Hitting Our Stride?

So, on May 12th, we killed Heroic Maloriak for the first time.

On May 17th, we killed Heroic Magmaw for the first time. Took us 12 pulls. It was surprisingly easy fight, probably because we used a DK-kiting method. Honestly, I hate that method, but we’ve already gotten Parasite Evening several times without a “stack on melee, kite adds” method, so I feel marginally less lame for doing heroic the way most people seem to do it.

And then, last night, on May 22nd, we killed Heroic Atramedes for the first time.

Three progression bosses in 10 days?

Not to sound ungrateful or anything of the kind, but what the hell is that all about?

We’re making progress AND we’re doing it relatively easily, despite some issues.

What kind of issues? Well, on Tuesday, we knocked out regular ODS, Heroic Magmaw and tried Heroic Chimaeron for a couple of attempts, but he didn’t die. So we walked in there on Thursday knowing that Chimaeron and Maloriak were both up, along with heroic Atramedes and (for now) regular Nefarian.

However, Dayden, our tank lead, had plans on Thursday, so organizing the tanks was largely going to be on my brother’s shoulders.

So there we are, merrily attempting Heroic Chimaeron with one of our OS tanks as a “real” tank for double attack/feud soaking.

It was reading Rhidach’s post about the very same fight, the next day, that I finally managed to put to words the problem we appeared to be having:

We managed to down the fight after six attempts — though, admittedly, we probably could have done it a little sooner if not for my constant confusion of who was tanking what when and why. It was like “who’s on first”, but without the timeless humor.

Midway through our H Chim attempts, my lights flickered, but I stayed online. And then my brother, who does not live all that far from me, promptly went offline. He tweeted me from his phone:

@kurnmogh just lost power.

Well, THAT wasn’t good news.

So we got our other OS tank to swap to tank gear/spec and we had a couple of pulls like that.

And then Fog got back online! Yaaaaaay!

Two more pulls and Chimaeron was dead, with everything having gone right with taunts and swaps and healing. Whew.

On to Maloriak, to attempt to repeat our kill from the week before!

Before the first pull, my lights flickered again. And again, Fog goes offline.

So rather than get both OS tanks going on Maloriak and pull in yet another melee DPS, we went to look at Heroic Atramedes.

8 pulls and lots and lots of people eating discs, bombs and the like, and yes, I am one of the worst offenders. My computer is crap (although I have a new one arriving this week or next!) and so even though I KNOW I’m supposed to move, even though I’m hitting my strafe key as though my actual life depends on it, my toon decides to just stand there. Like a champ.

So we did 8 pulls and tweaked a few things and called it a night, without Fog regaining power.

Sunday: Maloriak time! I was a little nervous about this one. Repeat kills are never a stress-free experience for me. I want to always prove that the first kill was not a fluke.

Four pulls is all it took to repeat our Maloriak kill. Insert me slumping with relief HERE.

And from there, it only took us four pulls to kill Heroic Atramedes. Granted, it was messy as hell and I was certainly dead on the floor, but we did it! I got a battle rez on the first attempt, at Dayden’s request, and after that attempt, I was like “you know, not that I don’t appreciate it or anything, but for right now, I am likely THE WORST POSSIBLE choice for a battle rez.”

So 12 pulls each for Heroic Magmaw and Heroic Atramedes.

I’ll take it!

I know that ODS is going to be more difficult. I know that Valiona & Theralion will be more difficult. I know that Conclave will be more difficult.

But right now, my guild’s killed 3 progression bosses in 10 days and I will take that, thank you very kindly. :D

6 Replies to “Hitting Our Stride?”

  1. You hide your emotions during raid so well, it’s kind of…alarming. I had no idea that repeat kills stressed you out, or that anything stresses you out for that matter. You slay me lol. Do you keep cool, calm, and collected so the rest of us don’t go postal? :)

  2. Sara – haha! I learned back in BC that no one was helped by my sounding really pissy and/or nervous on Vent during raids. I learned in Wrath that angry-sounding raid leaders REALLY demoralize the group. I also learned in Wrath that a raid leader who can sound calm and collected most of the time gives a sense of reassurance. At least, that’s how I’ve been affected by various raid leaders in Wrath, so I wanted to bring some of that knowledge back to Apotheosis.

    I’m sure you’ll witness me drinking red haterade one day. But I try to make sure those times are few and far between. Breathing is GOOD. haha. :)

    In reality, most things about raid stress me out, to a degree. I try to do raid rosters ahead of time, I try to do strat stuff ahead of time, I try to do a lot ahead of time so that I know what to expect. It keeps my stress to a minimum. ;)

    With the repeat kill thing, it’s just the first repeat. It’s like, I hold my breath the whole time. That’s why I TOTALLY appreciate things like “SLEEP TIMEZ” in healer chat. ;) I like the healer channel to be loose to keep me relaxed as much as I can be. :)

  3. Well Kurn; you’re right… these coming fights we have are going to be hard; harder than anything we’ve done yet in some cases. But; we have a SOLID core of awesome tanks, healers and dps in every single raid hosted. These bosses can count their days numbered as they may kill us a handful of times… but we’re coming with numbers and the will to get it done.

  4. Congrats! That’s an amazing amount of progression. You’re ripping right through the place, definitely something to be proud of. :)

  5. Ludde – So awesome to see the guildies all pumped up for progression fights!!! :)

    Rhidach – thank you! You guys aren’t doing too badly for yourselves either! Grats on H Chim and GL on the upcoming fights!

  6. You guys sure know how to make a good impression on new recruits :)

    I was a little surprised at how easily Atramedes went down. From my point of view there wasn’t really a difference in difficulty between normal and heroic.

    I’m looking forward to trying ODS.

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