Kurn's Q&A #17

Man, it’s starting to get bright super-early over here. 5:34am as I start to write this and I can see across the street in the early morning light. I’m clearly up wayyyyyyy too late. :P And I can’t even blame it on raiding!

Ah, well. Time for another bunch of keywords that led people to the site.

1) shadow priest sindragosa heroic 25

I have to come out in favour of this. Vampiric Embrace is very useful on any fight with a persistent aura, such as Sindragosa or Blood Queen.

2) “pit of saron” tips skip riding

Okay. First of all, I hate people skipping the last few trash pulls. If you time it right, you can skip three of the last four groups of trash. This is, in my mind, an exploit. You are not MEANT to skip this trash. This trash is blocking the path you need to take to the final boss of the instance. That means it’s not optional. Man up and interrupt the flame caster guys on the first two pulls.

3) 16 int or 30 spellpower holy paladin

Bracers, right? I prefer 16 intellect because I’m a Holy Light-style paladin. Obviously, if you’re a spellpower-stacking, Flash of Light-style paladin, you want 30 spellpower. And if you’re new to 80 and don’t have 2000 spellpower yet, you want 30 spellpower.

4) bringing in kingslayer to trigger hard modes

Lame. True, you can probably kill Marrowgar and definitely Gunship on heroic modes without too much trouble, but lame, lame, lame. Go kill the Lich King first. Then you can trigger any hardmode you want.

5) can’t keep people alive in trial of the champion

You know what? That’s not horribly uncommon. I had a hell of a time keeping people up on my resto druid when I was a fresh 80. You just need to be aware of the various abilities. Turn around to not face Eadric the Pure so you don’t get stunned. Cleanse various debuffs off your party. If you get Paletress, Tremor Totem, Fear Ward, whatever you got to keep yourself from being feared. Having said that, though, if it’s not an exceptional environmental thing you can’t heal through, check your gear, your spec and glyphs. Maybe you’re just not ready to heal it.

6) does having someone suicide in phase 3 on professor putricide hardmode work?

Interesting idea. I presume you mean someone with Unbound Plague running out and dying to it? Maybe, although I doubt this is what the game designers had in mind when coming up with the fight. It’s very possible to do it using the more traditional method of dealing with Unbound Plague which is to pass it around the raid. (FYI: you still get it with Divine Shield up!)

This sounds a lot like the whole “let the first mark die” on Saurfang thing. Which just makes me roll my eyes.

7) dont wanna go to zangarmarsh

Hahahaha, yeah, me either! You can stay in Hellfire and do all the quests which should ding you 63-64. Once you hit 64, you can hit up Nagrand. You can probably start getting Terokkar quests around 62-63, too. Congratulations! You’ve skipped Zangarmarsh!

8) glory of icecrown raider total hours spent

Wow, that’s a very interesting search. I only have 25-man experience, so let’s see…

Considering all I’m missing is I’ve Been Waiting a Long Time for This achievement on Lich King, I have to say a LOT of my recent raid time has been taken up by driving towards this achievement. I’m taking into consideration how long it took us to down heroic modes like Sindragosa (weeks!) and also Gunship (first attempt). Probably anywhere from 30-40 hours of dedicated wiping just for the heroic modes, with additional wipes and issues on Boned, Full House, I’m on a Boat, Portal Jockey, All You Can Eat… So maybe 40-50 hours of wipes.

Yeah, now I want to quit…

9) what’s the priest bubble shield speed boost

It’s a deep holy talent called Body and Soul.

10) what does eh mean paladin

Well, I’m Canadian, so the first thing I think of is “eh?“… but you’re probably talking about EH — Effective Health for tanks. Your effective health is what your health actually is due to mitigation provided to you by things like armor.

Here’s an effective health calculator from my favourite warrior tank site. Go nuts. :)

10 Replies to “Kurn's Q&A #17”

  1. ToC for a newish healer SUCKS, especially if you are a tree.

    The champions suck if you have to deal with the damn rogue as you spend a lot of time dealing with poison, and the amount of spike damage at the first engagement is kinda insane.

    Eadric is roflsimple so long as people don’t suck (and aren’t one hit by the hammer).

    Whitemane, however, is evil.
    The fact that the shadow can spawn on any one (weee for 2 shotting colthies), her random targeting when the shadow is up, and the inability to do ANYTHING about fear really sucks.

    My main problem when it first came out was that we would all get feared, and some one would drop before I got one GCD off after the fear ended (or drop during fear), and often enough, that was me.

    with a shaman it becomes fairly trivial, with a warrior spell reflecting it is also fairly trivial, with a mage spell stealing it is much more manageable, etc etc.

    It really just comes down to the fact that a tree has nothing in THEIR play book to deal with it (aside from stacking EVERYONE with hots).

  2. First, I totally, absolutely agree with number 2. The one time I tanked PoS (back on dial-up, they had to replace me for Tyrannus T_T) I intentionally stayed behind during the Ick dialogue. Three others stayed (including the healer, thank Elune) but one ran ahead. He got stuck because he didn’t want to risk aggroing them, and the warlock wouldn’t throw up a summoning stone for him. I asked for a shackle, and the priest (healer) actually seemed excited to do it! I’m beginning to think that there are more people out there who are willing to use CC. I should see about making an addon that’ll throw an alert to everyone with the addon that the user is willing and able to Polymorph, Shackle, Sap, or otherwise control an add, and their preferred mark.

    With regards to bringing in a Kingslayer to open up hard modes, again, I agree. I was thinking about the possibilities for, say, a GDKP run (a Deathbringer’s Will dropped the other night when I got Storming, and someone offered 35,000 for it, imagine what the heroic could go for!) but realized it would probably be a bad idea for any other sort of PUG. I honestly can’t imagine why anyone would want to try a hardmode (other than for phat lewts) without getting Kingslayer themselves.

    Y’know, I STILL have trouble healing ToC. And it’s not even during the first two fights. It’s BK’s Marked For Death. That SUCKS. Getting one-shot in ToC-5 after getting stuck in the middle of a Booooooooone Stooooooorm in ICC-25 and surviving is a slap in the face.

    I don’t see why people don’t like Zangarmarsh. It’s my faaaaavorite, with Nagrand being a close second. I’m sure I’ve already said that, but. Perhaps it has something to do with leveling prot, and adoring the Sporeggar shield?

  3. Interestingly, I never had any problems with the Knight, I always make sure people know to close in for phase 3 so I can WG, and from there it’s not hard at all. Part of why Whitemane sucks so much is that the fear scatters every one, so you can’t AoE heal, same problem with the 2nd (I think) boss in HoR.

    Honestly, the only zone in BC I like is Nagrand (I can stand HP, but it’s not on my list of things I like).

  4. thansal – Ah, since I learned how to heal the fights in that instance on a holy paladin, I’ve never really thought about not being able to AOE heal as a problem. ;) Sure, it’s nice when people are clumped when I’m on my druid or shammy, but the scatter doesn’t freak me out so much as how I can’t cast in that short period of time.

    The HoR boss’ fear is worse than a fear — it’s a horror, so tremor totem can’t deal with it. AND it causes 16k shadow damage (before any shadow resist) on each fear. Healing up 5x16k before the next one kind of sucks!

    Agreed on Nagrand, btw! HP is nice just because it’s not Classic and it’s a nice change, but you do get bored with it, I agree.

  5. HoR is actually not as big a problem for me as the shadow’s fear. With the Shadow’s fear there is a good chance that whitemane will focus on one player and completely wreck him (which seemed to always be me). With HoR it’s actually fine so long as no one stands in the fire.

    I dono, I think it must be the druid in me, I spaz less when I am dealing with lots of raid damage then when I have to deal with non tanks spiking.

    It’s why I disliked Whitemane (I, and every one else now out gear it so, meh), it’s why I suck at Faction Champs, and why I tend to freak out over Sourfang’s marks (though these are not the worst, as I know who has it, and I can then focus on rolling dots).

  6. X – shoot, I clearly meant to reply to you and must have been distracted! Sowwy!

    I LOVE CC. I really, really, really do. My favourite mage spell? Polymorph: Turtle. My favourite offensive priest spell? Shackle Undead! I used to trap spam LIKE A PRO on Kurn, dude. Even on the pally, I Turn Undead all the freaking time if the situation calls for it! (Glyphed for it in my PVP holy spec.) You know what I don’t use enough, though? Hex on my shammy. I mean, it’s THERE, it’s on my BARS. But hell, I’m lucky if I remember to use Earthliving Weapon more than 50% of the time. (Sort of like Inner Fire…) And I don’t use Cyclone enough, but I’m rarely in caster form, being all “RAWR!” or “ooh, hots!”.

    I like your idea of an addon. I would use it. “Ready, willing and able to TRAP LIKE A PRO!!!!!!”

    re: Kingslayers: The primary issue here is that it IS all about loot for a lot of people. Which is ridiculous and stupid but them’s the facts. They don’t even care about GOOD gear. They care about the ilvl of their gear. Like dumbasses.

    Marked for Death is pretty painful, but as long as you know who’s being marked, you can toss a cooldown on them or focus on them for the few seconds. I like to beacon the tank and heal the crap out of the marked person for that when on my paladin. On my druid, I stack up 3 LBs on the target and Rejuv, Wild Growth and pray the bloom blooms for a lot. Then I nourish if need be. On the shammy, I… what the hell do I do? I think I just keep chain healing. Hax.

    Did you also not volunteer to farm up fireflies for Resurgence? I mean, really, X. You are not impartial. ;)

    thansal – What language do you play in? Whitemane/Paletress is an interesting translation! :)

    Also, I could be wrong, but I thought you could taunt Paletress and tank both her and the Nightmare thingy. I know that I always try to keep aggro on both of them when I tank and haven’t had any real issues in this sense.

    Finally, I freak out ALL THE TIME. I don’t have the stamina to heal too much in a given day, hahaha. On the pally, if ANYONE except the tank takes damage, panic. On the druid, spike damage makes me want to cry. On the shammy, OH GOD, WHY IS EVERYONE 15 YARDS APART?!?!? So far, on the little priest (almost 73), the most panic I have is “crap crap crap, I hate you, Weakened Soul, crap crap crap, CAST FASTER, YOU STUPID PRAYER OF HEALING.” ;)

  7. Time to reply in a fashion that is completely out of order!

    With regards to Weakened Soul, I managed to shield a guy in WSG the other day just as the other priest did, and he had two Weakened Soul debuffs. It was very interesting.

    He died, but whatevs, he was only trying to get an achievement, not help us win.

    What can I say? I’m addicted to giant, bug infested mushrooms!

    I’m going to get on that addon thing. I may have to find someone else to write it, but damn it, it’s gonna’ happen.

    Some guy was advertising raid slots for heroic ICC-25 the other day. 10k for an invite, and that didn’t cover any gear. :|

  8. Hehe, the Whitemane thing is me being silly, I forget I call her that now. Whitemane and Paletress have the same model, and the same name (White/Pale Mane/Tress), thus I insisted on calling her Whitemane, as she obviously is (again, I’m silly, can’t help it).

    As for taunting her, I’m not actually sure. I have seen it fail and I have seen it work, however I know that no matter what she has a random agro table for when the memory is active, so even if you can force her to attack you, it’s only for the duration of the taunt, so one or 2 spell casts, and there is the problem that spamming taunt will just make her go immune.

    It’s one of those “No one seems to have a good answer, it was too hectic earlier to really test it, and now it’s a non-issue due to gear”.

  9. X – OMG, something similar once happened to me and another paladin in our raid on TOC25. We both BOPped the same person at the same time and neither one of us got the Forbearance error from it. He was in the wrong, I was in the right, but I was SO PISSED that he was clearly lying about BOPping the first person until I checked the logs and saw he wasn’t lying. >< Your attachment to the mushrooms is unhealthy. ;) Hopefully the addon won't be necessary and everyone will be happy to CC come Cataclysm! That is an insane amount of gold just for the invite. Then again, heroic ICC 25 sucks a whole lot of ass. thansal - ohhhhhh, okay, I get it now, hahaha. :) It's interesting about the aggro. Either I am just That Awesome at tanking, or paladins and druids are OP at multi-target tanking. I'm thinking it's the latter. ;)

  10. I think that my attachment to Zangar stems from the fact that it is AMAZING for AOE grinding. My warrior, DK, and pally just FLEW through two levels farming those ogres, bugs, and… What were those other things? They looked vaguely like the Sporeggar fellows, but weren’t? Whatever. They died and gave me experience. I HATE questing ever since I’ve started leveling tanks.

    Elune, I hope that people start CCing again. Seriously. I cheered when I saw a polymorph macro in my last ICC-10.

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