Stuff to say!

I have a bunch of stuff to say and it’s going to take me a heck of a long time to say most of it, but I hope to have an epic-length post with regards to paladin stuff by the morning. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I have taught approximately 6 tanks in the last three days how to deal with Pound or Dark Smash. /sigh. What makes me curious is how on earth none of them realize that being stunned or taking insane amounts of damage isn’t a BAD thing. I mean, I asked this tank to run through Anub’arak today after he was stunned after the first pound and he’s like “kk” and he did. I don’t think he understood why, though. How is this game so very difficult for people to understand? :( There are some basic concepts about people’s roles in the game that just don’t seem to be getting through to people.


Anyways, more holy pally-specific stuff to come. And I do think there is a need for some holy pally-specific stuff out there, based on some stuff I’ve seen recently.

Off to go play in TOC/TOGC 25. Hooray?