Guide Update, New Sneak Peek & Guild Spotlights

Ladies and gentlemen, happy Friday to you!

I’m getting ready to head on up to my parents’ cottage for a weekend of reading, taking in some sun, canoeing, kayaking and, doubtlessly, writing.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I’ve been slacking while I’ve been in town this week. Since my last update, I have very nearly finished Module 4: Community Management and even started in on Module 5: Expansion Planning. (By the way, my best guess for the launch of the new expansion is June 10th, 2014, give or take two weeks.) I’ve written almost 14,000 words in the last week! Things seem to be going pretty well on that front, so I’m hoping to tentatively launch my guide on Tuesday, August 6th. There’s still a lot of writing (and editing!) to do, plus website stuff, but hey, August 6th is not totally out of the realm of possibility!

Anyhow, I released a new Sneak Peek yesterday evening. It’s Starting Up, Sneak Peek 2 and even includes a small portion of a bonus section of the guide. You should definitely head over to my guide site over at and download it! Plus, you should sign up so you always stay up to date with the happenings over at

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In other news, due to the rather unfortunate fact that I will be housesitting for a chunk of next week, I’m taking the upcoming week off of doing Guild Spotlights every weekday. They’ll return on Monday, July 22nd. Having said that, you should still submit your guild details to be spotlighted! I’m enjoying learning about so many different guilds and servers. Like, I had no idea that Sargeras (US) was a PVP server where there are 141,000 Alliance characters compared to, oh, 25,000 Horde, and where there’s 270+ raiding guilds, but only ONE of them are Horde. (Similarly, I never thought I could feel BADLY for the Horde, but then I came across Sargeras and was like “Wow. That really sucks. Poor Horde!”) If you’re seeking a new guild, check out my YouTube channel and take a look at some of the guilds I’ve been spotlighting!

Okay, I need to go pack. Have an excellent weekend, everyone!

PS: About damn time Divine Plea scales with spirit!