Kurn's Q&A #19

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to Kurn’s Q&A! This is the time of the week when I look at my website stats from the previous week and see how I can better help those search for information by expounding on 10 search terms that led people to my site. I love Tuesdays.

1) “katrana prestor”

Ahhhhh, Lady Katrana Prestor, also known as Lady Onyxia! Katrana Prestor used to be an NPC in Stormwind Keep. There was Bolvar Fordragon, Anduin Wrynn and Katrana Prestor in the throne room in the keep.

At level 50, you could start an immense quest chain that begins in Burning Steppes called Dragonkin Menace. It would take you through Burning Steppes, over through Blackrock Depths, to Lakeshire, to Stormwind, back to Morgan’s Vigil, all over the damn place. Eventually, you would rescue Marshall Reginald Windsor, whom everyone from pre-BC probably loathes as much as I do, and meet up with him at the Stormwind gates.

There would be this truly awesome event that would take place — you’d escort Windsor up to the keep and accuse Lady Katrana Prestor of being Onyxia in disguise and she’d transform RIGHT FREAKING THERE and get the guards in the keep to turn into their draconic forms. Bolvar would LAY THE SMACK DOWN, but not before Windsor is mortally wounded. (I used to /cheer.)

Here’s the script.

Onyxia would vanish, presumably to go to her lair, and you would be tasked with restoring a medallion. You’d have to go to freaking Winterspring, to the top of a damn mountain, to talk to a blue dragon (Haleh, who appears in high/blood elf from) who’ll tell you to go to Upper Blackrock Spire and kill General Drakkisath and get the Blood of the Black Dragon Champion. (This eventually became party loot, but for a LONG time, there were only 1-3 of these that dropped at a time.)

Then you go back to Haleh and she would give you your Drakefire Amulet, which you had to have with you to enter Onyxia’s Lair.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of Lady Katrana Prestor as she was in the game before they removed the Onyxia attunement questline. More info here on Lady Katrana Prestor from WoWWiki.

Edit: Best video EVER. The Craft of War: Blind.

2) does divine shield drop lady deathwhispers

Drop Lady Deathwhisper’s what?

Curse of Torpor: Probably
Frostbolt: Yeah.
Mind Control: Well, you can’t pop it if you’re MCed, I don’t think, but if she makes the mistake of popping it for you, you will probably get released from the mind control.

3) dxe bossmods malleable goo putricide hard

Yeah, my DXE only shows me the location of one, not all three, Malleable Goos. Sorry. :(

4) elixir master not proccing 2010

I’m an elixir master. It procs. My proc rate usually sucks, but it procs enough to let me know I haven’t lost the ability to proc entirely.

5) fastest way to get emblem of triumph one night

Queue up as a healer or a tank and do dungeons all night long. Or, do Naxxramas.

6) hard mode professor putricide 25m strat

Funny you should mention that. I just wrote up a post detailing how my guild does heroic Putricide on 25m.

7) holidays grace for dps or healer

I understand your confusion in this day and age of spellpower instead of damage/healing and healing. Holiday’s Grace has mp5 which means it’s for healers. DPS have enough tricks up their sleeves to regen mana, whereas healers have a couple things, typically with long cooldowns, such as Mana Tide Totem, Shadowfiend and Innervate. mp5 is the only thing that will aid in mana regen for healers, so you’ll find it on lots of healer gear.

Rule of thumb: +hit = DPS caster, +mp5 = healer

That doesn’t mean all healers want a lot of mp5 or all casters want a lot of hit, mind you.

8) how to respond when someone asks for raid achievements

If you have them, link them. If not, you may be out of luck if you’re not really geared. You can always say “this is my alt, I know the fight from my main” if that’s the case, or just tell them you know the fight and just haven’t done it on that toon, even if you’ve never done it. The key here, of course, is doing research so you’re not That Tool that everyone else is carrying.

9) why cant i que for icc

First of all, it’s “queue”. Second of all, ICC is not a dungeon. You cannot queue for a raid group. You can sit in the raid browser for it, but I’m assuming that this is what you cannot do.

If you cannot select ICC as a raid to sit in the raid browser for, this means that Blizzard’s estimation of your gear is such that you won’t be able to adequately perform with that gear in ICC. Go get some gear.

10) on a holy palatin, what foods, enhants, and gems to improve mana regeration

… please, please don’t have been a native English speaker.

The more mana you have, the more mana you’ll regenerate. Divine Plea is based on our maximum mana, as are Replenishment and Mana Tide Totem. For mana regen food, you can either go with 40 crit strike food or 20 mp5 food. For everything else, it’s intellect. Make sure you’re also using the Insightful Earthsiege Diamond.

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  1. Number 1! A true classic, and I still regret not being around to have it done. A friend of mine did do it and showed me screenshots.. just amazing!

    One thing about getting into raid groups: you can always try to bluff your way in, but make sure you know the tactics (at least from a good guide like the ones on Tankspot). I was fooling around on my Rogue alt last week and managed to get invited to a ICC 25 group, while linking the (uncompleted) achievement for killing the Lich King. And I was level 13. /facepalm
    Of course, if you even want to go with a group and a RL like that, is all up to you. Most groups manage to down some content though, so if you haven’t downed anything in ICC yet, you can always try.

  2. The question about queuing for ICC was probably the ICC 5 mans, for which the answer is “you need to upgrade your gear”.

    However, I’m now curious, does the RB only let you queue for raids you are ‘geared’ for? I am fairly sure I have put my newer 80s into the RB for the weekly and didn’t see any raids unavailable to them (and they couldn’t use the DF for the ICC dungeons)

  3. Kaboomski – As much as I hated Jailbreak, that was a great quest chain and I miss it. :)

    thansal – You know, back in December, I couldn’t list myself for ICC25 on my hunter. I think that once you reach a point with T9+ gear, it’s pretty forgiving. I’ll check when my brother’s paladin dings 80 or my priest dings 80, but I’m pretty sure that there’s a minimum requirement similar to the heroics. My resto set on my druid is 4.5k GS (5/5 T9) and I CAN list myself. I have no toon who’s 80 who is less geared, though.

    X – I know, right? hahahaha.

  4. Poorly geared warrior to the rescue!

    Hopped on my warrior (who has basically been a bank alt/profession[al?] whore since he hit 80) and checked. And I want to emphasize this as much as I can: He is SUPER mediocre. Average ilevel is around, I’d say, 180, with a few ToC-5 pieces, a Titansteel Destroyer, the Horseman’s Helm from the last event, and two of the Icebane pieces. Can you tell I don’t care about him?

    He can only queue for Naxx, Ony (what?), EoE, OS, and VoA on 10 and 25. He is locked out of Ulduar, ToC, ToGC, and ICC.

    For what it’s worth, he also cannot queue for H-TOC, FOS, POS, or HOR.

  5. X – Awesome! Thanks for the clarification! I find it supremely amusing you can list yourself for Ony.

  6. Wait why does my Arms build have a glyph of BLOODTHIRST? That’s a deep Fury talent! D:

  7. One last update (until I feel like spamming you again, naturally).

    My tankadin who is only slightly better than my warrior (average ilevel of around 200, 544 defense) can queue for the same instances, PLUS Ulduar, H-TOC, H-FOS, and H-POS.

  8. Man, I keep wishing I’d been around in Vanilla, just because there’s so much lorestuff that I would’ve LOVED to do. Alas.

  9. Apple – Vanilla was awesome, but at the same time, it sucked. You were basically always going to be in your blues, maybe ZG blues/epics, unless you happened to fall on a raiding guild that could really use you. I never got to BWL, AQ40 or Naxx in Vanilla and, as a guild, never downed Ony or got Majordomo/Rag in MC.

    A lot of Vanilla was very boring and grindy, though.

    I don’t think Wrath is grindy enough, to be honest, but that’s just me. I miss attunements!

    X – you’re not the hilarious tankadin. :P That you can list yourself for Ulduar in 200-level gear is hilarious. :) The restrictions are pretty lax.

  10. So, I stand corrected.

    I have to admit, I almost never use the RB as no one on my realm does (which is lame). I’m going to poke at this when I get home (I have a pair of 80s at lowish gear levels)

  11. The best part of the Ony chain (Alliance side) was the huge chunk of XP you got from it. It also made the Ony kill make sense. Now it’s just a random dragon in the middle of Theramore.

    Dang kids – get off my lawn!

  12. The Alliance Onyxia attunement chain was one of the most awesome experiences of classic WoW, and I’m really sad it’s gone. Remember how a single person would start off that final Windsor escort through Stormwind and by the time they got to the keep there’d be a full-fledged army following along? Good times.

    Another good Alliance quest chain I miss is The Missing Diplomat series. I hope Blizzard brings back something similar for Cataclysm. Perhaps a “The Missing Chieftain” equivalent for Horde that has you track down Thrall. =P

    Oh, also:

    “… please, please don’t have been a native English speaker.

    The more mana you have, the more mana you’ll regeneration…”

    =O Don’t you just hate when that happens? =P

  13. thansal – I’ll be interested to hear your results!

    Ad – Absolutely. I always did the Ony quest chain, if only through Jailbreak, because it was a TON of XP. My poor pally only discovered Ony’s Lair at level 62, though, which I think is tragic, haha.

    Gryphonheart – I plead innocent on the basis that my eyes were bleeding from “palatin” “enhants” and “regeration”!!! And that it was like, 4:36am. Fixed to make sense! ;)

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