2 Replies to “Interesting mob name…”

    1. bwahahaha.

      The funniest part about all of this is Majik was like “Kurn, they have no idea who you are” and I’m like “excuse you?”. If nothing else, Blizzard is super aware of lots of my former guildies, including Tikari and Kayt, who have a beverage named after them, Tikari & K.A.Y.T.. There are a bunch of people from Apotheosis who had stuff named for them — can’t remember them all, mind you, but everything from items to NPCs to followers are represented.

      Maj literally thought I had hacked Wowhead and inserted that info because that was, in his mind, more likely than Blizz being aware of our guild.

      I’m like HELLO, there’s THE MACE OF APOTHEOSIS, too! (Granted, that could be a coincidence, but I’m claiming it anyway.)

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