Oh What a Weekend!

(To anyone who can tell me where that blog title is from, I will give you 100g if we’re ever on the same server.)

All right, folks. I am taking the weekend off, basically. I’m heading up to my parents’ country house with my parents, my brother and my grandmother and will endeavour to go canoeing, do some walking, do some reading in the sun (!) and do things like play silly card games or board games with my family.

I will be bringing my laptop up with me, but I will only have dialup access, which means:

– I will not be able to go through parses because the load time is insane.

– Email replies will not be as instantaneous as normal. ;)

– I will probably not blog.

– I will not be on twitter much, if at all.

– I will not be in-game pretty much at all, not on live or on beta.

I know. You’ll all miss me terribly between now and Sunday evening. I encourage you to go out and get some sun before summer’s over! Or, you know, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, feel free to keep surfing the Internet. I know that 3 degrees Celsius is chilly for you people. ;)

Have a great weekend, folks. Kurn’s Corner will resume content posting on Mondayish. :)

2 Replies to “Oh What a Weekend!”

  1. Have a nice weekend! I’ll just ignore the fact that I have to work the entire weekend, am not getting my vacation next week and have to work a standby shift the entire next weekend for a shitty 50 euros.


    Sorry :)
    Bottom line is: have a nice weekend!

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