So much to do!

Seriously, this is getting to the point where I’m going to need to choose what I want to do very carefully.

As of right now, this is what I feel obliged to do every raid reset on 4 level 80s.

– Daily random heroic every day

– Weekly raid every week

– Toravon 10/25 every week

In addition to that, I also raid 12 hours a week and have to find SOME time to farm/fish/mine/prospect/etc.

Plus, I’ve been levelling the druid with my brother and our buddy Majik, so I do a daily random or two with them every day. At least I’ll be able to do my daily random on ONE toon with them when we all hit 80 and maybe the weekly raids, too. And I won’t even be forced to just do those on the druid. I’ll be able to pick any of my toons, which is pretty awesome. Of course, I’ll WANT to do it on the druid for badges and gear and stuff. :P

After a couple of weeks, I think I’ll drop doing the daily on the mage and maybe the shammy, just doing the weekly and Toravon on them, while doing dailies on Kurn, Madrana and the druid. I don’t know, though. Emblems of FROST, you know?

This is why Blizzard has the most successful MMORPG. Seriously. It’s not addiction, it’s a sense of obligation. :P