A few things on the agenda today:

1) Write a post about the RealID/forum fiasco, including my professional opinion as someone who built communities for a living and still dabbles in it.

2) A new Q&A post.

3) A new poll.

But first, guild news!

I was promoted to a Raider last night in my new guild. I kind of figured I’d get promoted once my trial period was over, but it’s still nice to have the trial done with. :)

I’m going over the parses from last night’s heroic Sindragosa attempts and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why this one tank was basically allowed to die. Probably my weakness (apart from my crappy video card) in this game is that I overanalyze things. It worked out nicely when I was a GM or healing lead, but I’m not altogether sure how my analyses of raids goes over with my current guild leadership. I’ve sent a couple out in my trial period, so at least they didn’t gkick me for being overly long-winded and detailed, but at the same time, I wonder if I should even open my mouth about things.

I think my problem is that I KNOW how to read the logs. And I read them frequently and I see things in there that maybe the RLs aren’t aware of. I should trust that they do, but all my instincts are screaming at me to let them know what I’ve found, so I think I WILL send a writeup to them about some attempts from last night. I’ll make sure it’s framed in a “I dug all this info up, please do with it what you will” way and hope they don’t regret promoting me to Raider. ;)

How do you deal with pointing things out to raid leaders and such?

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  1. Congratulations, and we are honored to have you! :D Please do not feel as if you are stepping on toes! We are a team here, and you very well may see something that we don’t! Just because you don’t have the snazzy title of officer, doesn’t mean your opinion is any less valid to me! I may not be as long winded in replies back, but trust that I do read and pass the information on to the relevant parties.

    I <3 you, and keep yapping! We can only get better!

  2. I think that is your cue to send them all the info you come up with :)

    And honestly, unless the guild leadership is either full of controlling idiots, or you are unable to communicate things in a inoffensive way (which I doubt is the case with Kurn :P), I think sending them PMs is always the best way. Simply “here is some info I went over, here is what I have derived from it, and here are my thoughts on what we did wrong/how we can improve”.

  3. Aw, you see why I love my new guild!?

    Fugara – <3 Hope you and the RLs are ready for a wall of text. ;D Seriously though, any apprehension I have about sharing stuff I see isn't because of any impressions you guys have given me. It's just that I never really had to DO this sort of thing from a position of "just" a raider. It's a newish experience to me. :)

    I really love how I don't see any evidence of egotism in the guild, particularly with strats. You've all been open to any ideas and I've been trying hard to be open to how you guys do things versus how I'm used to doing them. :)

    thansal – They’re pretty gosh-darn awesome, aren’t they?

    I think my apprehension stems from the fact that, like my blog posts (hi, did you READ my Ruby Sanctum thing? God, that was long, even for me!), my PMs are really detailed and even though I bookend the stuff with niceties and the like, I’ve been accused of being bitchy, more than once. It actually has its roots back when I was GM/RL and healing lead of Apotheosis and I had to play the bad cop and explain to people that we needed X, Y and Z to happen and why did they decide to do X, Y and G? My PMs about parses have the same sort of feel to them — very detailed, very long — so it feels like the recipients could feel like I’m attacking them, despite all the stuff I put in there to counteract it.

    Nor do I have a lot of experience with raiders suggesting stuff to me (as the RL) in a reasonable, rational manner. More like “we should do Z”. “Kurn, why aren’t we doing Z?” “Seriously, Kuuuuuuuurn, do Z!!!!!!”

    It’s an interesting skill to have, I think, and I feel like I’m definitely refining my feedback skills. :)

    And thanks for the yay, thansal. :D

  4. Dear Fugara-if-you-read-this:

    I think you are probably the awesomest of awesome in my limited raiding guild experience (almost all of it second-hand). Just sayin’.

    Love, Apple

    Anyway, Kurn, GRATSOMG on the promotion to Raider! :D You sound so much happier in this guild, and happy Kurns are good to have. ^.^ I eagerly await your thoughts on the Real ID news, and I hope your night is going as nicely as mine is.

  5. Apple – hahaha, I’ll let Fug know there’s a fan. ;) And thanks for the grats! I really am a hundred times happier in this guild than my last. :) Thoughts on Real ID are up and I napped this evening, so it’s been lovely, thank you! :)

  6. @ Kurn: Well, you don’t REALLY have to do it now. Although I definitely appreciate the helping hand and a set of eyes! :P I am grateful!

    @ Apple: No you! <3 Thank you for the compliment!

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