Incoming Beta Buff!

I’m heading out for the afternoon in a little bit, but HOLY CRAPSICLE, holy paladins are getting buffed. I’m not sure if it’s not just the carry-over from the live hotfix or whatever, but it’s still buffs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And Beacon now lasts five minutes.

Man, so much to talk about! Here, go read MMO-Champion ’till I get my post up.

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  1. yay! Now I just wish they would make light of dawn more useful and not overlap so much with Holy Radiance.

    And make our spells look prettier.

  2. Whoa, those are some buffs indeed! I am shocked by the mastery one. It looks like they are trying to make sure our mastery is worthwhile, since it got buffed three ways.

    I’m hoping that Blizzard will take a look at our major glyphs with these changes in mind. The BoL glyph was great when it increased duration by 50%, but with a five minute duration, an extra thirty seconds for a glyph spot is really MEH. Also, glyph of Divinity is useless if there’s no mana component to LoH.

  3. Arrgh. I don’t get MMO-Champion at work. So you have now made the final 3 hours of my work day hell, Kurn. Thank you. :)


    (also, apparently that is not a sufficiently verbose comment. THE TL;DR EVEN EXTENDS TO YOUR COMMENTERS, BOSS? REALLY?

  5. The glyph of BoL was changed to ‘BoL doesn’t cost any mana’. But that makes the glyph pretty worthless. Without the blyph, BoL costs me 1400 mana on lvl 85. Cleanse also has a glyph with 20% mana reduction, and WITH the glyph, cleanse costs 2600 mana. So I exchanged BoL to cleanse.

  6. ToyChristopher – Agreed on the looking prettier to be sure! I can see different uses for LoD and HR, though. Well, all being used to heal, but LoD for a quick hit to several people from where you’re standing vs. a bigger heal (over time) to several people, the effectiveness of which changes depending on your distance from the people. There could definitely be a bigger difference between the two, but I’m not terribly unhappy about the overlap. I AM unhappy that LoD just feels useless half the time.

    Enlynn – Walks let me know (and I’ve confirmed) that the new Glyph of Divinity (major) means that when you use Lay on Hands on anyone, you gain 10% of your maximum mana back, so that’s pretty hot!

    Fannon – So sorry! Didn’t mean to leave you hanging! :) Sneaky beta builds!

    Apple – Well, it’s MY blog, isn’t it? Would you expect anything different? ;)

    Thoger – Yeah, the BoL glyph is pretty lame, IMHO. But I’d stick with Divinity for sure. I’m not sure about Cleanse, just because my understanding is that we can afford to let some things stay on some targets. They want us to be smarter about Cleanse and dispells in general, so I’m not sure the cost is worth the glyph. Although if all our glyphs suck, that’s a possibility. :)

  7. I used cleanse, divine plea and divinity. But now it seems they made glyph of lay on hands a maor glyph now, which reduced the CD of LoH by 3 mins (instead of 2). So I use LoH, Divinity and Divine Plea now… (with kings, might and insight for minor glyphs, blegh).

  8. Yes, the Beacon Glyph is not so hot for PvE. Possibly good for PvP in the fact that anyone smart will be Dispelling/Purging Beacon as appropriate.

    On the beta (for 85 raid content), I’m now rolling with:

    Divine Favor, Insight, Word of Glory

    Divine Protection* (Removes the physical damage reduction of your Divine Protection, but increases the magical damage reduction by 20%)
    Lay On Hands (Reduces the cooldown of your Lay on Hands spell by 3 minutes [making it a 7 minute cooldown])
    Divinity (When you use Lay on Hands, you also gain 10% of your maximum mana)

    Blessing of Might (Your Blessing of Might costs 50% less mana)
    Blessing of Kings (Your Blessing of Kings costs 50% less mana)
    Insight (Your Seal of Insight spell costs 50% less mana)

    I like to think of one of our “major” glyph slots being the “I’ll change it for this fight or run” slot. I will use, dependent upon fights and group makeup, switch in Divine Plea, Holy Wrath, Turn Evil, Cleanse, or Salvation.

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