Peaks and Valleys

This game is full of ups and downs. One minute, you’re on top of the world, the next, you’re nothing but food for Deathwing.

Apotheosis has had an interesting week, to say the least. While I don’t want to be constantly talking about my guild, I do want to share what’s happening in my WoW life. I hope that what I’m sharing has some resonance with others, despite the specific circumstances we’ve experienced.

The Peaks:

– We took a fury warrior app, turned him into a prot warrior app, threw him into the fire and he did remarkably well.

– Despite not having two of our main-spec tanks on Sunday and only six healers available to us, we still cleared Bastion of Twilight that night.

– Even though he gave us fits at the end of the raid on Tuesday and all of Thursday, we killed Nefarian again. It’s always tricky to introduce new players to a fight that isn’t quite on farm. It’s somewhat embarassing to wipe as often as we did, though, after previously 4-shotting him.

– Due to the generous donations of various guildies, including the ever-awesome Toga, we got the Better Leveling Through Chemistry achievement and, therefore, access to the Recipe: Big Cauldron of Battle. (I never want to make flasks again, I swear to God. I probably made about 700 of those flasks over the last 2-3 weeks.) This is going to allow us to provide the vast majority of raiders with flasks every raid night, although we’re looking into ideas as to how to make it sustainable. For this first week, we’re not requiring anything of anyone, since we have a ton of flasks in the bank due to pushing for the achievement, but making it sustainable would be lovely. (Would love to hear your suggestions, too!)

– We hit Level 20, so we have access to the new heirloom helms and we get 30 flasks per Big Cauldron of Battle versus 20. (My 44 mage alt has the helm, the shoulders, the cloak, the chest, the staff, the trinket and the ring. She has +40% experience from killing monsters or completing quests. How ridiculous is that?!)

– We got a new holy/disc priest app who interviewed very well and so we extended a trial position to her. She transferred over on Sunday evening and will be in the lineup tonight!

– We got our balance druid back after he had to be away for about three weeks due to visa issues.

– We got another healing priest app that we have an interview with tomorrow.

It was a pretty good week for the guild, given all those peaks, right? Some stabilization of the roster, clearing content, getting gear for people, getting shards for the bank and people’s enchants, pushing the guild level and getting that cauldron… Really, on all fronts, that was a pretty decent week. But then… Then you have the valleys.

The Valleys:

– While we did 5/6 BWD in about 90 minutes, Nefarian took us the next 4 hours of raiding to get down. After 4-shotting him on the previous Sunday. That sucked. Off nights happen, but ugh.

– No progression. The plan was to play with heroic Halfus on Thursday. That was assuming that Nefarian would be dead on Tuesday. When he wasn’t dead on Tuesday, we still figured we’d easily get 90ish minutes on heroic Halfus on Thursday. Except we didn’t, because we spent the vast majority of Thursday night on Nefarian.

– Sunday, without two main-spec tanks (our tank officer is on vacation for a week and my brother was out celebrating at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade), was not the optimum moment to go back to heroic Halfus attempts, so we did it on normal and it went fine. Valiona and Theralion were one-shotted as well, but oh God, the messiness. /facepalm I don’t know what it is about this fight, but people just do not do it well. It’s so bad that last night, I dreamt that we wiped on them 8 times and that a specific warlock was eating some ability every single attempt and they were completely unaware until I was like “Yo, what is UP with you eating (ability) and dying on every single fight?!” and the response was “Oh. Is that what’s killing me? Huh.” (My guildies are not like this, but there are people who do struggle with the fight.) Council and Cho’gall were similarly rough, but we persevered and got through, despite only having 6 healers and our new prot warrior who’s never tanked those fights before, never mind killed those bosses with us.

– There was an incident between two raiders between Council wipes that required Darista and I to tell them to cut it out. The incident led to the officers and I debating what to do with one of the individuals involved, who had previously been warned about their behaviour. As the GM, I wrote to the individual and explained to them that they’d been previously warned and that the officers were now going to take action, although we didn’t know what that would be and were currently deliberating. Rather than wait for our decision, the individual declared their intention to leave the guild yesterday. They did so later in the day. As a result, we are a weaker raid group, without question.

This is the first incident of a raiding member of Apotheosis /gquitting and searching for a new home due to circumstances within the guild. We’ve had a couple gquit due to their own personal availability issues that they had not informed us about previously, which is fine. We’ve had a few people just stop playing the game, too, so losing a member isn’t new. But losing a member due to conflict is just not cool.

In general, if you leave my guild, you are dead to me. I don’t take kindly to people moving on to greener pastures, nor do I tolerate impulsive /gquits that stem from anger or misunderstandings. This was neither of those; this was the individual in question choosing to take their fate into their own hands. Rather than wait even 24 hours for the officers to discuss the issue, the individual took the decision out of our hands and into their own.

While I’m not happy with how things went down, I wouldn’t do things differently. Warnings only go so far before action must be taken. Threatened action must have that follow through, lest no one take said threatened action seriously in the future. Similarly, the individual must have thought they were doing the right thing for them, and I can’t fault them for doing what they felt needed to be done, despite the fact my team is weaker for it. But it still sucks.

– Relatedly, someone who was almost certainly from my guild then chose to troll the aforementioned individual’s new “hey, I’m available!” recruitment post. This is probably the most disheartening part of it all, so I hope they’re reading this. This troll is a coward, a jackass and someone I don’t want in my guild. They made me act like an adult and intervene in the individual’s recruitment thread to indicate that the troll’s comments were not my feelings about the individual, because it was the right thing to do, both personally and professionally. News flash: having to act like an adult when I’m already pissed off and already struggling to be civil in general is one of my least favourite things to do, so on a personal level, I’m seriously angry. To this troll I ask, why not let sleeping dogs lie? You didn’t like the person and you were rid of them. Congratulations, you won. It could have, and should have, ended there with a quiet celebration on your part.

But then you had to post in their recruitment thread like a gloating 12-year-old? Seriously? You’re an ass if you feel you have to get in the last word just as someone’s left the guild and try to prevent them from getting guilded elsewhere because you happen to not like them. Get the hell out of my guild immediately. You are not the type of person I want in my guild. That’s not how we roll. We try to treat people with respect, dammit, and if I ever find out who you are, I’m gkicking you for being such a stain on our guild’s reputation and culture.

It’s seriously disappointing to discover that someone who is apparently so insecure about their own sense of self-worth that they need to troll a former member’s new thread is almost certainly in my guild. I honestly feel dirty.

– Right. Back to the valleys… Our tank officer is still out of town until Saturday so he won’t be around until Sunday’s raid, which means we may not get a chance to do any progression until then, unless things go very smoothly in BWD, which would open up some time for Conclave and Al’Akir on Thursday.

– One of my healers is in the hospital at the moment (should be back home maybe as early as Thursday?), another is halfway out the door (for life-is-busy reasons. He’ll continue to make most raids just in case until April, but not tonight.) so various circumstances mean I have 5-6 healers for tonight. Good times?


It’s been an interesting week, sort of in the Chinese curse sense of the word (“May you live in interesting times.“), but an interesting week nonetheless. Seriously. This was my inbox yesterday:

Anyways, up next for us is probably either heroic Halfus, Al’Akir or maybe even a peek at heroic Maloriak, if I can convince people to do so tonight. ;)

Finally, Apotheosis is still recruiting a second elemental shaman, a second moonkin and would consider a second restoration druid. None of these are bench positions; we swap people out pretty equally and even I’m sat out now and again. Apply today!

7 Replies to “Peaks and Valleys”

  1. Grats on the kills once again.

    But ouch on the lows. I know how that goes. there is some rumbling going on here as well in my guild. Oh well we’ll see how things pan out.

  2. Man, that ain’t cool. I’m the guild troll, and even I know better than to do that to other guildmates if they’re looking for a new group to raid with.

    Despite the hiccups we’re dealing with, once we get everyone back and raiding together, I expect more of that fantastic killing that Apotheosis is known for. We’re just too good to be sitting at this point of progression for much longer.

    Also, I don’t have a clue what your dream meant. Warlocks don’t die. ;)

  3. How do you get so many applicants? I am on a fairly populated server (Mal’Ganis), and it’s like pulling teeth. We are desperately needing a few more people for our roster, and I have been trying to recruit anywhere and everywhere I can! Any advice?

    And every guild has their off nights. We did this week due to an excessive troll. It happens, unfortunately. :(

  4. I find it sad and depressing that someone we raid with is acting this way. I commend you for how you handled the situation on the thread (though I didn’t see it, I have to take your word for it).

    Here’s to better raiding and more progression. And less valleys.

  5. @Alvari: I may be putting words into Kurn’s mouth, but we’re getting so many apps because we’re awesome.

  6. slice – Thanks, buddy. :)

    Sorry to hear there are rumblings in your guild. Something that I keep trying to keep in focus is that this is the first tier of Cataclysm. Holding on until the second tier isn’t always going to be easy, but lots of people change guilds at the end of or start of new tiers. It seems like a natural end-point. Since T12 will (almost?) certainly contain the legendary, there are a LOT of casters who will be pissed off with how their current guilds handle that. ;)

    X – Yeah, pretty disheartening to say the least. :(

    The hiccups… eh. I agree — I think some are bored with our current plateau, because it’s not due to skill or lack thereof. It’s due to personal schedules. Hopefully we can walk into Bastion and take down Halfus on the weekend and then clear through to Cho. Who will not drop my bracers. Because he’s an asshat.

    hehe, re: my dream. I don’t even think the warlock is actually in our guild, I just remember a purple box on my Grid.

    Alvari – There’s a trend in our applicants, of late — they’re just about all missing a Nefarian kill. I feel as though we’re at a level of progression people feel comfortable applying to (“well hey, the ONLY thing I haven’t done is Nefarian!”), but killing Nef seems to give us a measure of respect.

    We also have a dedicated “headhunter”, if you will, who is pretty darn geared and pretty good at seeking out people in the roles we’re seeking.

    It also helps when your blog gets ~900-~1100 hits a day, and you’re plugging your guild every other post and have a recruitment widget leading to your guild site, I’m guessing. ;D

    And X might also be on to something. ;)

    What I recommend with regards to recruiting:

    – Constantly refresh the official guild recruitment forum
    – Make sure your guild openings are listed on your official realm forum
    – Make sure your application process is clear and direct and also lists your openings
    – Go to various forums. Need a shadow priest? Need a healer? PlusHeal. Etc. :)
    – Make sure you’re selling yourself! People don’t need walls of text, they need relevant information:

    a) Days and times of raids (use ET, PT, CT, etc instead of “server time” — people don’t know what server time is unless you state it, so like “We raid 9pm-12am Eastern Time, which is also server time” rather than “We raid 8pm-11pm server time”)
    b) Clear server type/faction/raid size (We’re an Alliance raiding guild on a PVE server, focused on 25-man raiding.)
    c) Clear class/spec openings.
    d) Clear loot system description (DKP, EPGP, Loot Council, /roll, etc)
    e) Attendance requirement, if any
    f) CONTACT INFO. Either twitter, email, officers in-game, etc. And if someone leaves their email, definitely contact them via that avenue as well. :)

    Hestiah – Admittedly, there’s a possibility they’re NOT from our guild, but circumstantial evidence (the content of the troll’s post) indicates they’re at least passingly familiar with our guild. I couldn’t let that pass. Even if the troll isn’t in the guild, hopefully the guildies all now know exactly what I expect of them.

  7. @ Kurn: Thanks for the advice! I’ve been creeping the Guild Recruitment forum and have been posting on our guild forums, but I think once we gain our Nef kill (we just downed Cho’gall… moving on to Nef now), it will pick up. It also doesn’t help that Mal’Ganis has 923283 other guilds who are x10 better than you. :/ We are a super casual guild, so that makes it hard sometimes.

    Anyway, you’ve given me some great ideas to help lure in some folks! ;) Thank you!

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