Kurn's First Pandaren Experiences

So, I’ve been in Italy for the last couple of weeks. I left home on Monday, September 24th, landed in Rome at about 10am local time on Tuesday, September 25th. That’s right, I was in Italy for launch. And most of the first couple of weeks. I got back home on Friday, October 5th.

Since I am not planning to raid this expansion and since I am, in fact, probably quitting WoW shortly after my current subscription expires (after the Annual Pass expires), I have not been in a rush to level. I’ve logged on to just about all my toons to get them rested, of course, but I’m just chilling. Kurn just hit 86 last night and I’m, again, in no rush to level more quickly. I’ve been raising professions — all three of my alchemists, my JC, my scribe, plus my herbalist/miner. Poor Kurn’s professions are not very high at the moment (540-550 range) but I’ll get there eventually. (Must make use of the DMF profession things for +5 to various professions.) The biggest issue I’d encountered is that I had, for some reason, never levelled my enchanter on Eldre’Thalas to 525 enchanting. Nope, she was stuck at 450(!) so I had to get her to 475 to start DEing Mists stuff. She’s sitting around 525 enchanting now, I think.

What’s absolutely astounding to me is that, for the first time since Vanilla, I am totally lost when it comes to stuff. People in guild chat are talking about locations and mobs and instances and I am completely lost. I am saving all these cooking ingredients I have because I don’t know what I need to use yet and I don’t know what isn’t needed by me.

Of course, nothing is really “needed” since I’m not raiding, but you get what I mean.

It’s so very strange to take a couple of weeks off and be THIS lost.

At the same time, it’s kind of a good thing, I think.

Anyhow, time to go enjoy myself doing whatever I want (including making a lot of gold). I’m sure I’ll chime in about things once I’ve hit 90 on some toon. In the meantime, you should look at some of the pics I took in Italy:


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  1. A few months ago, I also decided to quit raiding in my guild due to burnout (curse you, Ragnaros!) and their raid times. Since it’s a really, really nice guild, I can’t get myself to leave, so I’ve stayed on as social. I did play at launch, but I’m only going to hit 90 today or tomorrow. I don’t know and don’t care about dailies, items that boost your chances of getting other items, the ideal progression path or anything like that… and I love it! Me and my boyfriend recently moved into a new apartment and I’m glad I could focus on that instead of “OMG if I won’t level I will miss the raids!”. WoW suddenly seems more enjoyable at this pace… I’m taking my time deciding what I want to do in my WoW-future.

    (Italy looks great! How was Venice? Not very crowded, I hope, since the masses of tourists ruined it for me a few years ago…)

  2. Nadine and I are jealous. We really want to take a trip to Italy. Rome, Venice, Florence. After college tuition for the girls is over, we’re going to spend a couple of weeks over there.

  3. Glad you had a fun time in Italy. Yeah, this expansion can be confusing with some of the changes with professions, reputations and all new world. Take your time each level of the way to 90. So much to take in and enjoy. For me it was a race to get Raid ready with Megacode but my Monk will level nice and slow so she can enjoy the smell of roses along the way.

  4. Isn’t it nice just enjoying the game? I just got a shammy and am actually having fun again while questing and doing some PvP.

    Send me an email sometime! We should play together again once in a while.

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