Thank God Tuesday is our day off. I am totally burnt.

We spent half of Thursday and all of Sunday and some of Monday wiping to heroic Putricide, whom we’d gotten down precisely once thus far. He finally went down again tonight, which was nice, but boy, talk about a herculean effort.

We spent some time with heroic Sindragosa, which is nightmarish as always. Finally, we decided to stop wiping and just do it on normal so we could get to the Lich King with plenty of time to do our last achievement for Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25). (Incidentally, I got a GM to confirm that Neck-Deep in Vile (25) is required for this achievement! Good thing we got it done last week.)

That last achievement was Been Waiting a Long Time for This. I don’t even actually know how we did this, but I do know that I was totally out of mana moving into the first transition phase. I learned early on as we were learning (and wiping regularly on) Lich King that meleeing Raging Spirits during transition phases isn’t the safest way to regen my mana, but, by golly, that’s what I did tonight.

The reason I was out of mana was because of what Necrotic Plague does. See that little bit right there? “The Lich King’s power will increase”? Yeah. See, he normally hits my MT for about 25k before absorbs, blocks and the like.

As we went through the achievement, he was hitting him for 43835 towards the end. No freaking wonder I was oom!

Anyways, we let the plague stack to 30, pushed for the transition and went about our merry way killing him, without quite knowing if we’d done it right or if it had bugged out, since you only get the achievement once he dies.

BOOYA, got it. :) It’s my first-ever “Glory of the something” drake and, might I add, it’s freaking cool looking. Makes me wish I were a gatherer on the pally so I could fly around looking awesome.

That said, it’s been a long raiding week. I increasingly want to wring the necks of half my guildies, particularly the dipshit DK who keeps bitching that he’s not getting kings for some reason and actually spammed the raid with like 10 lines of him saying “kings on dks!!!!” while on heroic Putricide… when he’s the only death knight in the freaking raid. The best part? He HAD kings, albeit the 10m version (someone’s addon was screwy, I guess), so it’s not like he didn’t HAVE the buff.

He released after falling off the side tonight on LK and so didn’t get his achievement, drake or any loot.

I laughed out loud when I realized he wouldn’t get it and really enjoy the prospect that Mr. Asshat won’t be flying a drake for at least another week.

Yeah, I’m mean. I know. But it still made me laugh. :D

10 Replies to “Oof.”

  1. Good lord. Those are some nasty hits on the tank. :o You have a warrior MTing, don’t you?

  2. I had something to ask about warriors versus druids as far as your healing preference goes, but I forgot. :(

  3. In ICC? Warriors. The 20% hit to dodge sucks. Warriors can block and parry and have Shield Wall, not just Last Stand. Actually, I would prefer paladins, but we don’t have a pally tank.

  4. Yeah, I already took Chill of the Throne into account. I think it was about your thoughts outside of ICC. “Would you prefer more mitigation/avoidance or a greater health pool,” or something like that.

  5. Mitigation is always the smarter stat. It means less panic, most of the time. Although it’s cool to see our bear tank top 100k health with Survival Instincts, it’s really more overall healing done to the bear than a warrior or paladin or even a DK.

  6. That’s it: Ignoring the fact that you’ll be working harder to keep a druid up, does the extra health a bear tank can have ever offset the potential for two or three unlucky hits on (for example) a warrior? In current content, as far as I know, Sindy is the only boss that can parry haste, so it may be a moot point, but. Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. We have a druid tank and a pally tank – and I can ‘feel’ the difference when healing the druid on H 10m LK. It’s near impossible to stop a 1.2 sec heal, so I just let them roll through – and generally just as I’m feeling like everything is OK and I can use FoL for a second “BOOM” he’s down 60%.

    Give me steady mitigation any day of the week.

  8. adgamorix – Ditto. Our bear is well-geared, a decent player, but he’s not the MT or the OT and just tanks occasionally. And on those occasions, you better believe I’m pre-healing him before he taunts. :)

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