What I miss most about being GM of my own guild: Setting the hours.

Tonight, we raided from 7pm-9pm on the PTR and then raided on live from 9-11:30pm. I was on standby during the PTR raid on Iron Council because we couldn’t get 25 people to show up (it’s a PST server so a lot of people are on the West Coast), and I’d already seen the fight, so I didn’t need to see it again to gain experience.

Staying awake for 2 hours of basically doing nothing is not easy. ;)

And then, after that, getting thrown into Construct, Spider, Sapph and KT, short healers (we did basically everything with 4 healers), the adrenaline’s going and all… and I could honestly just collapse right this instant, if I didn’t have crap to do.

Four and a half hours of raiding or at least paying attention to vent and not randomly going AFK or whatever… it’s a little much for me. But it’s a lot better than the alternative of not raiding at all. I’m not really complaining, I’m just commenting.

And Patch FINALLY dropped his damn belt for me, thus allowing me to get the Epic achievement. Wootage.

Also, I’m really frighteningly close to getting 1s GCD in a full raid buff situation. No wonder I actually manage to go OOM if I’m not careful.

Okay, enough talk. Stuff to do, sleep to get.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to get around to logging in and actually comment on some of these posts, but… Y’know. Getting to 78 in a little over a week is time-consuming. ;)

    So let’s see how many blog posts we can comment on in one little box.

    First off, grats on all the progress you’ve made! Solo-healing VoA is impressive, even if I’m not terribly impressed by the instance itself. Any time that you can solo-heal a PUG without losing anyone is a great show of skill.

    In regards to the failadin, while I agree wholeheartedly with you on his spec, I’m curious as to whether it’s a feasible theorycraft build for PvE, non-heal progression? My experience with paladins stops at Deadmines, so while I can say “ooh, pretty” at the various skills, I really don’t know if they’re effective in application. Benefit of the doubt?

    Bahahaha at the totem bit.

    The account I was rolling on was deactivated, since the owner is a deadbeat and hasn’t reactivated it, but when it gets back up I’ll help you burn through the boring zones on your shaman. I actually found parts of Howling Fjord that I like!

    Holy shit. You got 10 Flasks from one creation? I never (and I mean never) got more than 4. And the 4 I did get was from a spell power elixir that I was creating to clear up some room in my bags.

    Is that everything? Probably.

    Also, once I get a couple more posts up, you should check out my blog and maybe even link to it! Because guides are useless without readers.

    Come back to chat, we miss you. :(

  2. Despite the VoA victory, I still had a hell of a time healing heroic Loken. That guy just puts out a ton of damage and if my group isn’t using their cooldowns to help out, we’re dead meat.

    PVE non-heal progression? I’m not sure I know what that means. ;) The major issue with his spec is two-fold:

    1) He is not taking advantage of any and all haste buffs available to him.

    2) Because of his playstyle, he has several points’ worth of wasted talents.

    The first thing is Light’s Grace. When you cast Holy Light (2.5s cast) each Holy Light you cast after that will only take 2s to cast (14 second buff, I think it is, so you have to keep casting to keep the buff up). It’s 3 talent points for 100% guaranteed .5 seconds off your most powerful healing spell. It’s sort of a no-brainer. I cannot ever imagine a time where a faster heal is not a better heal.

    Then we look at Enlightened Judgements, giving you an extra 15/30 yards range on your judgements (which are 10 yards range to start with). Since he HAS 5/5 Judgements of the Pure (each time you judge, you get 15% haste for 1 minute), and he HAS 2/2 Improved Judgements (cooldown to 10s instead of 12s), whyfore is he not judging? That’s right, because he has to be in melee range practically to judge.

    First thing I do on a pull: toss Holy Shock on the tank as soon as he takes damage, cast a Holy Light, then judge the target with whichever judgement I’ve been assigned to. In the first five seconds of any fight, I have 2-second Holy Lights and another 15% haste.

    Plus he has Infusion of Light (100% chance on critical Holy Shock to have an instant Flash of Light and a 1.5 second Holy Light) — and never used Holy Shock. Now, in the past, Holy Shock has sucked, but I always used it for myself anyways, to keep myself alive. It was on a 15 second CD and is now on a 6 second CD and is glorious, even if it’s not terribly mana efficient. It’s instant, hits for a bit more than Flash of Light and then has the chance to proc an instant FoL. So to not use this talent at all means you fail and to not use it when you have Infusion of Light is utter fail, particularly when you don’t have Light’s Grace working for you or Judgements of the Pure active because you’re not judging at all.

    Failadin makes me cry.

    Glad my totem noobness amused you.

    The 10 flasks was on the PTR since all flask recipes will be making 2 flasks in 3.1, and so Elixir Mastery will double the final output of the proc. So what I got in a x10 was really a x5, just doubled. Still incredibly rare, haha.

    As to the shammy, I’m levelling her on another server. She won’t make it over to where my pally is until at LEAST 77, probably closer to 80.

    Chat… maybe sometime this weekend. We’ll see how stressed out I am. ;)

  3. Haha, I wouldn’t expect you to understand what progression is when you aren’t healing. You’re a beast when it comes to keeping people alive, if even half the things you brag about are true. ;)

    I hate Loken. :( Long live Thorim.

    And basically what I meant by it wasn’t that defending his build at all, I can totally see the failure in his build when it comes to healing, I was just curious as to whether he may have been trying to justify it as a potential solo build or something. When I built my arcane and fire specs, it obviously wasn’t built for grouping (note the lack of Focus Magic) or bonus burst late in a boss fight (Torment The Weak/Molten Fury), and thus would lead to lots of mockery from people I was PUGing with. Still, it wasn’t without merit, as I was topping the DPS in heroics and 10-Naxx, without ever pulling aggro or running out of mana. But that could just be my brilliance, and not realizing that some people just suck at the game.

    Arcane: http://tinyurl.com/daprca
    Fire: http://tinyurl.com/cn629d

    I noticed that the 10x proc was on the PTR, but still. DAMN.

    And hon, I could get a DK up to your level in about a day. Just puttin’ the offer on the table. ;)

  4. Oh, you mean a holy build that’s useful in 5-mans and soloing?

    Let us go and inspect.

    Well, no Seals of the Pure, which is what really would help him if he was killing quest mobs as holy with a 1H and a shield.

    No improved blessing of might or seal of command, which would help him if he were putting on ret gear to solo quests. No Divine Strength to help him here either.

    Here’s what I think he did. I think he looked up a good PVE healing spec that included kings, saw 51/5/15 and dropped 51 points into holy almost at random, got kings in prot and then at least got conviction in ret.

    I cannot explain his build at all. It’s a crappy healing build, it’s a crappy soloing build, it’s not even a “not bad ret stuff for a non-ret pally” build and it’s certainly not a PVP build, or else we’d see 51/20/0.

    He’s just dumb.

    And since the shammy is moving in a matter of weeks, no worries, but thanks for the offer. ;)

  5. Alas. Another failadin without merit. :(

    Also, I just had a brilliant idea involving rogues. I must test this theory, but it involves a level 60. Or a trip to Wowhead.

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