I made a small announcement over on Twitter last night, in which I said that I’m going to be launching a new website Soon™,

All that’s on the website right now is basically a signup for an annoucement mailing list that’ll let you know when things change over there; when I launch the site, when my Guide to Being a Kick-Ass Guild Master is released… and when my other guides are released.

Other guides?

Yup. In addition to the Guide to Being a Kick-Ass Guild Master, I plan to write one for raid leading, one for being a role officer in a raiding guild and one for being a great raider.

All of these guides will deal primarily with logistical issues, common problems and will have very little to do with how to increase your DPS or how to defeat an encounter. These upcoming guides will largely focus on issues that have to do with raiding. (While I draw on raiding guilds as my experience for the Kick-Ass GM guide, that one isn’t restricted to raiding guild advice.)

So with all this in the pipeline (well, mostly still in my head for the other three), it only seemed logical to branch out and get my own domain that a) isn’t hard to spell and b) isn’t a subdomain of a guild that I haven’t played with in over seven months. Something to do with me seemed appropriate. When I saw that was taken but was available, it just made sense, you know? That’s what I’ve always done as a blogger, provided information. So it was a perfect fit!

For right now, it’ll just house the guides and such. As for the blog… Well, it wouldn’t be too hard to implement 301 redirects to the new domain, but I have a lot of work to do on the new domain and a lot of writing ahead of me, so I don’t imagine that’ll happen anytime soon. For the time being, at least, my posts will stay here. :)

So all that stuff is exciting.

I’m also excited about my Guild Spotlight project. If your guild is recruiting, fill out this form and I’ll consider doing a Guild Spotlight on your guild. Guild Spotlights are short videos showcasing your website while I talk about interesting things about your guild and your server and you can watch all of them in this one handy-dandy playlist! While I’ve only focused on US guilds so far, this is the world wide web, and it’s the World of Warcraft. I’ll spotlight guilds in other regions, too! If your guild is recruiting, don’t hesitate to let me know about it. :)