Ready to Wear: Kurn's Tier 12 Loot List for Holy Paladins

I should have done this probably about two weeks ago, but I can’t stand loot lists. At all. Still, here are the results of my research.

Please bear in mind this is all my own opinion and is skewed as such. This is NOT a definitive best-in-slot guide, it’s merely what I’ll be looking for.

This is the way I will be prioritizing secondary stats:

Spirit > Haste > Crit > Mastery

Why? Well, spirit will take priority in my secondary stats because of the rise in mana costs for Divine Light, Holy Light and Flash of Light, as well as the reduced cooldown on Holy Radiance. We’re going to be spending more mana, so I’m going to want more spirit.

Haste is what permits me to get that cast off just that much sooner. It is a stat that improves throughput by virtue of allowing us to cast more frequently and will also reduce the global cooldown, allowing us to get to casting our next spells and abilities more quickly, if we have enough of it. (We’re not quite there yet through gear and a couple of enchants alone. Maybe at the heroic T12 level or when T13 comes out, but we’re not there yet.)

Crit, despite the fact our crits will hit for double a regular heal instead of 1.5 times a regular heal, still is a bit underwhelming. Crit is also a throughput stat and we still need some of it for maximum uptime on Conviction, but crit is unpredictable at best and another word for overhealing at worst. Granted, it makes mastery look better, since if you crit with a Divine Light, you’ll make a much larger Illuminated Healing shield than you would previously, but it’s still not something I value terribly much.

Mastery, despite its recent buffs, still doesn’t thrill me. Sorry. You can read more about my thoughts here.

Things to keep in mind:

– There is a LOT of gear that is going to be available. I’m going to focus specifically on gear that is item level 378, although will touch on some other item levels.
– If things work the way they did in T11, you will be able to purchase your T12 chest, T12 legs and T12 gloves with Valor Points, as well as get a chance for your legs and gloves to drop from the new Baradin Hold boss, Occu’thar.
– If things work the way they did in T11, we can expect our tier shoulders and helms to be on the last couple of bosses in Firelands.
– The 2-piece T12 bonus is certainly worth it, especially considering our Tier 12 is much better itemized than our Tier 11 was. While the 4-piece hasn’t really been mathed out, let’s assume we’ll want to aim for it. Again, T12 gear is a lot closer to my itemization desires than T11 was, so picking up four pieces will feel a lot better than trying to get 4pc of T11.
– Beth’tilac, Alysrazor, Shannox and Lord Rhyolith are supposed to be done in any order. Once entering Sulfuron Keep, you face Baleroc, Majordomo Staghelm and Ragnaros, in that order. As such, I’ll be referring to drops from the first four bosses as dropping “from (name), one of the first four bosses” or “the fifth/sixth/final boss”.

One of my key research sites, the Best In Slot resource from Vile Pickle, is no longer being maintained and has been replaced by the WoW Best in Slot Resource. However, my holy paladin buddy, Walks, has shared with me and the other raiders of Apotheosis, this fun little site at, which allows you to sort by the various stats you’d like to see. I highly recommend it. Thanks, Walks! :)

So, here we go.

Tier 12/ilvl 378 Holy Paladin Loot List


Immolation Headguard: Our Tier 12 helm is the best for this slot. Unfortunately, this probably also drops off Ragnaros, the seventh and final boss in Firelands. It’s beautiful, though. Beefy with intellect, spirit and haste, a red socket with a 30 intellect socket bonus… Oh man. I might be drooling.

Casque of Flame: Until you down Ragnaros, you will almost certainly want to grab this helm as an upgrade. The Casque of Flame is quite similar, in fact, to our tier helm. It actually has 19 more Spirit. Unfortunately, it has 211 mastery on it instead of 245 haste. Blah. With reforging to haste from that 211 mastery, you can get 84 haste on it, leaving 127 mastery on it. Still, this is also kind of deep into Firelands, dropping from Baleroc, the fifth boss in the instance. (Now I wish I had the heroic Glaciated Helm to tide me over. Alas!)


Heartstone of Rhyolith: Dropping off of one of the first four bosses in Firelands, Lord Rhyolith, this is probably your best bet for a 378 neck. You can reforge that mastery to haste and get 53 haste and 80 mastery.

Flowform Choker: Totally sub-par due to the lack of spirit and the presence of mastery. Maybe if you’re desperate? I don’t know. This is almost certainly meant for caster DPS. It drops off Majordomo Staghelm, the sixth boss of Firelands. No, wait, I’m not thinking. This is great DESPITE the lack of spirit because it’s the only one that has a socket and a red one at that. Drop 40 int in there and get a total of 277 intellect. If you’re waiting for an okay upgrade, grab the Heartstone, though, since this does drop from Majordomo Staghelm, the sixth boss of Firelands.

Firemind Pendant: Wow. More spirit/mastery. Roughly equivalent to the raid drop, this will do if you have 1250 Valor Points to drop. In fact, the Heartstone is only “better” in my mind because it has 18 more spirit. It’s a really small difference. Also, there are better things to buy out there with your precious Valor Points if you have access to the raid drop.


Immolation Mantle: Our Tier 12 shoulders are our best bet here, but again, they are almost certainly going to drop off Majordomo Staghelm, the sixth boss in Firelands.

Spaulders of Manifold Eyes: Supposedly dropping off Beth’tilac, one of the first four Firelands bosses, these will be a nice upgrade for anyone non-heroic T11 shoulders while they wait for their T12 shoulders. You can reforge that nasty mastery to haste and get 65 haste out of it, leaving 97 mastery on the shoulders.


Flowing Flamewrath Cape: Pretty sad, but this is the only viable option for us. It’s from the Avengers of Hyjal at Friendly reputation.

Who ARE the Avengers of Hyjal? Why they’re the new rep associated with the Firelands raid! This is separate from the new daily quest hub, which will reward Guardians of Hyjal rep. Avengers of Hyjal will work roughly like the Ashen Verdict from Icecrown Citadel in that you’ll only gain rep for it inside the instance. However, a blue post did say that you will NOT be able to grind your way to exalted by killing trash mobs.


Immolation Breastplate: This will probably be purchasable for 2200 Valor Points and most likely will not drop from Occu’thar in Baradin Hold. It’s got a spirit/crit mix, but if you’re going for 4pc, you probably want this over the other breastplate we can get this tier. If you’re going for 2pc, this is not one of the pieces you want.

Clutch of the Firemother: Dropping from Alysrazor, one of the first four bosses in Firelands, this is a lovely piece. Its accessibility, since it drops from one of the first four bosses, makes it an easy upgrade, much like how the Breastplate of Avenging Flame from Magmaw was an easy chest upgrade for us in Tier 11. That said, you probably don’t want to wear this when you’re trying for your 4pc set bonus. It’s still a great piece, but you’re better off with your tier chest in the end. (That does not mean you should pass on this beauty!)


Bracer options? Seriously?! Yay! Too bad the itemization is still pretty bad.

Bracers of Imperious Truths: BOE bracers from Valor Points! Hallelujah and screw you, Cho’gall! These will be purchasable with 1250 Valor Points and will be obtainable shortly after the first week of 4.2, if it’s the first thing you’re going to buy with Valor Points. If Cho’gall never showed you love, pick these suckers up. Bear in mind that you should save an alt’s Valor Points for these rather than buy them on your paladin. Save those Valor Points for the BOP items on your paladin and pick these up either through the auction house or using an alt’s Valor Points.

Bracers of the Dread Hunter: Of course, you could also get a slightly worse (due to mastery) drop from Shannox, one of the first four bosses in Firelands.


Well, now, this is certainly interesting…

Holy Flame Gauntlets: That noise you just heard, that sounded like a choir of angels bursting into pitch-perfect, harmonized sound? Yup. That’s because of these gloves. They are fan-freaking-tastic. And yes, they are BOE. That’s because they are crafted and do NOT currently have a heroic version!

Mats are: 10 Hardened Elementium Bar, 40 Volatile Fire, 4 Living Embers, 3 Chaos Orbs and a partridge in a pear tree

The Living Embers are almost certainly a BOE drop from mobs inside Firelands. They may also be purchasable via Valor Points the way Emblems of Frost could buy you Primordial Saronites. But none of that is confirmed. The Chaos Orbs may or may not be BOP come 4.2, although smart money has them still being BOP. That means that these gloves are going to cost a small fortune. We won’t have a good idea of how much the Living Embers and Chaos Orbs will raise the price, but the bars and the fire aren’t cheap, either. At least the Plans: Holy Flame Gauntlets appear to be unbound…

So if you’re not rich, what’s your best option?

Grips of the Raging Giant: These drop from Lord Rhyolith, one of the first four bosses in Firelands. It’s a spirit/crit mix here, which isn’t bad, but they are not as amazing as the Holy Flame Gauntlets. Still, they’re about a hundred times easier to get.

But wait, what about our tier gloves? Won’t those be easy to get?

Immolation Gloves: Almost certain to drop from Occu’thar in Baradin Hold and probably purchasable with 1650 Valor Points, they’re easier to acquire than the Grips listed above… but what’s this? No freaking spirit. None. That’s our belt and our tier gloves with 0 spirit on them so far. So should we really get the tier gloves if we’re going for 4pc?

The possible combinations for maintaining 4pc are as follows. All numbers include reforging crit to haste or spirit, where applicable:

Tier Chest/Holy Flame Gauntlets

Spirit: 473
Crit: 135
Haste: 277

Tier Chest/Grips of the Raging Giant

Spirit: 481
Crit: 241
Haste: 161

Tier Gloves/Clutch of the Firemother

Spirit: 342
Crit: 106
Haste: 436

After looking at everything, I have to recommend you take the Tier 12 Chest and the Grips of the Raging Giant (which WILL have a heroic version) to get as much spirit as possible, with the Holy Flame Gauntlets as a good piece for you if you’re just hitting 85 and want to sort of catch up to current raiders quickly. If you are NOT having trouble with mana, go with the tier gloves and the Clutch of the Firemother.


Oh sweet Lord. Our belt choices. Or rather, our singular choice for a belt. Say hello to the ONLY belt we can snag at the 378 level.

Belt of the Seven Seals: No spirit?! Augh! Take that 208 crit and turn it into 83 spirit and 125 crit.

But wait, that’s not all! The belt is only available from the Avengers of Hyjal and only once you hit Honored!

So, wait, let’s look at this. The only 378 belt with intellect in the game:

– lacks spirit
– is only available via raid reputation

Great. So not only is it difficult to get in the sense that you have to be part of a raiding guild or raid group, but it kind of sucks in terms of itemization.

At least there’s no mastery?


Oh thank God we can follow up that epic failure with a piece of gear that is awesome.

Immolation Greaves: Intellect? Check. Spirit? Check. Haste? Check. Two sockets? Check. Probably easy to obtain? Check! These are awesome. Probably costing 2200 Valor Points or dropping from Occu’thar in Baradin Hold, they are certainly a very easy item to get in comparison to many others. Truly a huge upgrade for just about anyone not wearing the heroic version of the Legguards of the Emerald Brood and even then, it’s still a good upgrade. These legs are one of the first upgrades anyone should reasonably look at.

Legplates of Absolute Control: Likely dropping off of Shannox, one of the first four bosses in Firelands, I… well. I don’t really know why you’d pick these up unless you got supremely lucky on your first Shannox kill and they would be otherwise disenchanted or something. It’ll take a bit more than two weeks’ worth of Valor Points to get the tier legs or a lucky Baradin Hold drop, so there is a small gap between when these become available through Firelands and when anyone can reasonably attain their Tier 12 legs, but… chances are you want to overlook these, unless you are in 346/359 legs that are NOT the Legguards of the Emerald Brood, or you really prefer crit to haste.


Emberforged Elementium Boots. These amazing boots require 10 Hardened Elementium Bars, 40 Volatile Fire, 4 Living Embers and 3 Chaos Orbs, just like the awesome Holy Flame Gauntlets. These are amazing boots, but again, you’re going to want to be quite wealthy or lucky to get these. Again, they will NOT have a heroic version, so bear that in mind. I’ll also have to recommend these go to a newer 85 holy paladin who is trying to catch up to current raiders.

Treads of the Penitent Man: These are likely what we’ll end up using if we can’t afford the crafted boots and definitely what we’ll need in order to get the heroic versions, someday. They drop from Majordomo Staghelm, the sixth boss in Firelands. (Anyone else muttering to themselves over and over “only the penitent man will pass, only the penitent man will pass, penitent, penintent, penitent…”? No? Just me then? All right.)


Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers: This is a ring every raider will eventually be able to acquire, since it’s from the Avengers of Hyjal once you hit exalted. The mastery sucks, but the intellect, spirit, socket and socket bonus are nice. Reforge the mastery to haste and you get 51 haste and 76 mastery.

Soothing Brimstone Circle: Uh, yeah, this is basically the only other ring out there at 378. There’s a caster ring, but there’s neither haste nor spirit on it, so stick with this one. This will cost you 1250 Valor Points.


Still not much in the way of choices here, ladies and gentlemen.

Fiery Quintessence: Well, the name amuses me because I’ve had my fair share of Aqual Quintessences and still own an Eternal Quintessence. I really like that they’re not redoing Molten Core, but that we still have some references to that time. Anyway, you get this trinket at Revered with the Avengers of Hyjal. I’m not altogether thrilled by this one, but maybe the extra spirit will be useful, given our stupid belt situation. The on-use is also interesting and we may want to have a macro so we can use the trinket to precede Divine Plea’s cast, so we get the extra benefit of ~17k mana for the regen. (Note to self: Don’t forget to do that when you get the trinket!)

Jaws of Defeat: Geez, another on-use. This is a little more interesting, though. “Your next 10 spells cast within 20 sec will reduce the cost of your holy and nature spells by 110, stacking up to 10 times. (2 Min Cooldown)” Not really sure how that’s going to work out, but certainly the 383 Intellect will be very happy making. This drops off of Majordomo Staghelm, the sixth boss in Firelands.

Eye of Blazing Power: Another option is this one, from Alysrazor, one of the first four bosses in Firelands. Unfortunately, it seems to be not an exceedingly awesome choice for a holy paladin UNLESS it procs off all Light of Dawn hits. (Or all Holy Radiance ticks. But I’m not holding my breath.) Comments on Wowhead indicate a 45s internal cooldown (ICD), heals for 16kish, crits for 32kish, procs off HoT ticks, has a 40y range from the target of the original heal and it can heal pets. But if there are no valid targets in range, the ICD goes off, but no heal does.


Singed Plume of Aviana: Pretty much the only choice we have here. Spirit and haste, though, so that’s of the happy-making. It’ll cost you 700 Valor Points.


Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord: Three guesses as to who drops this baby. ;) That’s right, Ragnaros, the final boss of the Firelands instance. Great itemization for us, too, with spirit and haste.

Eye of Purification: No idea where it drops, but suffice it to say this is AWESOME. A spellpower AXE? Sign me up!!! Pallies and shaman are the only casters/healers who can use axes, so no arguing with the warlocks and mages for swords and priests and druids can keep the maces… this is awesome! Sure, the stats aren’t as good as Rag’s hammer, but COME ON! A caster axe!

Lightforged Elementium Hammer: Yeah, it’s not 378 item level, but if you’re really hard-pressed to get something, there’s this as an option. It’s crafted and does not require any Living Embers.


Ward of the Red Widow: Again, just one real option for us, but at least it’s got good itemization. This drops off Beth’tilac, one of the first four bosses in Firelands. And its existence doesn’t make me so sad that I never got the heroic shield from Atramedes, because it definitely is much better in terms of itemization.



Okay, so assuming you are terribly unlucky in terms of drops and you’re going for the 4pc T12 bonus (with the chest, not the gloves), this is what you’re looking at:

Firemind Pendant – 1250
Immolation Breastplate – 2200
Bracers of Imperious Truths – 1250
Immolation Greaves – 2200
Soothing Brimstone Circle – 1250
Singed Plume of Aviana – 700

For a total of 8850 Valor Points.

I’d really recommend this order:

1) Immolation Greaves (great piece)
2) Bracers of Imperious Truths (yay bracers! You could also buy these or, better yet, use an alt’s Valor Points for these!)
3) Singed Plume of Aviana (only relic)
4) Soothing Brimstone Circle (one of two rings)
5) Firemind Pendant (if needed)
6) Immolation Breastplate (this can move up if you don’t get the Clutch early on or you get shoulders and want 4pc quickly)



Ward of the Red Widow (Shield)

Lord Rhyolith

Heartstone of Rhyolith (Neck)
Grips of the Raging Giant (Gloves)


Eye of Blazing Power (Trinket)
Clutch of the Firemother (Chest)


Bracers of the Dread Hunter (Bracers)


Casque of Flame (Helm)

Majordomo Staghelm

Jaws of Defeat (Trinket)
Flowform Choker (Neck)
Treads of the Penitent Man (Feet)


Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord


Flowing Flamewrath Cape (Cloak – Friendly)
Belt of the Seven Seals
(Belt – Honored)
Fiery Quintessence (Trinket – Revered)
Quicksilver Signet of the Avengers (Ring – Exalted)


Holy Flame Gauntlets (Gloves: 10 Hardened Elementium Bars, 40 Volatile Fire, 4 Living Ember, 3 Chaos Orbs)
Emberforged Elementium Boots (Boots: 10 Hardened Elementium Bars, 40 Volatile Fire, 4 Living Ember, 3 Chaos Orbs)

Total: 20 Hardened Elementium Bars*, 80 Volatile Fire, 8 Living Ember, 6 Chaos Orbs.

* 1 Hardened Elementium Bar = 10 Elementium Bars (20 Elementium Ore) + 4 Volatile Earth
20 Hardened Elementium Bars = 200 Elementium Bars (400 Elementium Ore) + 80 Volatile Earth


All right, I think that covers just about everything, so get ready to enter Ragnaros’ domain and kick some ass. Remember not to stand in the fire; I’m sure there will be plenty of it!

17 Replies to “Ready to Wear: Kurn's Tier 12 Loot List for Holy Paladins”

  1. Thanks for doing this Kurn, will help a lot. I do have a question though about trinkets. Will “Darkmoon Card: Tsunami” or “Tyrande’s Favourite Doll” be comparable to either of these? I was going to get Tsunami but wait until 4.2 to decide whether it was better. Not sure about either of these though. What do you think?

  2. Tangoguy – Well, I was doing it for myself anyhow, so no harm in sharing, eh? :) It made me do some math, too, to be sure about certain choices (tier chest vs. tier gloves), so that’s good.

    I’m unsure about Tsunami, the doll, the Jar and the alchemist stone, to be honest.

    If you have both Jaws and Quintessence, you have everything the Tsunami card gives you. 383 Spirit with no ramp-up (vs. 400 stacking), 383 intellect (vs. 321) + two somewhat interesting on-use effects. What the 378 trinkets lack is a way to permanently restore some mana. The on-use of the Quintessence is nice, but it’s temporary. Its effect is only “permanent” when applied to mana gained back from Divine Plea and the like while your intellect is boosted.

    Thus, Tyrande’s Favorite Doll and the Jar of Ancient Remedies have interesting on-uses that aren’t replicated in 378 level trinkets. That said, Tyrande’s mana gain is meh unless used on cooldown and the Jar, while it gives 515 spirit and slightly more mana than the doll, has no constant stats (like intellect).

    The Vibrant Alchemist Stone is interesting because it’s got a ton of intellect, plus a lot of haste, plus the 40% extra mana from mana potions/concentration potions going on. That’s really very potent. I would imagine alchemists would stick with this for a while until they weren’t using mana potions on most encounters and IF they could replace it with another +intellect trinket, like the Jaws.

    IMHO! :)

  3. Thanks for the fast reply Kurn. I was kind of thinking along the same lines as you (although I haven’t raided properly since WOTLK due to exams!) I think the loss of 17 spirit by getting the new trinkets will be compensated greatly by the 62 intellect gain. I think it would be best for us to macro DP + Quintessence together. Due to the cooldown, like you said, we’ll get an extra load of mana back. I think it would also be useful to macro Jaws to it too (maybe a second macro for oh-shit-I-need-mana-now-but-I’m-healing), creating a large boost in mana since you’ll be able to heal, but, it’s not really that great. Could be an issue if the procs don’t refresh the buff. Otherwise, you’ll get the peak reduction for a little bit of time only…
    Oh well, that’s my 2 pence, not raided in a while so it could be completely wrong!

  4. Great info, thanks Kurn. The boots and gloves that are BS created items. Do we know if they will be purchasable from the vendor in Twilight Highlands once 4.2 drops. And the crafted mace? Isn’t that purchasable from a Hyjal vendor once the rep level is acquired first?

  5. Tangoguy – You caught me before I went off to nap. ;)

    Yeah, something simple like:

    /use Fiery Quintessence
    /cast Divine Plea

    should work nicely as a macro. But we should still have the FQ and DP available separately, IMHO.

    I’m not sure how to use Jaws yet. I’m thinking it’ll take some playing with. I don’t think it DOES refresh the buff, from what I’ve read, which makes it a bit funky unless it procs from LoD + PotI etc.

    MegaCode – Sure thing, glad to share!

    As to the craftables, this is my understanding. And my understanding could be wrong. ;)

    – Holy Flame Gauntlets, Emberforged Elementium Boots: Blacksmithing plans that will likely drop in Firelands. The plans seem to be UNBOUND so you may find these at the Auction House as well.
    – Lightforged Elementium Hammer: The crafter has to unlock the various NPCs and that takes 300 Marks of the World Tree. Once they’ve done that, they have to unlock the “Additional Armaments” vendor in the Molten Front with 125 Marks of the World Tree. Once that’s done, the BOP pattern for the hammer becomes available.

    As far as I know, rep has nothing to do with any of the crafting patterns at this time. :)

  6. I just posted my own list this morning. Two big differences are I selected Tier Gloves for 4pc over the Tier Chest and I’d prefer the Flowform Choker for my neck.

    The amount of haste on the Clutch just seems too crazy to pass up, plus it has blue sockets to help offset the loss of Spirit. On the other hand, I forsee Heroic (392) Tier Helm & Shoulders being difficult to acquire. So I certainly won’t be averse to picking up non-tier pieces and I’ll probably play around with high spirit and high throughput sets. I do appreciate the math you’ve done.

    As for the neck, it’s the same issue of spirit vs. throughput. Flowform has a red socket with a +10 Intellect bonus and Haste/Mastery is a lot better than Crit/Mastery.

    Lastly, as nice as the crafted pieces are, there do not appear to be any 392 versions of the boots or gloves. So while they will be highly (highly!) valued for a normal mode raider I don’t see them lasting long with anyone accessing Heroic modes, especially since the 392 upgrades are likely amongst the easier ones to obtain.

  7. Sorry, blanked on the neck. Flowform with Haste/Mastery & reforged into Spirit just looks really good next to the Heartstone. Partly because of the big haste increase but mostly because a gemmed Flowform will give +277 Intellect next to +227 from the Heartstone. I guess I’m valuing 50 extra Int over ~115 extra Spirit.

    Silly? Perhaps. But as a primary stat, it is mostly uniform on gear and we still get so much value for each point.

  8. Might be worth pointing out that if you want the BoE Valor Point wrists, you can farm those up on an alt at the same time you’re saving up for BoP gear on your main. This is especially true with Zulroics now providing the same amount of VP as raids.

  9. Joe Ego – If you start gemming spirit to make up for the lack of it on the gear, you’re moderately gimping yourself in terms of overall spellpower. Even if it’s 2x Purified Demonseye, that’s 60 int and 40 spirit vs. 80 int. Since just about all slots have the same amount of intellect (a primary stat) despite the changes in the secondary stats, the only way to increase your intellect is to gem for it.

    And that’s why I’m totally wrong about the neckpiece despite the lack of spirit. Good call there. But for the same reason, I would be gemming 40 ints in everything save for two Reckless cuts for the meta, unless bonuses make up for it. So even with the blue sockets on the Clutch (and the tier), I’d still be gemming 2×40 int.

    Having said that, this IS just a 378 loot list. I’ll have a 391 one out once I’ve cleared Firelands or when we start seriously working on Rag. I’ll definitely go back and make a note for the boots and gloves that there are no heroic versions thereof, thanks. :)

    Daraxis – Excellent point! Thanks! :)

  10. Thanks for spotting the spell caster axe, I never looked outside maces and swords and assumed i would be waiting on Rags rng.

    Willhelm the blacksmithing guy would i normally consider knowledgable said the gloves and boots patterns would be available from the mark vendors post patch. I asked for a confirmation but no reply. Like you I assumed a trash drop. Having said that considering I paid 9k for my boe chest pattern back in sunwell, Its likely the pattern cost will be huge.

  11. Awesome stuff, had some guild pallies just asking for more info on gear in 4.2, thanks for posting, will be passing onto my guild’s holy plate crew

  12. Rings – I was actually considering getting both 391 Avengers of Hyjal intellect rings; even with the hit (some of which reforges to spirit), the dps ring (Infernal Signet of the Avengers, I think) gives ~60 more intellect than the normal-mode Soothing Brimstone Circle. Curious as to your thoughts on this.

  13. @Squidularity…

    My guess would be is that the 391 Avengers rings are mutually exclusive like the old Kara rings or the ICC rings. You have to choose one when you get to that rep level and will not be able to buy the other.

    HOWEVER, if you could get both, then getting the DPS version as well and reforging the Hit to Spirit would make it an upgrade over the Soothing Brimstone. The Haste and extra Intellect on it would be just fine.



  14. What are your thoughts on Volcanospike? We aren’t yet at Ragnaros and I honestly don’t want to rely on the drop rate for Eye of Purification (we’ve gotten only one so far). Is this a worthy upgrade over the Lightforged Elementium Hammer?

    Yes, it has hit. But, in most cases the haste is better than the mastery, and you can get 41 spirit back onto it via reforging. Meanwhile, you get 20 int and 267 spellpower. A lot of sources I look at say it’s fine, and we have one sitting in the Gbank that I decided to ponder over before selling for Gbank money.

  15. Nikolaus – I don’t like it. Anything with hit is, IMHO, casters-only. I have Maldo’s Sword Cane (359) compared to your LEH (365) and am waiting patiently for either the Eye (which is AWESOME just because it’s an AXE!) or Rag’s mace.

    While I don’t recommend mastery, having played around with it, I will say that mastery is a better stat than hit. Sell it for guild bank funds, IMHO. Wait for a 378 with spirit and no hit. More people will benefit from your selling the BOE than 20 int and 200+ spellpower, IMHO.

  16. Hey Madrana got a question for you. I am looking at creating an “OH SHIT” macro for my pally with whom I am in Firelands with. I can’t seem t ofind anything credible on this wonderful internet of ours. I am thinking it using the following spells:

    Divine Favor
    Avenging Wings
    Flash of Light
    Guardian of Kings

    What order makes sense/would work?


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