Huntard Sighting

I ran my daily random heroic on my shammy today and was greeted with Old Kingdom. They’d already done the first two bosses (although I don’t believe the dungeon finder told me it was already in progress) and were going down to the fungus boss, with Jedoga and the last guy both still up.

Honestly, every time I see a huntard, a tiny part of me dies.

We got to Jedoga after the fungus guy. To refresh your memories, Jedoga Shadowseeker is the one who summons volunteers to make their way towards her and we have to kill them, lest she get a buff from them that can, in many circumstances, kill a tank. So I remind them, as the healer, to not stand in Thundershock and to kill the volunteers when they become active.

We have no problems downing the volunteers and the boss, so we go on and finish up the instance.

But then, out of curiousity, I checked my recount’s damage and facepalmed. Here’s the damage from the Jedoga fight.

Top DK was DPS. The pally was DPS. The second DK was the tank. And right there, above me (thankfully) is the huntard.

Just low DPS isn’t my problem. Nope. I don’t care about low DPS. We killed the boss with no issue. My problem is this:

So hang on a second here. He did 3013 damage to THE THREE VOLUNTEERS? His PET did more damage to volunteers than he did? As if that wasn’t bad enough… he used Volley. I’m sorry. VOLLEY. On a single-target fight? VOLLEY?

Here’s his breakdown. On the whole fight. 11 autos, 4 hits of Volley (so one cast, it looks like), 3 steady shots and FIVE, count ’em, FIVE concussive shots. Conc shot is on a 12 second cooldown. So… I’m sorry, did he nail all three of the volunteers with it (I’m not sure that even works, to be honest) and then hit the boss with it? Twice? Even though bosses are immune? What the hell was he doing, just standing there?

It makes me want to cry.

Problems with all this:

1) Not enough focus damage to volunteers. Although we can give him the benefit of the doubt and maybe, MAYBE Concussive Shot works on them and MAYBE he was focused on slowing them down. But that’s your first global. Don’t just stand there like an idiot. Hit Arcane Shot, Multishot. ANYTHING to up the damage on the volunteer. DROP A TRAP, for crying out loud! (He’s BM, so he has no Chimera Shot, no Explosive Shot and also isn’t specced for Aimed Shot.)

2) Don’t use Volley for single-targets. Had it not been his SECOND kill of Jedoga, according to his armory, I wouldn’t fault him for using Volley once. But of all the abilities to use on this fight, Volley is the stupidest one. In the first place, there is no point in the fight where you fight more than one mob. Period. In the second place, if you’re using it on a volunteer, yay, EXCEPT the volunteer moves OUT of your Volley circle.

3) Even BM hunters have a shot rotation. According to the Warcraft Hunter’s Union (written by Frostheim, who now does Scattered Shots at, it is this:

  1. Put Hunter’s Mark on target (usually before combat begins, or as part of a macro)
  2. Send pet in to attack
  3. Put up Serpent Sting (reapply to boss when it goes down)
  4. Arcane Shot
  5. Hit Steady Shot or Multi-Shot/Aimed Shot until Arcane is off cooldown

Didn’t notice HM either way, but he did use his pet. But there’s no Serpent Sting damage, there’s no Arcane Shot use, there’s just auto, steady, conc and volley. Don’t even look at his armory. It’s even more painful than his poor play. IT HURTS, PEOPLE. IT HURTS. :(

Granted, he just dinged 80 on January 12th, according to the armory. So, okay, yeah, he’s still learning. But WHY is it so difficult for people to do even the slightest amount of research on HOW TO DO SOMETHING before they wind up in my groups? In your groups? In anyone’s groups? (I also had a fail bear tank in my UK run today on my hunter and a fail pally tank in my DTK run on my mage today. Sigh.) Take an hour. Read up on your talent spec, your glyphs (huntard is missing a major glyph), your gems, your enchants, your gear and YOUR CLASS ABILITIES and how to effectively merge them all together to become one kick-ass killing/tanking/healing machine.


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  1. Hey Kurn,

    Whilst I totally agree with your comments, the sad fact is that *tards of any class who cant even read up on the basics as you mention, certainly aren’t going to be reading blogs where they might actually learn :D

  2. Don’t remind me. :(

    Hehe, in reality, I realize that these people will likely never read my blog, but with any luck, a variety of people who don’t play hunters but want to, or who are levelling a hunter will. I know I’m playing around with tanking now more than I ever have and I’m new to the whole mage DPS thing, so MAYBE I’m providing a valuable service to people out there who ARE reading blogs!!

    … yeah, yeah, don’t burst my bubble. I am happy inside it. ;)

  3. Hey, if naught else they are amusing and a good vent for the rest of us who need to wail on some morons.

    I also might cheer you up to know that I’m seeing lots of good hunters recently. My main gripe has been mages these days. And the healers that will try to keep them up when they pull, not letting me kill them.

    I have gotten fairly firm with my rule of “you pull it, you tank it”. I will wait for the pack that they pulled before I even attempted to pull splitch them horribly, then pick them up and tank as normal. I try to be nice. I give them one or two warning (though I’m startign to cut back). and if some one pulls agro off of them I will of course start tanking as per normal.

    I think the DF is making me more and more bitter as I go, I know it amuses my guildies as I rant on vent about the current moron. :)

  4. They can definitely be amusing, though infuriating.

    I’m totally cheered by knowing there are good hunters out there!! That totally makes me happy.

    As to mages, well, I’ve been known to crit and that’ll grab boss aggro. Of course, I’ll immediately iceblock. If your mages aren’t doing that, absolutely, let them die. :D

    As a healer, I like to keep everyone alive, but if, say, an enhance shaman or ret pally keeps stealing aggro from the MT, at some point, I’m going to stop caring about those dummies and just let ’em die.

    The Dungeon Finder DEFINITELY has made me more bitter. Which is kind of hard to fathom, really, since I’ve been bitter about this stupid game ever since BC came out. ;D

    I rant on my blog, primarily, because most of my toons are in a RL-friends guild that’s very tiny and half the time, no one’s on. But I imagine that were I still in Apotheosis, I’d be bitching ’till the cows came home in /g. :)

  5. Oh, I didn’t mean over agro the tank. I meant Pull. As in, not wait for the tank to attack, just grab the next group.

    Sure, if DPS pulls agro off of the tank, they are at fault to some degree, and should either follow kill orders, or slow the burst DPS. But really, I just view that as a challenge. Ok, so you pulled agro off of me, I’m not going to let that happen again.

    My problem lies in the DPS that think they are tanks. The hunters that will open up on a group of mobs who I haven’t even targeted yet. The warriors who charges a mob before it gets to my consecrate. The mages who open up with blizzard when my level 21 warrior JUST reached the mobs. The DKS who specifically ignore kill orders.

    These are the ones I will let die.

    Unfortunately healers can’t seem to let the idiots die. I know, I do it also. Many times my friend would say that he was going to let the idiot die, and I would heal him up and thus nick agro. Now the rolls are reversed. I say I’m going to let the idiot die, and my friend can’t help but heal him. It’s a vicious circle.

  6. Oh man, DPS who *pull*, unless they’re a hunter or a rogue MDing/Tricksing, need to be left to die. Unless it’s not their fault and it was honestly external circumstances.

    Ditto healers who pull. >< Today, I was in UP on my hunter and the tank pulled the first abom in the little hallway after the first boss, while waiting for the first boss' speech to finish. The tank then came back into the room and pulled the OTHER abom, in the back of the room. The PRIEST HEALER, otoh, pulled the first pack of trash in the next room after the hallway. We all lived, but not without some AWESOME misdirecting and TRAPPING by yours truly. ><

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