MoP Beta Access

It seems another bunch of beta invites went out today. I logged in to my account and was rewarded with beta access of my very own.

I’ve already copied my hunter and paladin from Eldre’Thalas to Lost Isles (US).

If you have questions about stuff for hunters or (specifically holy) paladins at this point in the Mists beta, please let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them. I will be taking a TON of screenshots, too, and babbling about general game stuff, I’m sure.

Just don’t expect me to roll a panda or a monk. :P

2 Replies to “MoP Beta Access”

  1. Baaaah, you have to roll a panda at least once, they have a hunter for a class option and you can give feedback on the lowbie hunter experience. :P Then you need never ever touch them ever again even when they’re live.

  2. If you’re questing at all as the paladin, I’d love to hear about how that feels with the quest rewards changes.

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