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  1. Just out of curiosity, what is the gold concentric circle spell that you cast? It moves out away from you at several points but I never caught what it was.

  2. GeeBee – That would be Light of Dawn, the new 31 point holy paladin talent. :) It’s a 30-yard range conal heal that’s on a 30 second cooldown. :)

  3. That. Is So. Nifty. <3

    I'm a total geek about how spells look in game. (I always thought Beacon should be more pillar-y and awesome! Like "HALLELUJAH" and angels sing, etc.) Very cool. I'm not part of the beta so thanks for uploading the videos and blogging about your adventures. I'm sort of excited about the changes and yet hesitant because – as you mentioned in the video – I've got a lot of muscle memory that's going to scream "where's my Holy Light spam? NOOOOOEESS!" ;D

  4. nice video and write up!

    Looks like CC is coming back. (although I started after Wrath came out), cant wait for more strategic pulls to occur, like in FFXI. :)

  5. GeeBee – Since my computer sucks and I usually have spell details at their lowest possible setting, I’m not terribly huge on how spells look. Having said that, I LOVE Light of Dawn. It looks awesome. :D

    I think the best part of my video was my furious right-click-spam on the party frames on the second boss, trying to cast holy light, out of pure muscle memory. :D

    Luckily, we’ll have 80-85 to retrain ourselves. I managed to train myself out of all kinds of bad habits and even now, on live raids, I try to cast Light of Dawn (keybound to ` for me on beta) or Word of Glory (keybound to G, which on live is my judgement).

    Slice – Thanks, glad you enjoyed. :) I LOVE crowd control. As someone who was a hunter first, who still maintains the ability to trap spam a mob, I can’t wait to do these dungeons on my hunter.

    I do not, however, want to spend the rest of my life being kicked out of groups because someone managed to get a mage.

    I was very disappointed when Wrath came out and everyone was AOEing things. I spent a lot of time trapping mobs through even Gundrak and Halls of Lightning, only to be yelled at for prolonging the trash fight.

    Bet those same people were happy I knew how to trap when Halls of Reflection first came out, before people started cheesing that encounter, too. :P

    Uh. So yes, I am very much a strategic-pull-and-crowd-control lover.

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