So much to post, so little time.

I have a lot to do in WoW in the next couple of days and I have a huge amount of stuff to write. No joke, I have five drafts to finish up, spanning subjects like Zul’Gurub and its removal from the game to Sindragosa and how I hate that fight and I hate how much I know about it to beta stuff.

I did very little on beta this weekend, but live has had me pretty busy.

The warrior (and my brother’s druid) have dinged 70. Oh God, I am so tired of Utgarde Keep I can’t even express.

I did a couple UK runs last night on the warrior with Apple and a friend of hers, and xmolder joined us on the second one. I’m used to having a competent healer healing me — my brother did raid in vanilla as a resto druid, so he’s learning the ropes again and is doing very well — so it was nice to have Apple to rely on. She did really well in terms of healing the group on both runs. :)

The big thing from this weekend, however, was yesterday’s impromptu ICC10 run.

Yes, I went to an ICC10.

On my hunter. (And then my shaman stepped in.)

With some of my old guildies.

We had Hulrok tanking on his druid, my brother tanking on his paladin. We had Daey and Dar and Osephala healing. We had Shadow on his rogue, me on my hunter, a friend of Osephala’s on their mage, a pug warlock and a pug DK, who “disconnected” after Lady Deathwhisper when his trinket didn’t drop.

So we pulled in Toga with his hunter.

Bear in mind that Toga hasn’t done any of ICC. At all. And that Fog (my brother) hasn’t done much more than Rot, Fester and Blood Prince Council. And he’s never tanked any of it, barring one time when he OTed Marrowgar.

It was a group that was largely, well, hilarious in that most of us weren’t experienced on the toons we were on and if we were, then we weren’t experienced with the instance itself.

One-shotted Marrowgar (and got Boned), Deathwhisper, Gunship, Saurfang, Rotface and Festergut. We even got the ICC weekly done. This is about where people break up and stop in a typical pug. But we were having fun and all of us except the warlock pug were on Vent, chuckling, joking… it was fun. So we went to Putricide.

Got him to like, 3% on the first try and the second try was PERFECT. PERFECT. No deaths. It was great. I realized the big problem on the first attempt (apart from some unlucky Ooze Eruptions) was that we pushed into P3 with an add up, so at 40%, I called DPS OFF the boss, we burned the Gas Cloud, then burned the boss and went into P3 perfectly.


As we headed to Blood, Osephala realized she had another run she had to go to, which she thought was starting at 8, but actually started at 7. And it was 7:05. Shadow also had to go. So we pulled in Kam to replace Shadow’s DPS and I said I’d heal on my shammy if we couldn’t find a healer.

Of course, it’s hard to find anyone willing to lock themselves to an ICC with 7 bosses down.

But that’s where we got a hold of Majik! So he came in on his WOEFULLY undergeared mage and I came in on the shammy. Council went down on the second attempt once Fog figured out how to keep Dark Nuclei on him as he tanked Keleseth and Majik and Toga did great handling the orbs.

To Blood Queen!

We had a couple wipes here, but despite that and three deaths and a mind control on our last attempt, we got her down. Woot!

So off we went to the Frost wing.

Dreamwalker? With me and Daey? ahaha, not a problem. True, I’ve never done it on my shammy and he’d only done it a couple of times on his paladin, but damn, we rocked that. Beautiful one-shot.

Sindragosa is where the wheels fell off the bus. I think she’s my nemesis in this expansion.

Onyxia in Vanilla was my nemesis. Gorefiend in Burning Crusade (or, well, maybe Lurker, actually…). And Sindragosa in Wrath.

Trying to explain Sindragosa to four people who have never seen it before, one of whom is a tank, is just hilarious.

We actually did fairly well. I think we got to P3 on almost all of our 7 attempts. We just had ice block issues at the end. We kept getting her down to 15%. Really not bad at all. Osephala’s mage friend left but we pulled in our ol’ buddy Dayden to come in on his enhancement shaman for the last few attempts. The dude is geared. Our tanks are not. Hilarity. I’m kind of glad I didn’t DPS that fight on Kurn because I probably would have pulled aggro a ton.

Anyways, 10/12 ICC10 with a lot of people who’d never seen many of the encounters or hadn’t done them on those toons before. Good stuff, good times. And I even had a lengthy Sindragosa explanation for them. Just like old times! :)

While I don’t want to make a habit of going to ICC10 or even 25 on Eldre’Thalas, that was definitely a fun evening and hopefully gave us all a taste of what raiding in Cataclysm will be like. :)

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  1. :) Thank you for the lovely compliment. Seriously made my day here.

    As for ICC, that is AMAZING. Clearly you guys were just on the BALL – it’s really cool that y’all managed to do that. :D

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