Latest from the Beta…

48 minutes in queue for a random dungeon *as a healer* before I gave up.

On the bright side, I got my archaeology up a bit. :P

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  1. It’s weird isn’t it? If I queue tank I get insta-queue or thirty minute waits. If I get a group and we lose a DPS it can take up to fifteen minutes to replace them.

    The super-overtuned dungeons have scared all the testers away. :(

  2. Wipes are not fun, and anyone that says they are enjoys machoism.
    Hard runs and wipe fest are far apart.

  3. I’m about to begin my Beta journey this weekend (provided Blizzard comes up with nothing ELSE I need to download) and I was thinking I’d be walking into the fast healing queues I’m used to.

    Now I’m thinking I may just end up questing more than dungeoning. But hey, I’m thrilled to be included!

  4. Fannon – Probably just odd queue times on my side, I think. I tend to log in to beta in the afternoon (ET) or after midnight.

    Daraxis – I’m not sure it’s the overtuned dungeons versus the fact that dungeons aren’t giving people XP beyond 83 and many aren’t itemized. It’s like… what’s the point? I quested an awful lot — as ret! — to get to 85.

    Richard – I don’t mind wipes, but I don’t think they’re fun and I do what I can to avoid them myself. Having said that, I wiped once on my one time in Grim Batol and we wiped once in Halls of Origination, due to a debuff that is not dispellable, that makes people immune to healing effects… Interesting time, to say the least.

    Oestrus – be prepared to ask for people to use crowd control if they don’t. We are not meant to heal through four people having aggro on four separate mobs. I know you’re a druid so be aware you’re in rough shape at the moment, similar to paladins. It’s kind of sad, really. :(

    Questing’s fun, though. Be sure to report all the bugs you find! :)

  5. I’m expecting it’ll pick up again once we get a new build. I think it’s the combo of the difficulty, and the lack of drops. Not that we care about the loot – but they keep bitching about how it’s tough because we’re undergeared, and yet we can’t gear up?

  6. My first night went really well – I am levelling as a moonkin and either I’ve been away from the spec too long or we’re not balanced yet – but DAMN I hit hard! I’m not even having to use Roots! It’s very cool!

    Right now, I’m in Vash’jir and haven’t found the Throne yet, to try it out (b/c you can’t queue until you’ve been there) but I can already FEEL that things are different with my healing – just from healing myself during rough pulls while questing. I’m prepared for the worst – but hoping for the best.


  7. From reading the Forums it is apparent that the number one thing blizzard needs to do is start balancing at least in PVE. Some class feel totally broken.
    In PVP it is a total can of worms bad. I do not see any talk of raids yet, everything is 5 man only. This is why I worry that raiding is going to suck.

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