Happy Canada Day / Cataclysm Stuff / Ruby Sanctum

Happy Canada Day, folks! I’m headed to Ottawa for the day to see the Queen. No, not CĂ©line Dion or Sarah McLachlan, as some of my new guildies guessed. The actual Queen Elizabeth II.

I’m pretty excited, actually. She’s in Ottawa for Canada Day, which is very cool. I’ve been in Washington DC on July 4th at least twice and now I finally get to be in my own nation’s capital on the day celebrating our independence as a nation. True, I’m missing the fireworks, but THE QUEEN, people!

Ahem. Yes, I’m a monarchist. Well, it’s better than being a separatist, right? Right. The point of that was to say that I’m out of town for the day, but normal operations here at Kurn’s Corner will resume later tonight or tomorrow. :)

Also, there’s a lot of Cataclysm Beta stuff being talked about because invites are going out and the NDA has been lifted. I am not currently in the beta (but you can believe I’m going to be double-checking every freaking day). I would LOVE to hear from you guys regarding paladin changes in Cataclysm if you ARE in the Beta. I’d love to hear about talents, glyphs, new spells and the like. I mean, you’re going to get my perspective about Cataclysm anyways, so you may as well make sure that I’m actually up to date about such things. ;)

Please don’t hesitate to email me with your bits of Cataclysm news at:

kurn [at] apotheosis-now [dot] com

Finally, the guild is heading in to Ruby Sanctum tonight. We got Heroic Lady Deathwhisper as a guild first last night and repeated a Saurfang heroic kill, which is never easy when you only have the one holy paladin in the raid. I’ve discovered that at 4m30s or so, I’m spending more time looking at my dwindling mana bar and Divine Plea cooldown and the boss’ health than I am on if my beacon is still up.

Anyways, 9/12, just in time for the GM’s birthday today and into Ruby Sanctum tonight for something new and exciting! I’ll have a post up about RS strats, mostly cobbled together from my mini-boss experience on Tuesday on the shaman, combined with what I learn tonight about Halion.

Have a fantastic Canada Day, people. I’ll see you later. :)

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  1. Well, I’m in the Beta and my paladin is already copied there… but I’m a nub pally and I don’t play on the Beta realms a lot (read: once a month). If there’s anything in particular you want me to try out, I’ll be happy to do it.

  2. I, too, am anxiously eyeing my inbox every time I get a new message – or spam. XD Just in case. I’ll definitely let you know if I get in, but keep in mind my pally’s not even at VANILLA level cap yet, so she probably won’t know much that you’re eager to hear.

    Also, YOU GET TO SEE THE QUEEN??? LUCKY! *pouts*

  3. Jen – just let me know if the talents are looking any different yet! Last I saw when I was at my friend’s and looking at alpha, nothing had changed for pallies.

    Apple – I am checking my battle.net page several times daily, hahaha. And yes, I got to “see” the Queen! I wasn’t close enough to see her procession or see her on anything but the big screens they have, nor could I even HEAR her, but I WAS THERE, dangit! :D

  4. Jen and Apple – that’s my understanding, too. You can copy premade 80s over.

    From what I understand, there are no paladin talent changes as of yet. wowtal.com still shows the old ones. :(

  5. Kurn, if they gave invites to you or me, things would actually get tested and they’d have to commit to actually balancing Paladins and Hunters. Instead, they’ll give them out to people who are just content to screw around with the new starting areas and crap.

    I’m not bitter or angry, heavens no.

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