuffs, which I’m guessing they don’t. I use Vuhdo and I see everyone gain the first debuff, after which nobody will show any stacks with 0 or 1 heals. I will see no stacks until they’ve been healed twice thus showing a “2” in the stack count.

  2. We use the expression editor and use this code. Obviously change the “Player Name” to whomever you want to test. This hopefully knocks out some of the heals that don’t generate stacks. Of course you can modify it to add/subtract spells you’ve found, as this was used in the infancy of our Yor’sahj attempts. Enjoy, and hope it helps!

    ( targetname=”Player Name” AND
    Spell=”Deep Corruption” OR

    and sourcename NOT in(“Healing Stream Totem”)

    and Spell Not in (“Frenzied Regeneration”,”Effloresence”,”Earthliving”,”Earth Shield”,”Spirit Link”,”Beacon of Light”,”Guardian of Ancient Kings”,”Lay on Hands”,”Word of Glory”,”Desperate Prayer”,”Echo of Light”,”Prayer of Mending”,”Deathstrike”,”Death Pact”,”Rune Tap”,”Leader of the Pack”,”Chimera Shot”,”Evocate”,”Divine Storm”,”Recuperate”,”Drain Life”,”Fel Armor”,”Healthstone”,”Divine Shield”,”Vampiric Embrace”,”Effloresence”)

  3. Joe – Yeah, so far as I know, Grid can’t differentiate between them by name only, so I see the whole raid get the debuff and eventually people get a 2 over the debuff, etc. It’s a little clunky, but the important thing is obviously not to heal once they hit 4. :)

    Jacii – Awesome code. I’ve only ever done a bit of messing around with the Expression Editor (spirits on H Deathwhisper, etc), and I am not the codiest person in the universe, so the syntax often eludes me. That code works nicely, although, as written, it doesn’t show the damage done by the person to give you a firmer timeline (it does show when it wears off that person, which is essentially the same, but seeing the damage is helpful, I find).

    I wish I knew how to use the Expression Editor better, but alas. In my non-existent free time, perhaps. :)

    Thanks for the snippet!

  4. Did you have to do anything to your VuhDo to show Deep Corruptie stacks? Mine only shows the debuf but not number of stacks.

    Thanks for yet another very helpful World of Logs writup!

  5. I’m using the Eye of Blazing Power still (wtb any boss trinkets from 10 man DS, and any rings come to think of it), but I can’t say I have noticed it giving extra stacks.
    In 10 man there are only 2 of us healing, so it’s fairly easy to find out who is responsible for a Boom.
    We use Fatality too, it’s great!

  6. @Jenetha:
    Vuhdo can do almost anything, the trick is finding how to do it! You can set it to show stacks of debuff for all debuffs, or only certain ones.

    1. Go to the Debuffs tab.
    2. Go to the Custom radio button.
    3. Either check the Stacks button in the Defaults box on the left, or select your individual debuff from the drop-down list on the right and then check its Stacks box.

    Here’s a screenshot of that page:

  7. @Ambient:
    Thanks a lot for that link, really helpfull! I’ve done some tweeking to Vuhdo, but that was mostly all layout. This will make it easier to set it up in detail.


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