Heroic Sindragosa is ugly.

How ugly?

Check this out.

[00:08:11.512] Other Holy Pally Beacon of Light MT +0 (O: 21191)
[00:08:11.526] Sindragosa Frost Breath MT 48509 (A: 510)
[00:08:11.781] Madrana Flash of Light MT +998
[00:08:12.041] Sindragosa hits MT 19535 (O: 11934)
[00:08:12.680] MT dies

Two hits in .529 seconds killed my main tank. who has somewhere around 63k health when raid buffed.


All kinds of other guild crap going on. I move ever closer to gquitting. It would be more of a ragequit, though. And I like to think I’m above that. I’ll get into it or whatever later.

Priest is 59 and a half, healing through Hellfire Ramparts for the second time. Penance is almost within my grasp!

3 Replies to “Oof.”

  1. … Ow.

    Does that parse take into account any damage resisted? For that matter, short of Sindragosa’s Flawless Fang, is there any feasible way of increasing frost resist for that fight, beyond Gift of the Wild or Frost Resist Aura? And the obvious potion, but with damage like that, I doubt ~5000 damage resisted (/absorbed) would make a difference. Less advice (obvs) and more curiosity.

  2. There was 0 damage resisted. Perhaps due to positioning, he was OOR of Frost Resist Aura.

    He and the OT put on some Frost Resist gear:

    [01:36:49.274] Sindragosa Frost Breath MT 36304 (A: 37, R: 18979)
    [01:37:11.721] Sindragosa Frost Breath MT 23562 (R: 28713)
    [01:38:25.568] Sindragosa Frost Breath MT 28680 (R: 23300)
    [01:38:47.625] Sindragosa Frost Breath MT 26409 (A: 3863, R: 24593)
    [01:39:09.279] Sindragosa Frost Breath MT 29604 (R: 24050)

    So you can see that he was resisting maybe 50% of it on average and we made sure there was a FrR totem down near him as well as FrR aura up for the rest of the raid.

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