Level 64 and hating it.

You know, for as much as I adored raiding in BC, I loathed the dungeons. Hated them. There is not a single instance in Burning Crusade that I genuinely LOVED.

I hated heroics with a passion. If I was asked in guild to heal a heroic, I would laugh, as would most others who knew me.

After healing my way on my disc priest through Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Slave Pens and Underbog, it dawned on me; I have absolutely no desire to level through Auchindoun instances. None. I don’t want to go back and level through Hellfire or Zangarmarsh or Terokkar to get quests. God forbid I even consider Blade’s Edge or Netherstorm!

In the entirety of Burning Crusade, there was one zone I loved and that was Nagrand. I don’t even like all the stupid quests there, but it’s beautiful and peaceful and I know it like the back of my hand.

Combine my distaste for BC content with the UTTER FAILURE that is RAMPANT on this stupid battlegroup and you have a cranky Kurn. Seriously, tanks who don’t know how to hold threat on TWO targets at once, who don’t know what gear to wear (pally “tanks”, specced prot, wearing all holy stuff), tanks who don’t know what abilities to use (Devastate never occurred to one warrior “tank” I had) and tanks who don’t know the first thing about pulling.

There I am, in Slave Pens, about to pull the first boss. Everyone, EVERYONE knows that you wait for him to pat up the ramp and then range pull, right?


The DK “tank” I had pulled him while he was visiting with the mobs at the bottom of the ramp. So we got the whole group.

Only through exquisite, leet healz did we live. I used Pain Suppression, Prayer of Healing, Inner Focus, took a mana potion… and you know who was killing the totems when it was clear NO ONE ELSE WAS? That’s right. I was.

After the fight, I was like “Why on earth would you pull the entire group?”

“mistake,” came the reply from the tank, followed by “gotta go”.

I left the group immediately and said to myself, aloud, “Fuck this.”

So I respecced my priest shadow (no, I haven’t dropped a grand on dual spec yet) and have decided to quest through most of Nagrand until I’m at about level 68, and then SEEYA OUTLANDS, hello Northrend!

The trouble here is I hate being shadow. :P I don’t really know the rotation or whatever, but it feels like I have no abilities! Shadow Word: Pain and Devouring Plague go up, then Mind Blast, then Mind Flay and finish off if need be with Shadow Word: Death? Too easy, too boring, too dull. Shadowfiend at 66 and POM at 70 and that’s about all I’m looking forward to. ETA: Okay, interesting what they’ve done with Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Embrace. SW:P, DP, VT, MB, MF?

I would pay $25 in real money to Blizzard if it meant that I would be able to start a toon at 68.

I would pay another $25 in real money to have an unlimited ignore list. :P

Off to Nesingwary.

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  1. It isn’t your BG, or just you. Outland sucks.

    Nagrand is awesome fun, the rest of the zones blow dead bears.

    The majority of the people in my BG suck at BC 5 mans. Most of the BC 5 mans also suck. I actually like Slave Pens and Underbog, and think that Ramps is fine.

    However my Warrior Tank is now up to Auchindoun. I hate that place. With a massive passion.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I have zero interest in respecing to DPS I would be with you on doing Nagrand instead, thoguh I might actually go through as a tank and just let stupid things beat on me…

  2. I agree. Trusarran is currently shadow and I HATE IT. I was actually gonna’ go disc and start healing stuff. But then, I’m still in classic. In fact? I’m gonna’ do that now! What with wanting to be a disc when I hit 80 anyway. Any advice other than “no don’t you’ll hate it?”

    Outland was pretty awesome, eye em oh. Zangar was (and still is) one of my favorite zones to level in, up there with Storm Peaks and the Plaguelands.

  3. I agree – Nagrand was the only zone I liked. I started questing there before I could really hardly HANDLE the quests, and continued grinding there long after I’d passed the “level range” for the area. I’ve only gotten two characters to Northrend so far – the first did a painful amount of quests in Zangarmarsh before running through all the quests in Nagrand and finishing up with a brief stint in Blade’s Edge, and the second did a handful in Zangarmarsh, a handful in Blade’s Edge, and then hung out in Nagrand questing and grinding for Kurunai rep so I could get a pretty tabard and Talbuk. I despise the instances (though I desperately want to do the raids – I’ve done BT, as a lvl 80, but I want more than anything to do the Sunwell raids) and the only consolation to me about levelling in Outland is that it’s (in general) more fun than the fucking Plaguelands.

    I hate the Plaguelands.

    I wish you all the best in getting the hell out of Outlands soon. <3

  4. Kurn…You fail so hard :) Shadow is by far one of the most “non-boring” specs, dps wise, in the game. You have more than 1-2 buttons you press :P. Start with VT,DP,SW:P,MF,SW:D and any non-elite mob will be dead. Transfer your priest to ET. My gnome warrior is 61 and I wouldn’t mind leveling with you :)
    <3 Euphay

  5. thansal – Pull 20 mobs and kill them slowly! That’s my vote, rather than Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts or Sethekk Halls!! Hell, I soloed Banthar, Bach’lor and Gutripper at 65. (Dispersion is OP.)

    X – Disc is a lot of fun, but kind of boring once your shields are absorbing everything. It’s like “here, tank. Have a shield.” And you wait for the shield to wear off. And it doesn’t. Haha. I can actually alt-tab (I play in windowed mode) and just keep an eye on the health and do other stuff. Seriously. I’m also a huge proponent of levelling the way you want to eventually play.

    Apple – awwww. I loved the Plaguelands! :D Maybe it’s just because it was high-level content I’d been hearing about forever, and then it was content I knew like the back of my hand, but I was SO THRILLED to get to the Plaguelands on all of my toons.

    Zangarmarsh is evil and must sink into the lake there. Honestly, I am so tired of Zangarmarsh and Slave Pens and Underbog and … whatever the third one there is called and also, yes, sick to death of Serpentshrine Cavern. If you could rep up in SSC, I would be exalted ten times over.

    At least you don’t even have to set foot in the Plaguelands these days. You can go to Un’Goro or Felwood and Winterspring and be 58 before you know it and then enjoy Outlands. ;D

    Euphay – I refuse to transfer any toons over to ET until I’m ready to move them all, basically. I have no resources on ET the way I do on PM atm. I have my JC, my alchemist, my skinner, my LW, my enchanter, my tailor, my miner, my herbalists, my scribe… yeah. Doesn’t make sense to move a toon over yet. :/

    Besides, Maj just transferred Lone over to PM where he and my brother are going to push to 80 together (Maj healing, my brother tanking on his paladin — and me struggling to catch up when I find those few moments that I don’t want to delete the toon).

    Thanks for the tip on VT first, btw! Also, Dispersion is totally OP, Y/Y? ;)

  6. Yeah, I noticed that when we had some low-levels throwing things at our “tank” in AB this morning. I tossed him a shield, a renew, and… Well, that was it. It went down about 5 seconds after Weakened Soul did. But then I get some hectic groups of like, 4 hunters and their pets, and it becomes a lot more fun. ‘Course, as soon as I get the talent to lower the cooldown on it by 4 seconds, it’ll be back to boring. I considered switching to holy, but I don’t think I’ll ever really PLAY as a holy priest at 80.

    Damn it. While writing this comment, it appears I accidentally selected “install the Yahoo! toolbar” during my JRE install. I’m blaming you for that, Kurn.

  7. You can always Holy Fire! Personally, I leveled Dia as Holy and Disc (Holy to Outlands, Disc to 70, Disc and Holy to 80) and had minimal issues soloing. Holy Fire (glyphed) + Smite Smite = Dead Monsters as Holy, and Penance + Smite Smite = Dead Monsters as Disc. (

    But for shadow leveling, most mobs will die too fast for you to really “sit” in your rotation. I suggest PW:S, SW:P, DP, Mind Flay until dead. Keep your 30 min buffs (IF and VE) up, and refresh your shield when needed. Disperse when things get hairy, and don’t be afraid to Scream and GTFO. ♥

    I hated leveling shadow for the same reason, but I’m trying it now on Priest #2 and it’s a lot of fun. Priest #3 is Disc. I actually do most of my questing and dailies at 80 as either Disc or Holy, and both specs are fine for it. It’s just slow, though in my experience not much slower than Shadow is.

  8. I leveled my first priest as disc/holy and Kaleri I leveled as shadow.

    I really liked Shadow around 40ish because it’s absolutely insane. It gets a bit harders, but I used to farm stuff in Nagrand by dotting 6-7 mobs all with VE on them and I’d just kinda run around, haha. But I guess VE’s changed now :/.

    Anyway, just wait until you first queue for Utgarde Keep. Fad and I swear that that instance in particular just brings out the stupid.

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