So tired. I was about to fall asleep and then I forgot that I had wanted to put up our Halion 25 kill shot and that dragged me out of bed and back to the computer.

It’s been a busy few weeks. 7 raid nights in 3 weeks of 3 hours each. That’s 21 hours.

In that time:

11/12 ICC 25 normal + 3/12 ICC 25 heroic (Marrowgar, Gunship, Rotface) + Halion on 25

And the LK fight is progressing nicely.

I have stuff to say about the raids, but ultimately, the little details don’t matter as much as the realization that I’m having fun — despite being stressed and a little frantic here and there — and raiding with my peeps. These are my people, the ones I raided with in BC and in pre-BC, in some cases. Some of them found Apotheosis through this blog and have become awesome members of the guild.

They’re my people.

And we’re working together as a team. It’s not perfect yet, but we’re tuning things. We’re getting the hang of EPGP and using that to roll on items. We’re actually all there and zoned in by start time, which astounds me, in a great way, every single time it’s happened. Which is every raid, by the way.

We’ve spent a lot of time wiping on things, but nothing has been so terrible that we’ve just given up on it.

Halion took us two hours tonight. That was probably a good 30-45 minutes more than I thought it would take. But we toughed it out. Most people had never seen the fight before or hadn’t done the fight on 25 in that capacity before. I even had to heal in the Twilight Realm and didn’t die to cutters, cleave or shadow breath. I mean, really. Momentous occasion.

And trash! TRASH WAS SO CLEAN. We lost two or three people TOTAL on all the trash packs in there. It was glorious to have people listen to the instructions.

If the last three weeks have been any indication of what Cataclysm is going to be like… I may have to stop drinking quite so much haterade.

Bed now. Something appropriately paladinesque sometime on Monday.

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  1. Not sure if it’s something you would be interested in…but thought I’d make the suggestion anyway.

    Now that the raid lockouts have changed, Jubilance usually takes 10 people into RS after Tuesday night’s 25man raid and clears the trash out. That way all we have to do is kill Halion at the beginning of Wednesday night’s raid. It saves time and makes it so we can jump right back into ICC, while still getting the benefit of farming the yummy trinkets off Halion.

    I’m glad to hear the guild is going so well! It’s good to hear you sounding happy. :)

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