Failadins ahoy!

I cannot believe how many paladins out there on wowlemmings, or even those applying to my guild, are using this piece of crap libram:

Libram of Veracity

This libram is good for ONE encounter in ICC. One. That is the Valithria Dreamwalker encounter. For that, it’s downright awesome. I still haven’t spent any emblems on it, but I should probably get around to it. (I still have Libram of the Resolute for my Valithria set.)

I have to really insist that any Holy Light style holy paladin use Libram of Renewal. It doesn’t matter that its item level is 200. Let me say that again in words that some paladins who may be less theorycraft-oriented may better understand:

Your Gearscore doesn’t matter.

You remember back last month? When I was all like “What I Look For in a Holy Pally App“? Remember how I was complaining about things like the head and shoulder enchant choices and there was all this debate about mp5 vs crit?


I WISH that was all I had to complain about. There’s this one app who is wearing, I kid you not, three frost resistance pieces, gemmed straight up intellect with a Nightmare’s Tear, using the Libram of Veracity, specced 51/2/18, misses out on Imp LOH, Imp BoW (for 3/3 Imp Conc Aura), misses out on Imp BOM for Imp Judgements, is glyphed for Seal of Light and Flash of Light and yeah, did I mention the FROST RESISTANCE GEAR? It’s gemmed with +20 or +34 intellect, too. It’s like… hi. You fail in so many ways that it might be fun to pick you apart if looking at your armory didn’t make me want to claw my eyes out.

(Edit: He actually has Rot-Resistant Breastplate, Belt of the Lonely Noble and Recovered Reliquary Boots… but still only has 491 haste. Gah. Oh, and he’s withdrawn his app.)

What I think is going on is all these people have rolled paladin alts because they reason that finding a guild as a healer is going to be easier than as a DPS.

So they go out and try to gear themselves.

And they’re doing it Wrong ™.

They reason “hey, this is a holy libram! It’s ilvl 245! It’s available for 25 Emblems of Triumph! This must be awesome!”

And it’s not.

They reason “hey, people won’t take me on their runs if my GS is too low so I should get anything over ilvl 200 that I possibly can, even if the stats are awful!”

And they’re wrong.

They figure that anything with spellpower on it, particularly if it’s plate, MUST be good for them, regardless of all the other stats and how all the stats work together.

And they’re still wrong.

I was so frustrated by seeing all this failure that I was going to do a Holy How-To on how to appropriately gear a holy paladin who’s just hit 80, but then I remembered that Codi at Moar HPS had already done a post like that this last week!

<3 Codi

Most of the pieces have goodly amounts of haste on them. Listen to her, folks. She’s smart.

I guess what really boggles me the most about all this is that the most recent app I described says, and I’m not kidding, “I look in forums, healing sites, pally sites” when asked how he researches his class.

What <insert long string of expletives here> sites recommend ANY of the crap he’s wearing!? Or his spec? Or his glyphs?

This is really what spurs me into writing stuff on the blog. If there are bad holy paladin sites out there, I need to put my crap out there to counteract all that awful influence. :P

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  1. Rilgon – Exactly. I mean, I could understand it if he was FoL style and gemmed and enchanted appropriately, but … but … FAIL.

  2. I love these posts. I’m still a little wonky on my Pally and these make me feel so much better! At least I am not “doing it wrong”. LOL

  3. Tobeume – There’s something to be said for being a regular reader here. ;D

    I swear, if I ever get a pally app to any guild that says they read Kurn’s Corner for all their holy pally advice… It might be true love. hahaha.

  4. *gibbers incoherently* We had an app that was doing, like, everything wrong everywhere. When called on it, they were like “oh, I was planning to fix it.” FIX IT BEFORE RUNNING HARDMODES WITH US THANKS. Guh. >_<

  5. I know (and understand why) Libram of Renewal is currently BiS for Holy Light pallies, but, what about Flash of Light paladins? Could they be at an advantage, using Libram of Veracity to boost their spell power before going back to FoL spam?

    Clearly, Furious Gladiator’s Libram of Justice is better, and any serious raiding paladin should be willing to run battlegrounds (or at LEAST Wintergrasp) to get the necessary honor for it, or better, but in the unlikely event that they can’t get it… Is there something to it? I doubt it, but was curious.

  6. @ xmolder, one doesn’t even need to run BGs, just trade in Stonekeeper shards for honor.

  7. @Aloix Hence my comment “at LEAST Wintergrasp.” That’s actually how I get honor pieces on my alts.

  8. Lib and I were in an ICC 25 and those mail mp5 pants dropped off trash and the pally healer pitched a fit because she wanted them. They have SP, Crit and mp5. We were like, why the hell does this heifer want those pants to replace her current pants which actually had haste on them. Bad, bad, bad.

  9. Hey! I’m the one and only Failadin here!

    No but seriously. I came across a blog recently that was giving.. advice.. on talent builds. And she was just saying so many things that were just plain Wrong! If that’s one of that app’s “sites” then yeah.. I have no words for that. I’m not about to name and shame the blog here, but let’s just say I’ve found a project to work on. She seems to be willing to listen, but she’s just very, very misinformed.

    I can imagine that there are more blogs or sites out there that are just doing it wrong due to misinformation. I’ve seen so many Holy paladins on my server doing it Wrong that I can’t start to imagine how awful the average information source must be for them. Seriously, check out EU-Eonar. It makes me wanna cry. Most of the Holy paladins I come across gem full intellect without even knowing why.. and proceed to spam FoL.

    Oh and Kurn, if I ever were to apply to your guild, of course I’d mention that I read Kurn’s Corner! I’m addicted!

  10. Oh and did I mention that I’ve also started on giving some basic Holy paladin information on my own blog? A few people I know on my server are reading it, so I figure it’s a start :D

  11. Codi – Man, I do NOT understand people who don’t get their shit together BEFORE applying to a serious raiding guild. Drives me up the wall. You can bet that when I just apped around, I had my new pants (Lightning-Infused Leggings) and was properly specced, enchanted, gemmed, everything. I even double-checked to make sure I was logging out in my proper gear and that I had used three JC gems.

    The idea of people not caring enough to do everything they can just drives me up the wall! GRR.

    X – Well, with regards to the librams, ideally, if you’re a FoL-style paladin, you’re not casting Holy Light all that often. I mean, you just *can’t*. You’ve got spellpower instead of intellect, so you just can’t cast too many Holy Lights at all. It’s not sustainable. 234 spellpower from the Libram of Veracity, as a possible proc off a spell you should NOT be casting every 15 seconds is nowhere near as good as the guaranteed 375 spellpower to Flash of Light, which you WILL be casting every couple of seconds.

    In truth, Libram of Veracity is not the most heinously evil libram ever made. But it’s certainly not what good raiding paladins use. It’s fine in heroics and stuff, but any time you’re having a ton of the healing responsibility falling on your shoulders, you need to save mana everywhere you can.

    And yeah, I have the next libram up from some attempts at doing 3s with my brother and Maj, but 12k honor is easy for anyone to get, just by virtue of the Stone Keeper’s shards.

    Osephala – Wow. That any paladin would want the Leggings of Dubious Charms makes me want to cry.

    Kaboomski – as long as you’re researching your facts and putting out good information, then you’re doing your part. :) If you’re unsure, then spend some time looking up whatever it is you’re writing about! :)

  12. I dunno. I think Libram of Hope is probably the worst ever, though it may have been better when you were reapplying seals constantly.

    Ah, well. Maybe it WAS designed for heroic healers with a bear tank in mind, or something? Regardless, boo on people who raid with it.

  13. quote: “just trade in Stonekeeper shards for honor” As an alliance pally on Duskwood, where Horde holds WG > 95% of the time…..what are Stonekeeper shards? ;^)

    @Os: You’re not the only Failadin here. ;^) I mean, I’m gemmed/chanted/glyphed appropriately, and I think I have a good spec, but I just don’t have the keybindings I need nor use my cooldowns efficiently. Aside from a Divine Plea + SP trinket use, I hardly use them at all. Mainly because I don’t get to raid very much, so I’m overgearing most content. At some point I’m going to go back and re-read Kurn’s Holy-How-To regarding those and macros and then implement them, but I just haven’t really had the need.

    Confession time: I do tend to use FoL quite a bit, but that’s because I outgear most of the content I run, and I do it just to top off raid/party members when they’re only a little bit down…..maybe I care too much about minimizing overhealing. ;^)

    Good story though: I got into a 10-man ICC raid on Friday night. Didn’t get any holy drops, but got a nice tanking shield. Anyways, we made the pull on Deathwhisper, and things got a bit frantic for me. Had to Divine Plea + SP trinket twice during the fight, there was so much raid healing going on. So we get to the end of the fight and the other healer, a priest, says “back” in raid chat. What was that? Really? I JUST FREAKING SOLO-HEALED DEATHWHISPER!

    Still got a half-grin over that.


  14. @Agnostique: nice one on Lady Deathwhisper ;)

    I had something like that once as well, I solo-healed Saurfang (10 man normal) because our other healer disconnected. Fun times!

    But seriously, I’m the only Failadin here, got it? Just peek at my blog, you’ll see why soon enough ;)

  15. Oh, one addition to my previous comment. I’m not exactly awesome or anything (Failadin, remember?) but the reason I easily healed through that Saurfang fight was mostly due to no marks going out. Saurfang went down before the first mark ever got out.

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