From an actual Paladin app…

So we’re looking for another holy paladin, as previously mentioned. We haven’t had ANY apps until this one guy from two days ago, who we will probably trial, because he doesn’t totally suck and he’s already on the server.

Overall, he’s not awful. He has a lot of haste, he’s gemmed all +20 int and 1 Nightmare Tear.

However, he is, no joke, using Bone Sentinel’s Amulet which makes me want to cry. A couple of nitpicky things (spellpower/crit over spellpower/mp5 enchants) and then the other big thing: his meta is Forlorn Skyflare Diamond.

I /facepalmed.

Oh, and his professions aren’t maxed. And by “aren’t maxed”, I mean “Blacksmithing is 132 and he still has Enchanting (at 228) even though he says he wants to drop it for Jewelcrafting.”

(ETA: The necklace doesn’t entirely suck and is likely better-itemized than anything else he could get. I will admit to this. There’s no excuse for the meta and the professions, though.)

And yet, this is not only the BEST holy paladin app we’ve had in months, but the ONLY one.

We’re probably going to trial him just out of need for the second holy paladin and the fact that he’s THERE.

WTB holy pally buddy who doesn’t suck ass. I’m serious. Email me ( kurn [at] apotheosis-now [dot] com) or twitter me @kurnmogh. We’ll chat.

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  1. There, there, it’ll be okay.

    I’m really shocked at how many holy paladins still don’t do the “standard” things right. It’s not stuff that’s arguable too.

    And your guild is on HM LK?? Blows my mind how you guys don’t get more decent holy pally apps.

  2. Ah, were I level 80 and on your server… on the other hand, I sort of have no idea what I’m doing as a pally, short of going for int and sp right now – I research as best I can, but it’s not really my strong suit. -_- Thankfully I’ve got you and Bossy Pally and a couple other resources that I’ve found to be INCREDIBLY helpful, so that’s good. ^^

    How’s it feel, knowing you’re training up some of the “next gen”, as it were?

  3. Man, too bad I love my raiding group so much. XD Maybe I should buy a level 80 paladin on your server so that we can bro out?!

  4. I’d offer to transfer my pally, but I don’t think I could make any of the raids. :

    But my offer for Cata stands.

  5. I’m almost thinking about applying, but I’m sure that my application might be mistaken for an app for “Pimp My Profile”. ;^)

  6. HP – I know, right? Seeing extra spirit, the wrong meta, it just depresses me. In the guy’s UI screenshot, which we require, there was absolutely no icon for Judgement of Wisdom, either. Just JoL. I’m like… boy, you are in for a hell of a surprise. With one ret in almost all of our raids, we have the ret do light and the holies do wisdom, so we can better optimize uptime.

    We’re technically 11/12 HM. The HMs we have not yet repeated are Putricide and Sindragosa. We spent 8 attempts on HM Putricide on Thursday and are improving to get through to P3 much better, although Malleable Goo is hitting people. One priest got hit by it AND died to it THREE TIMES in a SINGLE attempt.

    I think the major reason we’re not getting good apps is because we don’t have a recruitment officer. No one is out there trolling the boards and posting about the guild, etc. When I get a chance, I go to wowlemmings and look up all the holy pallies listed, of which there are few, and most of them just don’t have the gear or can’t raid on our schedule. And by “don’t have the gear” I mean 5/5 T9 ilvl 232. >< Apple - I think it's what keeps me raiding, honestly. Well, now that I'm 11/12 HM, it's a sense of completion that I'm chasing, but every time I raid, I realize I have more to say about holy paladins for those who aren't sitting there at that level of content. Sometimes I feel like I overemphasize things like the Insightful Earthsiege Diamond or keeping your haste up or whatever and then I see situations where no, you know what? Those things right there just helped me to kill Putricide on Hard Mode. So I'm glad you think of me (and the others who know what they're doing!) as a resource. I just wish I hadn't waited so late in the expansion to get this stuff down. It's dawned on me that, very soon, most of this will be obsolete. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue writing well into Cataclysm to help demystify all the changes! Codi - OMG YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE!!! ;) In all seriousness, as awesome as it would be to bro out (sis out?) with you, it wouldn't be worth it. There's not even 6 months left of Wrath, IMO, and I am going to be hauling ass back to ET as soon as freaking possible. Probably when 4.0 drops. I may stick around for Ruby Sanctum or I may not. Unless... hey, is YOUR guild recruiting holy paladins? ;D X - Oh, you're raiding with me in Cataclysm. Period. Don't know as what, yet, but you are. Agnostique - Hahaha! Honestly, if you're serious, email me and I'll give you all the details you need to know. Bear in mind that I dislike a great many of my guildies and am really only there for the fact that my RL friend the resto druid is the healing lead and I would hate to leave her hanging. Besides, we like bitching about things to each other. :)

  7. Oh wow, you were from ET Kurn? That was one of my old servers. I heard it’s pretty bad there now though.

    As for being 11/12 technically, it doesn’t matter if it’s not on farm yet, you still got the down!

    I think you’re right a recruitment officer helps things a lot, especially if your server is not popular for xfer’s

  8. HP – Yeah, I was originally on Eldre’Thalas. It’s still home to me, even though I do hear it sucks a LOT, these days. Looking at it on WoW Progress, only the Horde guild Echelon is 11/12 HM at the moment, with Epic Again being at 9/12.

    Epic Again was like, THE raiding guild back when I was on ET. And I was in a sufficiently scrubby guild pre-BC that it now feels WRONG that I am more advanced in content than EA is. Like, just totally and completely wrong.

    To compare, my current server has 6 guilds at 11/12 HM. And the guild I’m in is #6. It’s shocking to me that technically, I’m in a guild that’s in the top 400 US and just out of the top 1000 in the world. I still feel like the scrub wannabe raider that I was in pre-BC. :)

    I think my current server is fairly popular, but there are 5 other guilds at our level and some others just below our level, so we get lost in the mix since we don’t really recruit. I would totally volunteer to do it, except that I dislike my raiding environment a LOT.

    I’d rather be in a US 1000 guild with my friends or people I actually like. I’m not so competitive that I NEED server firsts, although they’re certainly nice. :)

  9. I’ll bring the druid, paladin, and warlock over just to be safe. And if need be, I can always level a new one in, like, a day. ;)

    I would like to volunteer, however, for any special roles, like the warlock tank in HKM. While I adore running Gunship Battle as ranged DPS (note the sarcasm) I would really prefer a more vital role. Just throwing that out there.

  10. X – I’ll keep you posted! But it was a mage tank on High King Maulgar. ;D

    Saunder – noted re: the neck. I’d actually mentioned that to my healing lead when she asked me my opinion on the app. Post edited. And a looooooooooooooooooong comment (or three…) left on your blog! :)

  11. I was under the impression that a warlock had to enslave the warlock’s felhunter and use it to tank said lock in the same fight. ;)

  12. Oh, I suppose you’re right. We didn’t do that often. We banished them more often than not as our DPS increased.

    Plus, I’m thinking of “warlock tank” as in the one that tanks Leotheras the Blind, the chick on Kael’thas and Illidan’s demon phase. :)

  13. That’s fair. I think in my one first-hand experience in Gruul’s, they just Banished, which was boring. Did I ever tell you that out of the three mages that raid had, NONE of them were able to Spellsteal properly? Somehow, we wiped because they didn’t know where their blue squiggly line was. :(

    But still! Gimmick fights! Gimme!

  14. Hey, shouldn’t you be raiding instead of replying to comments?

    Not that I don’t adore chatting with you! Just, y’know. Get to healing.

  15. People have been DCing. haha.

    One healer has DCed three times, a rogue twice, so we replaced the rogue and then the priest DCed again. Haha!

    Heroic Putricide, attempt #5 of the night, lasted 3m34s.

  16. . . .

    I wanted to leave it as “…,” but your comment filter said it was too short. And now, it has lost most of its impact.

  17. Kurn, were you guys DCing like mad, too? :( I kept having huuuuuge lag spikes or DCing. And, you know, our ranged DPS was totally screwing up, which didn’t help. Sigh.

    For Cataclysm, I’ll probably be regulated to a 10-man and I might be switching mains to my priest, but hey! You wanna come over, that’d be fine! LOL It is a role-playing server, so I’d totally have to try and get you into that, too.

  18. Codi – lost one priest about six times, one rogue dropped for something like 85% of the raid and, the best part of it all, the tank in the abom DCed four times — once while actually in the abom. Hello giant green pools of slime! How ARE you? hahaha.

    Nooooooooo, not tens! Anything but that!! If you want to stick with 25s, come to ET with me as I try to get my old crew to do 25s. ;)

  19. Kurn,

    No, I wasn’t really serious. Agnostique (Duskwood) is my main alt, and I do most of my raiding (what little I have time for with a 9 month old) on my main. I was just going for the comedic value of the post.

    However, I did log Ag off in healing mode this morning, so if you want to provide a few pointers……… ;^)


  20. Ag – you did give me a chuckle! :)

    Quick overview of your pally:

    Looks like you do weeklies, VOA and 5-mans, mostly, though I see a TOC10 run as well, of late.

    Based on that assumption, your spec and glyphs are fine. You’re not going to need Divine Sacrifice much in that content, so why not go for the crit? Same with Flash of Light’s glyph. If you’re in a serious raid (ICC 10+), I’d reglyph FoL to Holy Light, but it’s adequate for your content.

    Haste is low, but that’s to be expected based on your overall gear (4pc T9). Good vendor choices with the gloves and belt, though.

    I’d toss Energy Siphon and grab Tears of the Vanquished from TOC5 (regular) or Darkmoon Card: Greatness (+90 int).

    If you’ve got some money to spare, grab Lightning-Infused Leggings (264 mail pants) and Ensorcelled Nerubian Breastplate (245 mail chest) to increase your haste substantially. Yes, you lose 4pc T9, but there’s not a whole lot of reason to use it in your current content.

    Overall, a well-geared alt pally for her level of content. :)

  21. You’re right. I pretty much run those, and am trying to gear up to be useful in an ICC pug, which I’ve gotten into a couple of times. So while a lot of my gear is adequate for my content, my goal is to be entry-level ICC-geared, of course.

    Ah, the glyph. I’d regemmed to using more holy light casts as per your How Tos, but completely forgot to swap out the glyph. And I know I need to get that dadgum trinket from normal TOC5, but I’ve had the worst drop luck with that. The 264 mail gear is pretty pricey, from what I hear, so those are probably out, because if I were to spend that kind of coin, it would probably be on my main. Interesting that the best haste upgrades are mail, though. Wonder what the gear designers for ICC were thinking.

    I’m still accumulating frost badges, though. What should my next purchase be? Gear? Or Primordial Saronite to sell to purchase the 264 mail gear? ;^)


  22. Ag – whoopsie, my bad. The chest is actually 245, not 264. Just edited it after realizing my brain fart! The legs and boots are 264 and I recommend them both, but since you have 232 boots with haste and 232 pants with 0 haste, I’d prioritize the legs.

    Your next purchase should probably be T10 251 shoulders. They are awesomesauce. You want T10 shoulders/helm and don’t worry about the others. Both those pieces have goodly amounts of haste and the 2pc bonus is to die for. (If you get gloves or legs in VOA, take them for now for the 2pc bonus, but you really want your 2pc to come from the helm/shoulders.)

    In the meantime, you can spend some time tanking or healing some dungeons, earning badges and use those badges to buy gems and sell them to get money to buy the legs outright or just the saronite while you farm up the other mats or something.

    Definitely keep up on the weeklies for those extra 5 of each badges. :)

    As to the designers, it’s silly, but shaman mail is some of the best in slot for us at this point. I don’t think they ever foresaw us using haste to the amount we are. I’m at 950 haste right now and still eat 40 haste food!

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