Tuesday Terrific-ness

Here’s some random news!

1) A commenter named Imak pointed out the flaw in my math/gem selection in my meta gem post from a couple of weeks ago. I double-checked the math and gem selection today (since I finally had a few free minutes!) and have edited the post. It doesn’t change the post substantially, nor does it alter my choice to want to try out the Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond, but my math on the Bracing and Revitalizing was wrong. I was thinking of the old green cut that was intellect/spirit instead of spirit/mastery, but basically thought the gem was intellect/mastery. It’s actually spirit/mastery. Whoopsiedoodle. So that’s fixed. Thanks again to Imak for pointing out my error and I’m sorry it took me forever to actually fix it!

2) Episode 4 of Blessing of Frost is out, guest-starring the tank officer of Apotheosis, Dayden. It comes in at a massive 95 minutes (!) and I assure everyone that our aim is no more than 1h15m for most podcasts. We’ve just had a lot to cover and we’re still finding our rhythm. Anyways, go listen and rate us up on iTunes if you like the show! :)

3) Madrana’s at 84 and 16%. Gotta finish up Deepholm and then go to Uldum to start Ramkahen rep. I’m really looking forward to dungeoning with the guildies, both normals and heroics. (I may be horrified at the possibility of heroic Stonecore, mind you.)

4) I was horrified to learn that the top guild on Eldre’Thalas, the Horde guild Echelon, is already 3/12. Gah. Time to get our asses in gear, even on 10-man. I’ve set up an unofficial 10-man raid for next Tuesday and I don’t even know WHERE we’ll go, but chances are we’ll try out Baradin Hold (is that even the name of it?!) and maybe play in Blackwing Descent. Time to make a splash!

And on that note, I should spend the next while before realms come back up studying strats for various entry-level bosses…

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  1. Heroic Stonecore.I have heard it is bad? But is it really? Can’t wait! Lots of one shot kill mechanics that are easy to see…last boss seems like the beast of the instance. Cannot wait!

  2. Thanks for correcting the post. I didn’t post the final calculations for the gems because at the time I was too tired from all the work to do anything besides raiding in the evenings.
    I think Revitalizing might be a good option with better gear because it only affects critical heals – and we’ll get more crit as our gear approves. Of course, the same does 2% of max. mana but (based on what happened in WotLK) the longevity stats will get less important as we progress through the raid. There’s a reason for that – DTPS cap (value when players die no matter how much healing they receive) can be increased by giving them gear with more stamina; mana regen cap (value when healers have enough mana to use the healing rotation with highest HPS) can only be increased by increasing the length of encounter or leveling up.
    Not having Insightful might be actually a good thing, I think it shows where does Blizzard want choice to be: Less options but none of them is clearly better than others.

    (Sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.)

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